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Customer Focus and an Agile Mindset to Navigate in Complexity

Organizations today need to find new ways to organize to faster deliver customer and business value. In this presentation I share with you some of the symptoms you might see if your'e not organized for complexity and without a customer focus, why this happens and what you can do about it.

Discover how you can get organized around customer value instead of in silos and around systems and how much more value and happiness you can create then.

I also share some examples of activities and results from the clients we at Dandy People have been coaching the past years to do this transformation.

Target group: Curious Leaders, Management and Change Makers

This presentation in English was originally held at Agile Days Istanbul, April 2018, but its based on a Swedish presentation first presented at Sundsvall 42 in September 2017.

Customer Focus and an Agile Mindset to Navigate in Complexity

  1. 1. Customer Focus and an Agile Mindset to navigate in complexity
  2. 2. What are the tells?
  3. 3. We keep missing the target. It´s difficult to deliver customer and business value.
  4. 4. It’s more important to follow the plan instead of acting on new learning's.
  5. 5. There are plans and projects that are leading us in different directions.
  6. 6. Every one is occupied in meetings. Who’s doing the real work?
  7. 7. Innovation and improvements has no place in our day to day activities.
  8. 8. New players change the market and deliver solutions that our customers like better.
  9. 9. Employees experience long-lasting stress.
  10. 10. We have ended up in chaos
  11. 11. Why is it like this?
  12. 12. Too many people are involved to deliver customer value.
  13. 13. We have no focus. Time gets lost in context switching.
  14. 14. No team or group have end 2 end responsibility so that they can deliver customer value. Department Y Competence Y Department X Competence X Department Z Competence Z
  15. 15. We have offices where team members can’t sit together with the people they work with.
  16. 16. Only 5% of the employees understand the business strategy. Source: Harvard Business School The people creating the strategies and the people implementing them are too far away from each other.
  17. 17. No one has the over all map of where we are going.
  18. 18. The organization is not optimized for speed and flexibility - but for control. It´s a 100 years old!
  19. 19. What can we do to fix this?
  20. 20. … we should be a Shark, not a Snail! MANAGEMENT DECISION
  21. 21. … we should get customer focused and mobilize brain power! MANAGEMENT DECISION
  22. 22. … we should enable collaboration & team work. MANAGEMENT DECISION
  23. 23. Business Model-Debt Customer Experience-Debt Product-Debt Technology-Debt Process-Debt … we should innovate together. MANAGEMENTDECISION
  24. 24. … we should create an organization fit for the 21st century! MANAGEMENT DECISION
  25. 25. ... climb the customer focus Stairs! 1. UX-hostility Users should adopt to the system. “We know what the users need”, “We are the experts”. 2. Development based UX There is an interest for UX, but you focus on delivering what has already been ordered. 3. UX Guerilla Style Sporadic UX-activities in the teams. Difficult to make strategic decisions based on learnings 4. UX part of the budget UX work is more organized, but with a low level of coordination. 5. Organized UX work UX is a competence in all teams. UX/CX-lead coaching and supporting. 6. Systematic CX-processes CX work is formalized and highly prioritized. 7. Integrated CX Agile Teams with Missions and Service Design plays a key role. The system supports self service also in design, UX/CX. 8. Customer Experience (CX) permeates everything The organization is run with customer experience focus.
  26. 26. The New Ways of Working •  Business Agility •  Agile Teams on a Missions •  Leadership for Agility •  One Organization •  Service Teams
  27. 27. Business Agility Leaders that understands and prioriFzes
  28. 28. Top down Decisions on gut feeling Data Driven Decisions made Autonomous Detailed Yearly Budgets Shared Vision, Impact Goals & Activities Ownership Focus Customer Focus Focus on Control Focus on Trust & Learning Focus on Resource Optimization Focus on Flow Optimization
  29. 29. Agile Teams on a Mission Team that can deliver customer value and innovate
  30. 30. Agile Teams on a Mission •  Cross functional Teams •  T-shaped People •  Team Mission & Opportunity Map •  Learns about the user and the solution •  Discovery & Delivery in the team •  Visualizes and Prototypes •  Optimizes product, learning & process
  31. 31. Leadership for Agility Leaders that acFvely supports a learning organizaFon and mobilize brainpower.
  32. 32. Leadership for Agility •  Leading with vision & create leaders •  Empowers employees & teams •  Creates a “fail safe environment” •  Actively support change initiatives •  Optimizing the whole system & removing impediments •  Creating clear roles & expectations •  Prioritizes sustainable change •  Enables that insights leads to action
  33. 33. Leadership for Agility
  34. 34. One Organization An organization without silos that builds on teams with common objectives and missions.
  35. 35. Old Business IT Old Business New Business -  often called something “X” One Business A business that can accelerate and learn fast. One Business – One Organization
  36. 36. Value Stream Based
  37. 37. Customer Journey Based Team with a Mission During During During During During AfterBefore Team with a Mission Team with a Mission Team with a Mission Team with a Mission Teams with end to end ownership of their value delivery.
  38. 38. Autonomy and alignment Company BetsAlignment Team InitiativesAutonomy towards Mission 100% Lights On Up and running
  39. 39. Service Teams Mission is self service for all teams. Example of Mission for a Design Ops team All teams should always have access to the latest actionable insights and design frameworks. Example of activities for a Design Ops Team •  Build User Experience-framework •  Visualizes data and insights from all teams •  Coach and train teams and leaders •  Input and support for Strategic Company Bets
  40. 40. Real Examples
  41. 41. FinTech - Avanza Breaking Silos – Evaluation of org & Self Selection - 11 Agile Team with Missions
  42. 42. MedTech - Databyrån Prototyping new Teams & Competences to transform the teams
  43. 43. Public Sector - The Swedish Radio Agile Team On a Mission Doubled the listening time, and widened the audience with 50%!
  44. 44. Agile in a Nutshell in Turkish J Ilyas Varol
  45. 45. Free Downloads + 30.000 downloads
  46. 46. We can do this! @miakolmodin / @dandypeople