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Secwepemc artisan catalogue


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Catalogue of local Secwepemc Artisans (contacts, info and photos)

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Secwepemc artisan catalogue

  1. 1. Aboriginal Artisan Catalogue Fourth Edition Community Futures Development Corporation of Central Interior First Nations 215 - 345 Yellowhead Hwy - Kamloops, B.C, V2H 1H1
  2. 2. Community Futures Development Corporation of Central Interior First Nations Designated Service Area • Simpcw High Bar •• Clinton • Barriere Whispering Pines Adams Lake • • St’uxwtéws Ts’kw’aylaxw ••Cache Creek Neskonlith • Skeetchestn •• Chase • Xaxli’p • Ashcroft Kamloops ••Little Shuswap • Bridge River • • • Lillooet ••Kamloops Seton Lake T’it’q’et • Oregon Jack Creek Salmon Arm • • Cayoose Creek Splatsin • Lytton Lytton Skuppah Siska Kanaka Bar Boothroyd Boston Bar Spuzzum Cook’s Ferry Lower Nicola • • • Nicomen • • • • Quilchena • • • Merritt Shackan • • Nooaitch Coldwater • • • • Okanagan • Vernon • • Upper Nicola Shuswap Nation Tribal Council Nlaka’pamux Nation Tribal Council Nicola Tribal Association Lillooet Tribal Council Okanagan Nation Alliance No Affiliations with Tribal Councils Contact Information: #215 - 345 Yellowhead Hwy Kamloops, B.C., V2H 1H1 Phone: 250-828-9833 or Fax: 250-828-9972 Geri Collins Director of Operations Jackie Bandura Training Manager 250-828-9833 250-828-9727 Dale M Tomma Senior Business Development Officer 280-828-9725 1
  3. 3. Introduction The Community Futures Development Corporation of Central Interior First Nations (CFDC- CIFN) is very pleased to introduce our fourth edition of the “Aboriginal Artisans Catalogue”. We are very proud of the work our People do and the many multi-talents this represents. We have produced this catalogue to showcase the People and their talents. While we our office services a specific region, the Central Interior, we have decided to honour the talents of artisans from across British Columbia. Not all of the products produced are traditional First Nations items but all of the Artisans are of Aboriginal Ancestry. If anyone reading this document would like to purchase an article then you must contact the Artisan directly. Contact information is included. It is very important that we acknowledge all those who made this possible. First of course are our Artisans. Without their faith and trust in us and the work we do we could not have produced this catalogue. Secondly we’d like to thank, Joseph Jack for his work. Joseph completed the design and layout of the catalogue and wrote the artist profiles as well. He has put a great deal of himself into this. We thank him for his skill as a journalist, computer knowledge, dedication to this initiative and his joy in doing this work for and with the People. We have asked Joseph to include himself in the catalogue as his work is Art as well. Joey served as our communications officer last year and produced our Annual Report. THANK YOU Joey! Thanks to the rest of our Staff – they always do their very best towards the success of any project or activity we undertake. Western Diversification is the primary funder for Community Futures in Canada and we appreciate the ongoing good will and relationship we have with them. The funds for this project is a partnership with the REDI – BC, First Nations Technology Council and ourselves. We will have the final product on the Aboriginal Marketplace web site when it is up and running. There are other contributors that we must recognize who helped us to contact Artisans in various areas throughout B.C. Our Thanks to: Sharon LM Antoine, Jennifer Jack, Danova Turner, Monica Wysotski, Barb Callihoe and Duncan McGregor for their work in collecting artist information, taking photographs and assistance in writing artist profiles. We also would like to thank Marie Baptiste of ABSN for her assistance in editing the final draft. Geri Collins Director of Operations 2
  4. 4. Editor’s Note I grew up off-reserve without much exposure to the Aboriginal way of life. I remember in the third grade wearing an Inuit fur coat to a multicultural day because I did not have any arts or crafts from my own people, the Okanagan. Aside from attending the annual pow-wow in Kamloops, my exposure to the traditional way of life was very limited. Like some urban Aboriginal people, I have struggled with my cultural identity. While producing this catalogue, I met some of the most amazing people. Our artisans, both young and old, are recapturing and redefining what it means to be an Aboriginal person in Canada. Generations of our people had their cultural identity destroyed by the atrocities of the residential school. It is so inspiring to meet survivors who find peace and solace in recreating the very culture that the residential schools sought to eliminate. For many of the elders I met, creativity blossomed in midlife. As they grew older, they wanted to challenge themselves to see if they could remember how to create the art they witnessed their mothers or grandmothers create Meeting young artisans has been an inspiring opportunity for me. Many of our young artists want to pay tribute to the past by blending traditional with contemporary, abstract styles and mediums. While meeting with the artists, a common theme amongst the group was redemption. Some of our artists have overcome tremendous obstacles in life and use the creative process as a way to ground themselves by listening to the lessons of their ancestors. I hope that you enjoy looking at the beautiful works created by our artisans and get in touch with your own creative side. In closing, I would like to thank my good friend Percy Folkard for all of his support during this project. Joey Jack Production note: The photographs have come from a variety of sources. When we received photographs from the artistans, it was with the understanding that they owned the copyright. 3
