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Invest in Finland: Greenbuilding


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Sustainable construction in Finland. Roadmap and solid market potential. Green expertise in demand.

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Invest in Finland: Greenbuilding

  1. 1. Invest in Finland Build green in Finland
  2. 2. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet Je zult maar letter wezen. Ok ik bin niet so waar onterwedet. Je zult maar letter wezen. Ok ik bin niet so waar onter- wedet. Je zult maar letter wezen. Ok ik bin niet so waar onterwedet. Je zult maar letter wezen. Ok ik bin niet so waar onterwedet. Je zult maar l Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet Je zult maar letter wezen. Ok ik bin niet so waar onterwedet. Je zult maar letter wezen. Ok ik bin niet so waar onter- wedet. Je zult maar letter wezen. Ok ik bin niet so waar onterwedet. Serious about sustainable construction Tighter regulations, changing attitudes, new environmental policies and the rise in global energy prices are driving growth in energy-efficient construction around the world. Today Finland is joining the global green building movement on all fronts. No longer satisfied with trailing behind its Nordic neighbours and Germany in energy-efficient and passive house building, Finland is getting serious about sustainable construction, and aims to be in the forefront of green building in Europe by the end of the decade. In Finland, a new energy and climate strategy is already stimulating demand for green building solutions. Since 2012, new buildings in Finland have been required to meet tighter standards for energy efficiency and sustainable construction procedures. Renovation building in particular is expected to grow in the coming years, with up to 10 billion euros scheduled for repairs and eco-upgrades annually. The Ministry of the Environment in Finland has also issued regulations, coming into effect in summer 2013, that define the minimum requirements for energy efficiency renovations. The new regulations cover extensive basic repairs, façade renovation and the renewal of technical systems that require a building permit or a planning permit for minor construction. National commitment to energy-efficient construction
  3. 3. 2012 2013 2015 2019 2021 roadmap. Finland is committed to green building and has a clear energy efficiency New buildings: 20% increase in energy efficiency. Old buildings: New, tighter renovation regulations come into effect. All new buildings: Nearly zero-energy construction. New public buildings: Nearly zero-energy construction. 30%-40% increase in overall energy efficiency for new and old buildings. Source: Ministry of Environment, Sitra and Tekes
  4. 4. A market with solid potential Finland is still a newcomer to energy-efficient construction, so there is considerable demand for companies that offer solutions across the entire spectrum of green building technologies. The green renovation in Finland Unlike in many other EU countries, the renovation market in Finland is expected to grow by almost 10% in 2013. Around 570,000 concrete apartments will require facade repairs and energy-efficient upgrade in the coming years, with the market valued at 1.5-2 billion euros if repairs meet passive house standards. There are also plans to build 500,000 new energy-efficient apartments in the next 20 years, which will further stimulate demand for green building expertise in Finland. Combine this new market pull with effective regulation and close proximity to the Russian market, and Finland has the potential to become an attractive green building market in Northern Europe. Wood construction on the rise For companies specializing in wood construction, Finland is an opportunity to work with industry innovators and be at the forefront of next-generation building materials. Finland’s varied climate and the northernmost building stock in Europe also allow for the development and testing of Arctic-proof wood construction solutions and materials. Today proposed wood construction projects in Finland include 7,000 new multi-storey apartments and increased construction of extension floors from engineered wood products. At the same time Finnish builders are increasingly using wood elements in repair construction, infill development and the energy-efficient upgrade of concrete apartment buildings, and welcome new approaches to building in wood. Maintenance €1.6bn Investment €4.0bn Repair and maintenance €9.9bn New buildings €11.7bn Residentialbu ildings €5.5bn Other buildings €4.4bn Otherbuildings€ 6.1bn Residentialbuil dings€5.6bn Source:VTTExpertServices Construction Sector Output in 2011 Total €28.5bn Building Construction €22.7bn Civil Engineering €5.7bn
  5. 5. Green expertise in demand Finland is looking for a broad range of expertise in green building and sustainable design. KNOW-HOW IN DEMAND PARTNERS IN DEMAND Experience in energy-efficient building and wood construction Turnkey integrators offering full-package solutions for repair construction, infill development and energy-efficiency repairs Next-generation wood construction and green building solutions, concepts and technologies Planning and installation of hybrid renewable energy solutions Effective monitoring and measurement of energy consumption in private homes and public buildings International construction companies and contractors, engineering companies Architecture and engineering firms in technical consultancy, structural engineering and energy efficiency development Integrators, developers and/or investors in urban construction projects Companies that provide elements, components, systems and sustainable building solutions
  6. 6. Invest in Finland, Finpro Porkkalankatu 1, FI-00180 Helsinki, Finland Telephone +358 204 695 555 Fax +358 204 695 201 Invest in Finland, the national investment promotion agency, provides consultancy services across the entire market entry process. We assist international companies in finding business opportunities in Finland and provide all the relevant information and guidance required to establish a business in Finland. Our services are free of charge and always tailored to meet your precise needs. Invest in Finland – advice that works