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  • Which business card would you like to be handed?
  • Linked to a flickr group which also encourages people to upload their images. These appear on sidebar. NOT MUCH CONTROL!
  • They need quite a lot of persuading and chatting up.
  • Huge mixture of styles – diverse contributors Evolution of character of site - of user generated contentLots of links – to other blogs, similar interest groups etc
  • One of Goose Green?
  • Online visitors to come in reality.
  • More measurable results
  • Not Dulwich Picture GalleryWide interests
  • Where have our visitors come from in the last 30 days? The vast majority come from Facebook and Twitter – 53%Only 4.1% comes from DPG43% Organizations we have written articles about (we encourage reciprocal links)25% Local information sites/forums 27% Dulwich Picture Gallery (many different links) Wikipedia – 5%Facebook – 65%Flickr – 4%Twitter – 16%
  • Dulwich OnView Museumnext presentation 2012 final

    1. 1. How is Dulwich OnView different from other museum blogs? Follow us @dulwichonview @dulwichgalleryDulwich Picture Gallery, London
    2. 2. 2008-2011 set up and run by ateam of enthusiastic volunteers independent of the Gallery
    3. 3. Different Name Different URL Different Twitter Different Facebook Diverse ContentIndependent but worked on trust and collaboration
    4. 4. 2011 → volunteersand museum staff
    5. 5. 3 different photographers 5 different authors Diversity ofcontributors
    6. 6. Surprising contributors* Other museum directors* Chairman of the trustees of another museum
    7. 7. Independent viewsPeer reviews –more believable thanofficial website marketing Huge mixture of styles Virtually no editing
    8. 8. Posts indirectly related to an exhibition DOV wine correspondentAn occasional contributor Patricia Cornell, published a book arguing that Sickert was Jack the Ripper. Sickert was, she claims, a violent misogynist who was tipped into murder by botched surgery that made him impotent.
    9. 9. Promoting Dulwich Picture Gallery as part of the local communityLinks, links,links Another successful, and well-established, partnership is with the Dulwich Picture Gallery ....
    10. 10. International researchThe silver CommunityMemories of 1940’s Dulwich – BerylBrenda – „I read your article with interest. I lived in Tulse Hill at thetime. I remember the very cold winter....Beryl – Hello Brenda. I remember Rosendale Road school....Brenda – Dear Beryl. Thank you for replying so quickly. Are you related to..........Beryl – Hello again Brenda. Sorry for the delay, some family things have kept mebusy..........And so on for the last 4 months. Now John is joining in with his memories.
    11. 11. Have fun NetworkSpread the word
    12. 12. Have a party!We invited everyone whohad contributed to DOV,their friends and family
    13. 13. We have made friends with localbusinesses (articles on DOV) and they donated cakes
    14. 14. We have made friends with localbands (articles on DOV) and they cameand playedfor free
    15. 15. And the small businesses/charities promoted themselves Selling WI Calendars
    16. 16. Measurable results447 people came and mostwent into DPG17 Comments later on DOV :“What a great, cheerful, sunnyafternoon that was! And a doublebonus. I hadn‟t intended to see theSalvator Rosa show, though I knew itwas on. But since I was there, I kind ofgot sucked inside, and I‟m glad I was.”“It was also good to visit the Gallery 22% rise in DOV subscriptionsagain. It must be about five years since during the subsequent 2 weeksI last visited.”
    17. 17. Views March 2010 → presentWe now average about 20,000 views a monthThe peak in May 2010 was when we ran a competition and asked forvotes.
    18. 18. Authors telltheir friendsOrganisationslink to thearticlesGroups telltheir members
    19. 19. Search terms for last 30 daysRecycling 437Paul Nash 170Dulwich OnView 154Bushes 139Anish KapoorDulwich Park 124 69 96.28% are notAndrew Wyeth 55 looking for DPGDavid Gentleman 54Stik Dulwich 53Queens House 52Dulwich Picture Gallery 49Bonnard 47Lucinda Rogers 461948 Olympics 42
    20. 20. Where do our visitorsgo? (last 30 days)Bubbas Restaurant 19.9%Dulwich Festival 15.2%DPG main site/facebook 12.1%Hello Geronimo 0.3 %Dulwich Magic FC 0.2% Bubbas – A taste of the CaribbeanEvening Standard – in Tulse HillCult graffiti artist Stik... 0.2%Etc.. Geronomo – local textile artist
    21. 21. Dulwich OnView has won awards….and we’re loving it!
    22. 22. Visit us @dulwichonview