  5. 5. David Wilson - Okanagan Title: Wolf Spirit Price: Sold Medium: Acrylic on 12” drum Description: This drum was commissioned by Wayne Christian and Tina Marie Title: The Great Sacred Flowering Tree Price: Sold Medium: Acrylic on canvas Dimensions: 3’x3’ Description: On display inside the Vernon City Hall David Wilson started out in the mid 1990’s creating his unique artwork. “I learned my art in a traditional manner,” said David. “A Haida person taught me the basics and then I interpreted it for myself.” Drawing his inspiration from a book of ancient Salish pictographs, David creates beautiful works using mostly acrylic paints on canvas. “Creating art gives me a connection of knowing who I am,” said David. “All of my works are a part of me.” David also sees his artwork as a way to connect the past with the present and the future (our youth.) In the years since David started creating his work, he has accomplished much. One of his proudest accomplishments is having his work appear in permanent installations and exhibits. “Some of my work is in Vernon City Hall and the Performing Arts Centre.” To view more of David’s work or to contact him check out his web site. 4 Title: Sacred Okanagan Waters Price: Sold Medium: Acrylic on canvas Dimensions: 3’x3’ Description: On display inside the Vernon City Hall Title: The Return of the Owl Clan Price: Sold Medium: Acrylic on canvas Dimensions: 5’x7’ Description: On display inside the Vernon Performing Arts Centre contact: 250-309-7057
  6. 6. Okanagan - Levi George Title: Old & New, Natural & Unnatural Price: Contact Artist Medium: Deer hide, Red ocher, fabric materials, acrylic paint Dimensions: Mens size 10.5 each Description: Hand sewn modern style moccasins. One made with natural material, the other made with industrial fabrics & paint Title: Okanagan Sound Price: $350 Medium: Smoke tanned deer hide, copper, porcupine quills, Red-tailed hawk feather Description: Sony headphones with hide sewn onto body; Quill & copper highlights. A red-tailed hawk feather inlayed onto the band. Levi George comes from the Syilx Nation in Penticton, British Columbia. His traditional name is Snk’lip, which means “Coyote,” a fitting name for an artist diversified in the visual arts creating anything from paintings and sculptures to graphic design and contemporary street wear. “My artwork is inspired by the harmony Title: The Original 4 chiefs and disharmony that I see between the Price: $150 stories and traditions of Syilx culture and Medium: Red ochre paint & bear our contemporary pop culture,” said Levi. “I hair on brown paper. Mounted on like to weave the dimensions together.” backboard With a passion for mixing the traditional Dimensions: 16” radius with the modern, Levi uses natural materials Description: Representation of and Syilx teachings to bring cultural images our chiefs of the land. Chiefs of into our current era with style and statement. water, sky, four legged beings & Levi hopes his artwork will raise an the ones that grow out of the land. awareness of our connection or disconnection to our Mother Earth, bringing to light Title: Snk’lip Creations our responsibilities to look after her and to Price: Undecided look after one another. Medium: India Ink & Oil pastel “I want to communicate a message about on poster paper the relationship that exists between old and Dimensions: 22”x28” new fashions and ways of life, as well as our Description: A Coyote shape relationship to the land, good or bad.” shift in motion, this is a piece From a family of artists, Levi’s natural that came about from the creative talent was nurtured early in life, and has esworld within. The title is my busipecially grown since graduating the Nationness name I am creating. al Aboriginal Professional Artist Training in 2010. An exhibit of Levi’s work is currently on display at the First People’s House at the contact: 250-493-3587 University of Victoria. 5
  7. 7. Kim Soo Goodtrack - Lakota Title: Native Cloud Price: $250 Medium: Acrylic on Canvas Description: 2’x2’ this painting uses a variety of colours with traditional shapes inter mixed. Kim Soo Goodtrack has been creating art- work for over 40 years. “I started in grade six,” said Kim. “I drew a profile of a face and thought it was cool!” Leaving school at a young age, Kim returned as an adult learner, eventually earning her GED, degree and teaching certificate. She took art classes at Simon Fraser University and has developed her own style over the years. “You teach yourself as you go. My work is abstract with Aboriginal designs intertwined.” Drawing her inspiration from Nature, Kim creates her work using water colours, acrylic, ink, chalk and a variety of canvas types. Kim is also an author. Her book The ABC’s of Our Spiritual Connections won a Children’s Choice Award and appeared on Sesame Street. She has also created children’s shows for the Aboriginal People’s Television Network (APTN.) Kim feels that Aboriginal art is important because it displays our connection to the Creator, the land, the water, the animals and the sky. “We must share this,” said Kim. “Through our art, we show strength, pride, ownership, beauty and talent.” 6 Title: Flower Tipi Price: $125 Medium: Indian ink on paper Description: This 9”x11” drawing represents our beautiful homes, which represent family values. Title: Pink Landscape Price: $300 Medium: Acrylic on canvas Description: 2’x4’ painting reflects the artists experimentation with traditional shapes in the sky. Title: Turquoise Bush Price: $125 Medium: Acrylic on paper Description: This 9”x11” painting was a creation with the triangle in mind. Mirrored triangles mean parallel universes. contact: 604-525-9408
  8. 8. Okanagan - Nancy Saddleman Title: Moccasins Price: Contact artist Medium: Deer hide and beads Description: Nancy creates custom sized moccasins. Price varies with size and materials. Title: Medicine bag Price: Contact artist Medium: Deer hide and beading. Description: Medicine bags come in various sizes and colours. For 30 years Nancy Saddleman has worked Title: Buckskin gloves with embroidery. Price: Contact artist Medium: Deer hide and thread. Description: Nancy creates custom sized gloves. Price varies with size and materials. Title: Vest Price: Contact artist Medium: Deer hide and beading. Description: Nancy creates custom sized vests. Price varies with size and materials. contact:250-350-6802 fax: 250-350-3311 to keep Aboriginal culture and tradition alive. “It was the early 1980’s and my friend Laura Manuel encouraged and inspired me to learn how to tan, sew and bead hides,” said Nancy. “I’ve never stopped since.” Living alongside beautiful Douglas Lake with her husband Martin, Nancy specializes in making custom-sized men’s and women’s gloves, moccasins, baby moccasins, medicine bags, shirts, vests, earrings and jackets. “When I start a piece, I will usually work on it until it is finished,” said Nancy. “If I’m not feeling right about a piece, I will put it down and come back to it.” Her creations are in high demand and she currently has work on display in the Brown Family House of Learning at Thompson Rivers University. When asked what her greatest accomplishment as an artist was she had a practical answer. “My first attempt at tanning a deer hide has been my greatest accomplishment,” she said with a laugh. “I started at 6:30 a.m. and it took me until 11:30 p.m. Martin, my husband, told me if I didn’t finish my first hide, I’d never start another.” Contact her by phone or fax to place your order. 7
