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Mardi gras


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Mardi gras

  1. 1. • Carnival is not celebrated very much in the USA. • There is one exception. • French Catholics brought Carnival to the USA. It was first celebrated on 3 March, 1699. • “Mardi Gras” is VERY popular in the city of New Orleans. • “Mardi Gras” is French, meaning “Fat Tuesday.”
  2. 2. The USA in 1800. the city of New Orleans
  3. 3. Celebrations include… • parades with parade floats • costumes • throwing beads to the crowd. purple - justice green - faith The meaning of the colours golden - power
  4. 4. and parade floats
  5. 5. Bead necklaces are thrown to the crowd.
  6. 6. People watch the festivities from their balconies.
  7. 7. The party lasts for the day… and the night.
  8. 8. ACTIVITY Now answer these questions about this American celebration: • • • • • • • • Where is Carnival celebrated in the USA? What is the name for this American celebration? Where does it come from? When was the first celebration of MardiGras? What is the meaning of Mardi Gras? What are the typical colours of Mardi Gras? What is the meaning of these colours? What do people do in Mardi Gras?