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Multi products Scrum teams at scale meetup Xebia 5 november 2019


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What to do when you have more products than Scrum teams? With multiple products and a few Scrum teams. During the Meetup we gave a very brief overview of Agile Scaling Frameworks Less SAFe Spotify Nexus Scrum @ Scale. See the slidedeck for recommended training on any of these. Next, as a community we came to the conclusion that it's actually not only a bad thing to have multiple products in one team. The blog Multi Products Scrum teams at Scale you can read our conclusions about If you have Multiple products per Scrum team, what could be advantages and disadvantages for the Scrum team, the Organization and the Customer?

Read more in the blog
Or gain deep knowledge with Scaling Frameworks trainings; an overview training or a specific framework: either Less - Nexus - Scaled Scrum - or - SAFe

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Multi products Scrum teams at scale meetup Xebia 5 november 2019

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  10. 10. Meetup Multi product Scrum teams at Scale 15 Irene de Kok & Jesse Houwing | 5th of November 2019, Wibautstraat Amsterdam
  11. 11. Warming up 16
  12. 12. Get to know each other 17 Standup Pair up Per pair together 6 minutes Share both thoughts on: What big challenge do you bring to this gathering? What do you hope to get from and give this group or community? Change from partner
  13. 13. Products versus teams How many products do you have in your team(s) On what criteria do you distinguish a product? 18 ?
  14. 14. Scrum Guide “The heart of Scrum is a Sprint, a time-box of one month or less during which a "Done", useable, and potentially releasable product Increment is created. ” 19
  15. 15. One team – one product? 20
  16. 16. Scaling Frameworks 21
  17. 17. Coordinating many people is complex in reality, don’t expect simple solutions
  18. 18. Basics should be healthy, a delivering Scrum team is a good start
  19. 19. Eliminate dependencies and complexity as much as possible
  20. 20. Overview Scaling Frameworks 25 LeSS Spotify Nexus ( SAFe Scrum at Scale Cherry picking / self evolving
  21. 21. What do Scaling Frameworks have in common Documented knowledge what works in practice around to manage multiple teams and products. Organize teams around value / product Set a heartbeat to the organisation Assumption teams > products 26
  22. 22. LeSS Framework The end of the ‘contract game’ Product oriented Enforces organizational change Self-organizing Creates team-independence Craig Larman & Bas Vodde 27
  23. 23. Spotify Engineering Culture Trust over control Community over structure What’s the minimal viable bureaucracy? Focus on motivation Loosely coupled, tightly aligned squads Learning as a craftsman explicitly addressed in Chapters and Guilds As Spotify was organized in 2012, with Agile coach Henrik Kniberg on board 28
  24. 24. Nexus By Ken Schwaber, founder of Scrum Like LeSS: Scaled Scrum is still Scrum Limited definition of Scaling Only gives the structure (what) but a lot of freedom in the how in implementation Described in the Nexus Guide: guide 29
  25. 25. Scaled Agile Framework Well maintained, great book of knowledge, Great presentation, great overview Appeal ‘at management level’ Pragmatic from a change point of view Quarterly planning of increments (PI Planning) Many formal roles Criticism from ‘Agilists’ - Prescriptive, it is a solution vs a learning framework - Old-school implementations - Classic ‘more’ solution, adding complexity 30
  26. 26. Scrum at Scale Collaboration: how do you work with multiple/larger teams according to Scrum@Scale? Backlog: what is a Transformation Backlog and how do you prioritize on a large scale? Measuring results: learn to measure results in any environment, large or small. Roles / layers of Scrum - Scrum of Scrum Masters - Chief Product Owner 31
  27. 27. Trainings around Scaling Agile Scaling Frameworks overview Certified Leading SAFe Certified LeSS Practitioner: Principles to Practices Scaled Professional Scrum (Nexus) Scrum@Scale Continuous Delivery and DevOps technical practices and tools to integrate software 32
  28. 28. 33 If you have multiple products in one team
  29. 29. 34 If you have multiple products in one team
  30. 30. Consulting groups 35
  31. 31. Feedback afterwards What was great? Suggestions how you can make it better? What was your main take away? 36