  9. 9. Shirley Babcock - Dzawada’enuxw Title: Eagle with Sun Price: $750 Medium: Acrylic on canvas Dimensions: 22”x28” Shirley Babcock became interested in creating artwork after researching the history and culture of her ancestors. “I have memories of visiting with my family as a child,” said Shirley. “Picking berries, walking on the beach collecting clams and oysters.” Creating her own style of art, Shirley uses basic traditional forms of art passed down through generations. “It’s ‘mid-coast’ style,” says Shirley, “The work of the Kwakwaka’wakw people.” Working primarily with acrylic paints on canvas and drums, Shirley’s work has appeared in many exhibitions in B.C. Title: Standing Bear Price: $450 Medium: Acrylic on canvas Dimensions: 16”x20” Title: Moon Price: $1,100 (for set, see below.) Medium: Acrylic on canvas Dimensions:16”x20” Description:The moon is paired with the sun (below.) Title: Sun Price: $1,100 (for set, see above.) Medium: Acrylic on Canvas Dimension: 16”x20” Description: The sun is paired with the moon (above.) 8 contact: 250-277-1790
  10. 10. Lac Suel First Nation- Jessica Johnson Title: Earrings Price: $5.00 pair Medium: Beads Description: Single strand beaded earrings come in a wide variety of colours. Title: Snowflake Earrings Price: $5.00 pair Medium: Beads Description: Snowflake patterned earrings come in a wide variety of colours. Originally from Ontario, Jessica Johnson now calls Lillooet home. Interested in art since she was a girl, Jessica originally got into beading as a hobby. “I was always doodling or sketching things out,” said Jessica. “Eventually, I just saw beading as a new canvas.” Drawing inspiration from her beautiful surroundings, Jessica hopes to create art that people will connect with. “Looking at a tree, I’ll see the way the sun shines through the branches and try to recreate that.” Using both a bead loom and beading by hand, Jessica has developed some unique designs, like her spiral-beaded earrings. She has recently taken up carving soapstone as well. She hand-crafts 1.5” grizzly bears. Her work comes in all colours and styles. Title: Circle Earrings Price: varies Medium: Beads Description: Circle earrings come in a variety of sizes and colour. Title: Spiral Earrings Price: $20.00 pair Medium: Beads Description: Spiral shaped earrings come in a variety of sizes and colour. contact: 250-256-3111 9
  11. 11. Beryl Beaupre - Metis Title: Children Dancers Price: $4,000 Medium: Oil on canvas Dimensions: 3’ x 4’ Description: A young boy with a coastal native headdress and Hudson’s Bay blanket and a girl in wolf skin headdress and dancing blanket. Title: Medicine Woman Price: $4,000 Medium: Oil on canvas Dimensions: 3’ x 4’ Description: Created to commemorate my grandmothers, who were medicine women and midwives. Painting since she was 12 years old, Beryl Beaupre has always considered herself a painter. Initially taught in at home by her mother Doreen Beaupre and others, Beryl eventually earned her Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts. “I put myself through school with scholarships,” said Beryl. Inspired by her dreams and imagination, Beryl creates not only paints, but also creates jewelry, weaves and makes leather medicine bags. She has taken classes in 2D and 3D computer animation as well. Beryl believes that creating art is a process of accepting the heritage that the People (Aboriginal, Métis and Inuit) were taught to deny. “The Spirit speaks through the creative process and is honoured as part of who we are.” Beryl has spent time in schools sharing her knowledge of sash weaving. On special occasions has created washable tattoos for Aboriginal children in foster care. Beryl has won several awards for her work that appeared in juried shows in Northern Manitoba. 10 Title: Catty Card Party Price: $5,000 Medium: Oil on canvas Dimensions: 3’x4’ Description: Three women sit around a table, playing cards. Cats are hiding in the picture. This piece was created with a knife. Title: Serenity in motion Price: $4000 Medium: Oil Dimensions: 3’ x 4’ contact: 778-475-0388
  12. 12. Secwepemc - Jada Rain Britton Title: Untitled Price: $350 Medium: Acrylic paint on cow skull Dimensions: 18” x 13” x 8” Description: Hand-painted Cow skull. White base coloured with copper floral decorative design that flows across its surface. Title: Tribal Nature Price: $350 (framed) Medium: Pen and Felt Dimensions: 8.5” x 14” Description: A unique and creatively designed scene of nature. A tribal-like representation, with flowers, rain and insects. Title: French Kiss Photography Price: $850 (framed) Medium: Black and White Photography Dimensions: 3’ x 4’ Description: A mural-size black and white photograph, taken from a collage of images found in advertisements. Laminated and framed. Title: Wynona’s Tattoo Price: Priceless Medium: Ink Dimensions: 6” x 4” Description: This was a tattoo I created for my sister. It is a fairy and inside of her tribal wings are the initials of her fiancé and two children. contact info: 250-574-5232 Iron Orchid Design - 408 Seymour Street, Kamloops Jada Rain Britton has been drawing since she was a young girl. “It has always been within my soul to create,” said Jada. “I have enjoyed the art of drawing, painting, photographyand even creating a costume for my son, Easton.” What began as an initial desire to create turned info a Degree in Fine Arts from Thompson Rivers University. With influences as diverse as photographer Cindy Sherman to artist Salvador Dali, Jada’s own artistic aspirations have evolved over time. “I have currently begun practicing in the field of home design and décor and I am opening a retail store with my sister, Wynona, in Kamloops,” said Jada. “My sister and I have always enjoyed working together and feed off the ideas that we share with one another.” Family is very important to Jada and she cites her parents as a major source of inspiration. “My creativeness has been passed along to me from my Mother Lea McNabb, who has always presented artistic projects to keep me busy throughout my childhood. My Father Mark Britton has always inspired me to follow my passions. “Creating art gives me the ability to access my imagination,” said Jada. 11
