Travel Industry in Finland


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Gateway to the East. Hotel overnight stays and tourism hotspots in Finland.

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  • In 2012- the income from tourism increased by 17% and the number of overnight stays in Finland went up by tourists spent a total of EUR3.2 billion on goods and services during their visit to Finland,overnight stays by tourists in Finnish accommodation establishments increased to a total of 5.8 million in 2012more than 1.5 million overnight stays by Russian tourists, an increase of 17.1% on 2011
  • The strengths of tourism in Finland:- unique location next to Russia- attractive travel destinations (e.g. Helsinki, the Turku Archipelago, Finnish Lakeland, and Lapland) - diverse services offered by tourism clusters Excellent flight connections to 120 destinations1h St. Petersburg, Stockholm, Riga2h Moscow, Copenhagen, Oslo, Berlin2.5–3h Brussels, Frankfurt, London, Paris8–9h Beijing, Mumbai, New York, TokyoHigh speed train Helsinki–St. Petersburg 3.5hPerfect infrastructure in Finland: 25 airports, high speed train network, extensive road networkHigh travel potential from a growing Asian & Russian middle class
  • 2002-201124% increase in overnight stays2011 16 million overnight stays29% of stays are internationalGermany 10%Sweden 10%UK 7%Russia is up + 127% since 2002
  • Near the top of almost all international comparisons of economic, social, environmental, educational, business and technological performance Heart of a northern European market of around 80 million consumers, long-established connections with Russia and the Nordic and Baltic countriesAn open, transparent, stable and business-friendly economy with strong links between business sectors and universities A highly skilled and efficient workforce – with lower labour costs than in the other Nordic countriesHigh-quality transport and communications networksProfessional Finns speak excellent Finnish and usually at least one other foreign language as well.Finland ranked 2nd in global innovation hotspotsOne of the highest R&D spending per capitaFinland ranked #1 in IPR protection (IPRI 2012)
  • Travel Industry in Finland

    1. 1. Travel Industry in Finland
    2. 2. Tourism is doing extremely well in Finland Motivation: Number of tourists increases yearly Potential: Strong growth of Russian tourists and proximity to St. Petersburg Competition: Finnish/Scandinavian hotel chains and resorts Demand: Global chain operators, tourism investors When: As soon as you can get here!
    3. 3. Finland is a gateway between Central Europe, Russia and Asia
    4. 4. Hotel overnight stays, Finland 2002–2011
    5. 5. Tourism Hot Spots in Finland
    6. 6. Expanding business locations ① Himos-Päijänranta Holiday resort ② Kultaranta Golf Oy & Spa Resort Hotel & spa ③ Kalevala Park/Pellypyy Oy Theme park ④ Ylläs ski resort Hotel/accommodation ⑤ Nordlett Outlet Villages Shopping center ⑥ Punkaharju resort Hotel/accommodation ⑦ Saimaa Holiday Järvisydän Accommodation Nature activities ⑧ Saimaa Laguuni/Comtra Oy Hotel/accommodation Activity/recreation ⑨ Vuohimäki Resort Area Activity/sport/recreation Hotel/accommodation Camping ⑩ Seven Heaven Lahti Hotel/accommodation
    7. 7. For more information: Invest in Finland/Travel & Tourism Finnish Tourist Board Visit Finland
    8. 8. Why Finland? Entry to the East Creative solutions Stable Society Competent professionals
    9. 9. Invest in Finland services for international companies  Data collection & analysis  Opportunity analysis  Guidance on entry alternatives  Networking  Location management  Setting up a business