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RDI talent and opportunity in Finland


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Finland's ranking in R&D reports. Mobile Industry. Intelligent Machines Cluster. Security in cloud services. Big data and Analytics.

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RDI talent and opportunity in Finland

  1. 1. Locate your R&D and Innovation activities here!
  2. 2. Finland is number one according to Global Information Technology Report 2013 Finland is the best place in the world to benefit from new information and communication technologies
  3. 3. Finland no. 2 for dynamic businesses to flourish The Grant Thornton Global Dynamism Index (GDI) 2012 business operating environment economics & growth science & technology labour & human capital financing environment Singapore 72,1 Finland 70,5 Sweden 69,6 Israel 69,3 Austria 66,1 Australia 65,6 Switzerland 65,1 Korea 64,9 Germany 64,8 United States 64,1
  4. 4. EUR 134 million in investments for Finnish start-ups in Q1 2013  Finnish start-up companies received EUR 134 million in investments during January through March 2013  Finnish companies generated more investments than German ones during Q1 and were only surpassed by British and French businesses
  5. 5. The mobile cluster Mobile patents and world’s strongest IP-protection! Source: IPRI 2012
  6. 6. Leading-edge cluster: The mobile industry Finland has invested in education and it has fostered Europe’s largest cluster for mobile professionals: a unique pool of talent, innovation and successful companies. Prevailing talent includes:  Development of advanced mobile technologies  OS development  Strong app development community for all major platforms Supported by a thriving peer community acting nationally and regionally  Europe’s hottest start-up event Slush every November in Helsinki  Nokia spin offs exceeded 400, new entrepreneurs actively developing the mobile cluster Finland has but also:
  7. 7. Mobile cluster: World class collaboration & research R&D results are well protected: Finland ranked 2nd in quality of protection of IPR (WEF 2011) drives European leadership in ICT innovation for economic growth and quality of life. Strategic Center for Science, Technology and Innovation A non-profit association aiming to improve the operational efficiency of companies using RFID technology utilizes unused ideas and innovations from Nokia, Nokia Siemens Networks, Kemira, Metso, Rautaruukki, Wärtsilä converting them into new products and services Centre of Internet Excellence in Oulu HIIT: Helsinki Institute of Information Technology Centre for Wireless Communication in Oulu
  8. 8. The internet of things - Getting hyperconnected
  9. 9. Leading-edge cluster: The internet of things The Finnish Intelligent Machines cluster includes regional centres of expertise, all pitching in to enable the best surroundings for innovation  develops all aspects of the intelligent machines field, from product design to development of the flexible production needed for manufacturing the machines, and of the necessary logistics and business expertise.  engages a significant number of machine-building companies in creating strategies for the industry’s future and, in co-operation with the research institutions, in starting and financing research and development projects.
  10. 10. Cloud computing - For the future rocket scientists in business
  11. 11. Leading-edge cluster: Security in cloud services  By 2016, 40% of enterprises demand proof of independent security testing a precondition for using a cloud service (Gartner)  Finland is home to secure country-wide data and wireless networks and pioneering cyber-security companies Finnish success stories : Investors success:  Finnish bedrock is ideal for stable and secure data centres  Google’s data centre in Hamina is one of the company’s most efficient and advanced ones  2012 TelecityGroup acquired two data centre operators in Finland to get a fast gateway to Russian markets A visionary in enterprise network firewalls (Gartner), recently acquired by McAfee A leading anti-malware company for over 20 years
  12. 12. Emerging clusters: Big data and analytics Finland is an ideal test bed for Big Data analytics with access to open data sources such as population, economy, environment, transport, urban structure, well-being (biobanks, genonbanks, vaccination records, etc.) Finnish success stories  M-Brain  Big Data Scoring  Big Data Scoring Oy  CGI (Logica)  Comptel  Data Rangers Oy  Datactica Oy  Gisforest  Ineo  Analyse Solutions Finland Collaboration & research:  Forum Virium Helsinki, Helsinki info sharing  Open knowledge summer festival  Data mining, signal processing, search algorithms  Mirasys Ltd.  Mobisoft  Music.Info  QPR Software  Riskpointer  Super Analytics  Tieto  Valuemotive  Vidamin
  13. 13. Bring your R&D&I to Finland!  Sources and further information:  Centre's for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment  Ministry of Employment and the Economy  Enterprise Finland  Finnvera  Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation  Finnish Tax Administration
  14. 14. Entry to the East Creative solutions Stable Society Competent professionals Why Finland?
  15. 15. Invest in Finland services for international companies • Data collection & analysis • Opportunity analysis • Guidance on entry alternatives • Networking • Location management • Setting up a business