  13. 13. Nacoma George - Secwepemc Title: Bad Brown Diva Price: Contact artist for video production fees. Description: Music video for artist C-Solow Describing his work as “fusion”, Nacoma George is an award winning DJ, producer and videographer. “When I was 14, I started DJing,” said Nacoma. “I picked up some old turn tables and it helped keep me out of trouble.” Touring across Canada and the U.S.A. as DJ Combz, Nacoma has performed live on the APTN Aboriginal People’s Choice Music Awards. “I’ve received 19 nominations for my work and collaborations,” said Nacoma. “I’ve won 13.” Through his company Crazy Cutz Records, Nacoma has a diverse line-up of artists such as Sage Hills, a pow-wow group that has taken home the Best Pow-Wow Album at the Aboriginal People’s Choice Music Awards. Nacoma takes great pride in creating professional looking CDs and cases, to best market his clients. “Presentation is key!” he said. Aside from music production, Nacoma also works as a videographer. “When I moved back to Kamloops, I saw a need to utilize modern technology to record the traditional keep it alive.” For more information about Nacoma’s extensive work and collaborations (including videos and music,) check out his web site. contact: 250-319-5765 12 Title: Pit House Building Price: Contact artist for video production fees. Description: The artist is available to capture promotional or cultural events. Title: Kamloopa Pow Wow 2009 Price: Contact artist for live event recording fees. Description: A live recording of songs from the 2009 Kamloopa Pow Wow Title: Sage Hills - Where the Rivers Meet. Price: Contact artist for studio production fees. Description: Sage Hills won best pow-wow group with this recording.
  14. 14. Secwepemc/St’at’imc- James Black Title: Park Bench Price: Contact artist Medium: Ink and water colours Dimensions: 34”x17” Description: As part of the Our Lost Daughters series, an Aboriginal woman is sitting on a park bench, wearing a broken necklace. To her left and right are her traditional practices. Title: Untitled Price: Contact artist Medium: Ink and water colours Dimensions: 20”x22.5” Description: A woman kneeling on the ground near a broken chair and bed. Her arm is tied off and there’s a spoon on the floor. Death plays a tune on the guitar, waiting for the inevitable to happen. Title: Lady Sweat Ceremony Price: Contact artist Medium: Ink and water colours Dimensions: 18.5”x18” Description: A woman partakes in a sweat lodge ceremony, surrounded by nature. Elements of different animals appear in this work. Title: Truck Price: Contact artist Medium: Ink and water colours Dimensions: 14”x14” Description: A vehicle rests in the tall grass on the other side of the fence in the country. contact: For as long as he can remember, James Black has been an artist. “I’ve been drawing and paintings forever,” said James. “My first drawing is still on the wall at my aunt’s old house.” Originally self-taught, James said that his artwork was transformed after taking art classes at Thompson River’s University. “As good as I thought I was, my work really improved after some formal training.” James’ work is in a category of its own. As a hunter and fisher, James draws on traditional and contemporary imagery in his work and highlights the conflicts between the two. “I can’t just draw salmon and deer. We live in a modern world too.” Working out of his home studio, James works tirelessly on each piece until it’s finished. When is a piece finished? It depends. “I have some stuff that I’ve been working on since 1995, it’s a process.” While studying Fine Art in university, James had the honour of having his work featured in the main gallery of the Kamloops Art Gallery. “I think I was the first student to have their work shown.” he said. James also creates tattoos and logos, contact him for more information about his work. 13
  15. 15. Jackson Robertson - Tsawataineuk Title: Paddle Price: $850 Medium: Yellow cedar Dimensions: 30”x8”x2” Description: Paddle depicts a raven, a thunderbird and an eagle. Talent runs deep through Jackson Robert- son’s veins. Since 1970, he has learned from his family how to create his beautiful works. “I used to watch my grandfather William Robertson and uncle David Robertson carve in our living room,” said Jackson. “They were master carvers.” His uncle David gave him his first knife and taught him how to sharpen it. David also helped Jackson in other ways. “He used to carve one half of a raven letter opener and have me carve the other half.” Based on Vancouver Island, carving plaques, talking sticks, masks, paddles, totem poles and jewelry, Jackson has established himself as a master carver, like his family members before him. “I am told I have a unique, recognizable style. I am trained as a traditionalist, but contemporary in style like the surrealist painter Salvador Dali was in realism.” Having Aboriginal folklore embedded in his being, Jackson’s inspiration comes from within and has said that his work is a reflection of his personality or mood at the time. Jackson said that Aboriginal artwork is important to him because of the joy it brings to himself and to others. Contact Jackson for more information about his work and carving workshops. contact: 250-802-0399 14 Title: Talking Stick Price: $1,250 Medium: Yellow cedar Dimensions: 60”x4”x2.5” Description: This highly detailed carved talking stick features the orca, salmon, eagle, raven and hummingbird. Title: Hawk Mask Price: $1,200 Medium: Yellow cedar Dimensions:12”x10” Description: The hawk represents all the positive qualities of nobility, integrity, pride, strength of purpose, loyalty and bravery. Title: Grey Whale Price: $775 Medium: Yellow cedar Dimensions: 30”x10”x2” Description: Plaque of a grey whale.
