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  2. 2. Introduction Integrated Industrial Services (Pvt) limited is a firm specializing in engineering, consulting, contracting services and integration of automated production systems. We provide innovative technological solutions to a wide range of customers in the fields of manufacturing and industrial processes with the help of qualified experts in mechanics, electricity, automation, robotics and instrumentation. Our efforts help our clients to focus their energy on helping businesses and meet the challenges of today's new economic realities, such as globalization, competitiveness and ever changing commodity and energy prices. We are highly experienced in the industry, and the sole goal of our experience staff is to identify challenges in order to offer clients innovative solutions that will yield substantial saving and improve their productivity. 2
  3. 3. Installation & Commissioning Services We provide following services to a wide range of industrial clients. 1. Instrumentation, Electrical and Control system construction services. 2. Instrumentation startup and commissioning services. 3. Electrical Startup and commissioning service. 4. Third Party Procurement Services 5. Third Party Package Management 6. Implementation & Strategy Planning 7. SiteWork Pack Preparation 8. Installation Management 9. System Commissioning 10. Instrumentation Specification and Procurement 11. Field Installation Engineering 12. Site Preparation 13. Site Installation 14. Site Acceptance Tests 15. Close out and as built documentation 3
  4. 4. Plant Automation 4 Integrated enables industrial facilities to optimally deploy and maintain industrial automation solutions resulting in enhanced productivity, reliability, safety, compliance, and flexibility of the assets and the enterprise. Integrated achieves this by providing help to clients in: 1. Identifying areas of Automation and its impact on production health and safety. 2. Preparation of RFQ and review of bid document . 3. Selection of product, technology, system integration and automation companies. 4. Instrumentation and controls engineering / engineering review. 5. FAT 6. Site Commissioning Integrated can provide complete Turn key projects in the field of automation and controls.
  5. 5. Electro Mechanical Services Our Services • M.V/L.V POWER/CONTROL PANELS (Installation, Commissioning,Testing, Maintenance) • M.V/ L.V CABLES (Laying,Termination, Joint, testing and commissioning) •GENERATOR (up to 2000 KVA) (Installation, testing, commissioning and repairing) •POWER TRANSFORMER (Installation, Dehydration testing and commissioning) •COMMERCIAL / INDUSTRIAL ELECTRIFICATION (Electrification, CCTV, BMS,Ventilation systems.) •PROTECTION RELAY (Installation, testing, and commissioning) •INSTRUMENTATION AND AUTOMATION (Installation, commissioning and Calibration) •MECHANICAL (Large Steel structure, Oil StorageTanks, Platforms, •Fabrication of pipe lines, Chillers Installation) •CABLE TRAY SYSTEM (Manufacturing and Installation) •GALVANIZING. (Hot Dipped, Electroplating,Tin coating) •EARTHING / GROUNDING. (Earthing Systems) 5
  6. 6. Maintenance Support Services  Third Party Support  Spare Parts Management  Maintenance Management and Partnering  Preventive Maintenance  System Updates  Training 6
  7. 7. Products supplies & services Integrated provide world class products and supplies involved in engineering instrumentation , Electrical equipment for all types of industries.We specialize in  1- High efficiency AC/DC Motors  2- Variable Frequency Drives 7 Educational Equipment Industrial Equipment Specialised & Customised Equipment Security and Safety Equipment Alternate Energy Solutions We help our clients to choose best available product for the application and prepare specifications required instruments, sensors, controllers and actuators. Preparing bid documents for product supply; Analysing bids, engaging in discussions with bidders and providing recommendations to the client; Preparing installation documents for various instruments; Installing, calibrating, programming and certifying field equipment.
  8. 8. Energy saving and Alternate energy We help our customers in their endeavor to address environmental and regulatory issues and make them energy efficient. Energy saving solutions are offered either by proposing modifications in process or replacing devices with more energy efficient equipment's with reasonable payback time 8
  9. 9. Contact Integrated Industrial Services Private Limited. C-20 Block-5 Gulshan-e-Iqbal Karachi Pakistan Tel (0092-21) 34992083-4 Fax (92-21)34980849 , 34821186 Plot No 18- Block-6 PECHS Karachi Tel (0092-21)-34331701-3 Fax(0092-21)-34331405 Integrated Electrical Mechanical Contracting LLC. P.O.BOX 5238 Sharjah UAE. Tel :0097165392848 Fax: 0097165392848 9