  16. 16. Brandon Joe Title: Gathering of Clan Fleece Vest Price: $60.00 Title: Bone Bead Necklaces Price: $20.00 Medium: Bone beads Description: Necklaces with frog or bear pendants. Based out of Merritt, Brandon has worked on beading and embroidering for 16 years. “I create my artwork to keep my mother’s and other ancestor’s legacy alive,” said Brandon Joe. “An elder in the community gave me a feather so I could get a job,” said Brandon. “She made me bead it and then said ‘There you go, that’s how you’ll earn money.’” Using beads, thread, clothing, bone, rocks and gems, and recalling his travels and life experiences, Brandon creates unique pieces of clothing. “I am always remembering what I see out there and how I can add my personal touch to it.” Contact Brandon for more information about his work and how to order. Title: Beaded Abalone Earrings Price: $25.00 Medium: Abalone shells and beads Title: Bear paw Windbreaker Price: $25.00 Description: Grizzly paws adorn the jacket. contact: 250-936-8067 15
  17. 17. Jerry McKay- Nlaka’pamux Title: Hand drum Price: Contact artist Medium: Elk hide Dimensions: 14” in diameter Description: Praying hands holding two feathers and a medicine wheel. Jerry McKay first learned how to carve when he was in residential school. Other students at the school who were from the west coast showed Jerry how to carve, and he continued to carve for comfort during his time at school. As an Elder in Lytton, Jerry maintains his artistic connection to the Stein Valley. “I try to stick to doing my art in the traditional Stein way,” said Jerry. “With Stein art, you use mostly red, which meant power and teachings. Stein traditions and my language are my main focus.” Today, Jerry carves totem poles, pendants, wood mirrors, and he also has learned how to make drums, rattles and talking sticks. Not only does he find peace in creating his work, he also hopes to teach younger generations his craft, as a way to keep the culture alive. Jerry is also a Sun Dancer. He has been participating in Sun Dances and other spiritual ceremonies since 1989. Some of his work is spiritual, with a big focus on Stein art, and the beliefs related to the art form. Jerry gets many of his ideas from going to pow-wows where he meets a lot of new friends. They trade with each other, and give each other advice and information to help each other out. Contact Jerry for more information about contact:250-455-2198 his artwork and art instruction 16 Title: Comb Mirror with Stand Price: Contact artist Medium: Juniper wood, soapstone, abalone, turquoise Dimensions: 10”x 5” Description: Fisherman and Stein art. The colour red means guiding spirits. Title: The Last Stand Price: Contact artist Medium: Soapstone, buckskin Dimensions: 2” diameter Description: A rider on his horse reaches the end of the trail, as it relates to sobriety. Title: Rattle Price: $90 Medium: Elk, horse hair, beans, beads Dimensions: 5.5”x 10” Description: Stein painting on one side with Praying Hands holding a feather painted on the other. cell 250-256-3270
  18. 18. St’at’imc -Amanda Ned Title: Cautious Eagle Price: $100 Medium: Ink Dimensions: 18”x 22” Description: Represents her brothers moving forward in life. Title: Heated Flight Price: $100 Medium: Ink Dimensions: 16”x20” Description: I have always been impressed by a bird’s wingspan. Title: Fishing Boy Price: $150 Medium: Acrylic Paint Dimensions: 20”x24” Description: What is he thinking about? Title: Free Fly Price: $100 Medium: Ink Dimensions: 16”x20” Description: A free bird flying high. contact: ph 250-256-0674 e-mail: Amanda Ned’s interest in art was fueled as a child by watching her father and copying his art. Her interest was sparked by the comfort she received from drawing and the ability to express herself. Today, Amanda still considers her dad, Jack Ned, her greatest influence. In the last five years, Amanda has taken a more dedicated focus to her art. She hopes her work will help people understand that native art is everywhere, and it isn’t necessarily traditional work. One of Amanda’s beliefs about her art is that she doesn’t intend to create something specific. “A lot of my ideas are from pictures I’ve seen and enjoyed. Most of them are photos I have taken myself,” said Amanda. “My biggest rule is ‘Don’t let myself be the judge’, because I’m my worst critic and I would just end up with a basket full of paper.” Rather than create something for somebody, Amanda focuses her energy on what she is feeling at that particular time, and hopes that other people will be able to feel what she felt during the creation of her piece. Amanda’s favourite type of work is ink drawings for their simplicity and flexibility. She is available as an illustrator for online and print publications. 17
  19. 19. Kathy Edgar - Ditidaht Title: Shopping bag Price: Contact artist Medium: Cedar root and swamp grass Dimensions: 11”l x 6”w x 7”h Kathy Edgar have been a weaver for over 40 years. “I was taught by my mother, Francis Edgar when I was 12 years old,” said Kathy. “Lake Cowichan is a remote community, so it kept us busy.” In 1988 Kathy decided it was time to share her talent with the world and began to not only sell her work, but to also teach all who wanted to learn the same techniques she was taught. “It’s a lost art,” said Kathy. “Creating baskets helps keep the tradition alive.” Collecting her own supplies, Kathy primarily uses swamp grass and cedar bark. While she uses the traditional methods, she has ventured into more contemporary designs, such as her Christmas ornaments. Kathy’s work has been featured in the Royal B.C. Museum as part of an exhibit called ‘Into The Mist,” and she has been the subject of many newspaper stories in communities she has visited. Never sketching her patterns before creation, Kathy visualizes her work by recalling patterns she’s seen in nature. “The design has to catch my eye.” When Kathy teaches weaving classes, she always makes sure that her students are able to take their basket home with them. “It’s good to see the finished product.” contact: 250-510-8013 18 Contact her for more information. Title: Christmas ornaments Price: Contact artist Medium: Cedar root and swamp grass Dimensions: Various Title: Abalone Shell Price: Contact artist Medium: Swamp grass and abalone shell Dimensions: Various Title: Basket Price: Contact artist Medium: Cedar root and swamp grass Dimensions: 3”x3”
  20. 20. Okanagan - Les Louis Title: Kids pow wow drum Price: Private collection Dimensions: 18”x 6” Description: Pine frame with rawhide pow wow drum. Drum sticks are all custom made. Title: Story Pole Price: Sold Medium: Lodgepole pine tree Les Louis creates many types of art. Work- ing mostly with acrylic paint, he has also tried his hand at ceramic sculpture, jewelry, photography and traditional mediums. “My Okanagan name is Miwlna,” said Les. “It means, ‘in the middle of it all.” Creating artwork has been a life-long journey for Les. Showing an initial interest in elementary school, he pursued his passion all the way to his post secondary career. “I have a 2D/3D Fine Arts diploma from Okanagan University College, as well as an associate of Fine Arts from the Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe, New Mexico.” Career highlights for Les include having a Story Pole commissioned and installed in the Penticton South Okanagan Events Centre and an 18’x20’ mural at the Oliver Elementary School, depicting a traditional Okanagan Scene. “When it comes to my art, I want people to know they have something unique and special that they can connect with.” Considering himself a “detailist”, Les pays special attention to every aspect of his work. “I try to tell stories through pictures. I hope to spark interest in the viewer, perhaps intriguing them to start their own journey to learn about their culture.” Title: Journey South Price: Contact artist Medium: Acrylic on canvas Dimensions: 2’x4’ Title: Blackfoot Price: Private collection Medium: Ceramic contact: 250-499-0794 19
  21. 21. Frank and Marlene Marasco - Chipewyan Title: Dragon Fly Price: $400 Medium: Silver and Gold Dimensions: 2”x2” Description: Experimenting with shape and materials, this piece pays respect to how amazing Nature is. Title: Appliqued Feather Bracelet Price: $190 - $5,000 depending on materials and sizing. Medium: Silver with gold stem and 14k gold.From 1/4” to 1.5” Description: Frank and Marlene believe that the gold bracelet, is the first of it’s kind and was copied after appearing in a magazine. A life spent drawing and designing eventu- ally led Frank and Marlene Marasco to start making jewelry in 1987. “We have both had many teachers,” said Frank. “Chief Dorey Brotchie from Gwasala-Nakwaxda’xw has been a major influence for the jewelry work.” Aside from making Jewelry, Frank and Marlene also create prints, hats, tattoos and bead work. Their jewelry is made from gold, silver, platinum, copper and stones and using ideas from all places. “On a napkin in a restaurant, customer driven concepts, out of thin air and, of course, the material itself,” said Marlene. “Art is the soul talking,” added Frank. While precious metals are at the core of their business, Marlene said that a major accomplishment for her was the creation of her first drum. “Frank and I harvested the hide ourselves,” said Marlene. Frank said he is most proud of the national and international attention their work has received. “We have a world-wide, repeat customer base.” Marlene and Frank sell their work through their web site. 20 Title: Medicine Wheel Ring Price: $500 - $800 Medium: Gold on gold Dimensions: Sizes 4 - 16+ Description: The medicine wheel and feather are cut from 14k gold and applied to a gold base. The stone inlays are: mammoth tooth, jasper, red coral and onyx to represent the four directions. Title: Waterton Lakes Ring and Bracelet Price: Ring $600-$1,000 Bracelet up to $6,000 dependent on materials etc. Dimensions: Vary Description:Frank and Marlene are able to create custom styles of this piece. Check the website for more information. contact: 604-814-2327
  22. 22. Metis - Channelle Suecroft Title: Mount Peter Price: $300 Medium: Charcoal, graphite and pencil crayon on paper Dimensions: 7”x 9” Title: Lucid Death Dream Price: $2,000 Medium: Oil on canvas Dimensions: 23.5” x 37.75” Title: Rain Shine Price: $1,200 Medium: Acyrlic on Canvas Dimensions: 24”x 30” Title: Chocolate Cake Price: $900 Medium: Oil on canvas Dimensions: 21” x 32 1/2” contact: 250-372-7624 Channelle Suecroft has had an inclination to draw since she was a small child. Now, a Thompson Rivers University fine arts student. She said she still feels the same way about art.” Since she was eight years old Channelle has been creating artwork. She describes her work as “post-modern abstract expressionist,” and feels she was sent here by the Creator to be an artist. “I’m inspired by my spiritual reflection through ceremony and my connection to the Holy Spirit,” said Channelle. Under the spirit name “Nimi Win Anung,” she works with oil paints as well as acrylic and has recently sparked an interest in working with steel sculptures. “Oil painting is my favourite medium as you can create so many colours and different points of view with the subject.” Channelle draws inspiration from her experiences in day to day life, as well as her time participating in traditional ceremonies. Cementing her connection to spirituality, Channelle has recently been commissioned by Father Wlaysaw of the Mountain Parish in Whistler to create artworks to honour Kateri Tekakwitha, an Algonquin and Iroquois woman set to be canonized in October 2012. “She will be the first female First Nations woman to be named a Saint.” 21
  23. 23. Russell Adolph - St’at’imc Title: Spirit Bear Price: $800 Medium: White Italian alabaster Dimensions: 10”x 7”x5” Title: Red Cedar Mask Price: $2,500 Medium: Red cedar, abalone eyes, horse hair Dimensions: 14”x10”x6” Russell Adolph began carving stone in the spring of 2002. “I was looking for a hobby and liked the idea of rock and stone,” said Russell. “So I tried my hand at carving stone.” Eventually that led to Russell working on stone full-time and generating income from what started out as an interest. Russell carves for his own enjoyment and really enjoys carving stone masks because he likes the way they turn out once they are finished. Russell hopes to go into harder stone, such as granite and marble once he has the right tools to properlu carve harder stone. He enjoys reading magazines about native art and looks up to an artist from the United States, who is in one of the magazines that also does stone carving. Russell can’t remember what sparked his interest in stone carving. He started out looking for a hobby and liked the idea of rock and stone, so that led him to try his hand at carving stone. He doesn’t have any highlights so far, but looks forward to having some in the future 22 Title: Owl Mask Price: $1,200 Medium: Red cedar, abalone eyes, ermine skin tassels Dimensions: 12”x11”x5” Title: Untitled Price: $1,500 Medium: White Italian alabaster, horse hair Dimensions: 12”x9”x6” contact: 250-256-4933
  24. 24. Metis/Cree - Pat Bruderer Title: Jingle Dancers Price: $90, unframed Medium: Birch bark bitings Dimensions: 6”x3” Title: Morning Offering Price: $120, unframed Medium: Birch bark bitings Dimensions: 8” diameter Description: Water being brought into the teepee in the morning. Title: Partners Price: $150 Medium: Birch bark bitings Dimensions: 10”x5” Title: Four Races Price: $180 Medium: Birch Bark Bitings Dimensions: 8” diameter Description: Representing the four races of people. contact: Pat Bruderer whose Cree name means Half Moon, has been creating birch bark bitings for the past 14 years. “My interest was sparked from knowing that it was a northern Saskatchewan art form, that’s where my mother’s roots are from,” said Pat. “Also knowing that it was becoming a lost art, inspired me.” Pat would eventually like to create a book about birch bark bitings and do workshops for youth and children. She would also like to do some shows that are unique and different and have her work in galleries. Some of Pat’s favourite memories are from when she would go into the bush with her children from the time when they were small. They would go and offer the tobacco and collect her bark. She enjoys the bitings because it frees up her mind from everything. It’s healing and it stops her from thinking of anything else. “I go through roughly twelve stages before a piece is finished,” said Pat. “It’s more than just biting, there are a lot of stages that you need to do. It’s a lot of clear thinking and having a clear mind.” 23
  25. 25. Doris Bamford - Secwepemc Title: Hair ties Price: Contact artist Medium: Buck skin and beading Dimensions: Approx. 3” across Description: Hair ties come in various colours and designs. Title: Bear Paw Necklace Price: Contact artist Medium: Buck skin and beading Dimensions: 2”x3” Description: Bear paws come in various colours and have mirrors or stones in the centre. Doris Bamford has come full circle. Taking the lessons that she has learned through the years from her elders, she is now in a position to share her knowledge. “I was taught by my elders, family and friends, like Amy Stonechild.” said Doris.“It helped me learn about my culture. Working under the name Qwe Pau, she beads necklaces, earrings, head bands, crowns, lighters and much more. “I’ve always enjoyed beading and the challenges that come with it.” Besides beading, Doris also sews powwow regalia for boys and girls. “A special moment for me is when the young dancers try on the outfits and show me how they dance.” Doris said that she hopes her works inspires others to connect or reconnect with their culture. “I pray to the Creator to help me in all that I do. I always work with a clean and positive mind.” Doris’ work is often on displays at Aboriginal conferences, craft sales and powwows. 24 Title: Headbands Price: Contact artist Medium: Buck skin and beading Description: Beaded headbands come in various colours and styles. Title: Jingle Dress Price: Contact artists Dimensions: Made to order Description: Contact artist for more information about regalia contact: 250-314-9820
  26. 26. Sharon Antoine Title: Beaded Humming Birds Price: Contact artist Medium: Hex beads Dimensions: Contact artist Title: Beaded Turtles Price: Contact artist Medium: Hex beads Dimensions: Contact artist Title: Buckskin Moccasins Price: Contact artist Medium: Deer hide Dimensions: Contact artist contact: 250-378-5353 or 250-315-5910 Sharon LM Antoine has been creating her artwork for 30 years. “It started for me after watching the elders tanning hides,” said Sharon. “I’m self taught. I enjoy the creative process.” Creating beautiful beaded hummingbirds, turtles and moccasins, Sharon uses hex beads and buck skin, tanned in the traditional way. Drawing inspiration from within, Sharon said the colours and images come from her subconscious. For Sharon, Aboriginal art is important as a way to carry on tradition. “We can continue to learn and pass the teachings on for generations to come.” 25
  27. 27. Alisa Nielsen - Gitxsan Carrier Title: Spirit Bird - Bark Plate Price: $200 Medium: Kiln cast art glass Dimensions: 9”x6.5”x1/4” Description: This design is based on a bird that visits the artist at her home. Using copper inlays to create her design detail and colours are created using colours of powdered glass sifted throughout. Title: Copper Butterfly Price: Contact artist Medium: Kiln cast art glass Dimensions: 10”x9” Description: From the Fossil Series, this design was inspired by a photograph of a butterfly the artist encountered during a journey to Nisga’a territory. Alisa Nielsen has always enjoyed art and design. “When a change in career paths happened, I went back into creating art in order to fulfill my desire to be creative. In doing so, I found a creative outlet that has reunited me with my ancestors.” With a combination of being self taught and attending numerous hands-on workshops with clay and kiln cast glass mediums, Alisa is producing some exciting designs. “Many design inspirations come to me while I’m travelling. Sometimes they’re creatures I design. Other ideas come to me in the form of dreams.” Creating kiln cast glass art and Raku pottery, Alisa has been recognized as a glass artist by being accepted into the Pilchuck School of Glass, the Glass Art Association of Canada and the B.C. Glass Arts Association. Her work is available for purchase at the Little Bear Gift Shop in Chase, B.C., the Lattimer Gallery in Vancouver and the New Small Sterling Glass Studio on Granville Island in Vancouver. Primarily focusing on glass work now, Alisa uses both standard techniques as well as her own creative standards. 26 Title: Ode to Bentbox Price: $525 Medium: Kiln cast art glass Dimensions: 15”x15”x3” Description: Representing the artist’s spirit world and her circle of life. The wolf (her clan) being visited by various birds (spirits) at different times in life to bring inspirational messages. Title: Eagle Canoe Bowl Price: $325 Medium: Kiln cast art glass. Dimensions: 13.5”x 8”x 2.5” Description: During a visit to Haida Gwaii, Alisa noticed that a particular eagle was following her. After days of trying to capture a photo of the eagle, Alisa was successful and this design was born. contact: 250-494-0783
  28. 28. Secwepemc - Louise Alphonse Title: Fancy dancer set Price: One of a kind item, contact artist for info on pricing for similar items. Description: A completed girls fancy dance set including (from top to bottom) barrette, earrings, headband, hair ties, choker with droplet, moccasin tops and yoke. Title: Baby moccasins Price: Moccasins for babies, youth an adults are available to order. Contact artist for information on pricing. Medium: Deer hide and beads. Title: Girls fancy dance bead work Price: One of a kind item, contact artist for info on pricing for similar items. Description: This girls fancy dance set consists of a barrette, earrings, headpiece, side hair ties and choker with droplet. Title: Bear paw Price: One of a kind item, contact artist for info on pricing for similar items. Description: Contact artist for more information. Contact info: 250-574-8002 Louise Alphonse is always challenging herself. “I took my daughter to a pow-wow in Edmonton and she looked ‘underdressed,” said Louise. “I wanted her to look good!” Beading for about 20 years, Louise has built a name for herself in the beading community. Through her company, XweXwne Creations in Kamloops, she creates bead work, regalia, moccasins and pouches, Louise’s creations are in high demand. “I don’t use looms, I do all of my beading freehand. Every design is one of a kind and I will never reproduce it for another client,” said Louise. “My ideas come from within, they are not drawn on paper, I can see the colours and the design.” Drawing inspiration from observing the pride displayed by dancers at pow-wows, Louise believes in working with a positive attitude, reinforced by her belief in a drug and alcohol free lifestyle. Of all her creations, which one is her favourite? “I just completed a set for my daughter, who is now a champion dancer (photo top left,) a fully beaded fancy dance set.” Check out Louise’s work on Facebook by searching for BC’s Best Beaders. 27
  29. 29. Lee Claremont - Grand River Six Nations Title: Sisters of the Sun Price: Contact artist Medium: Acrylic on canvas Description: Brother sun gives us warmth. Title: Rhythm of the Woodland People Price: $3500 Medium: Acrylic on canvas Dimensions: 30”x40” Description: Color speaks to me in an intimate language. We become one in the telling of our story. This painting is a reflection of that. After a lifetime of creating art, Lee Clare- mont still felt she had something to learn. “During my 40s I decided to go back to University,” said Lee. “I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) at UBC.” Growing up, Lee was deeply involved in the performing arts but feels that her first love is painting. Lee’s preferred medium is acrylic paint, due to its versatility. Ideas for Lee’s work come from within and while the subjects of her paintings may vary, there is one constant. “I love colour,” said Lee. “I believe it brings joy and healing.” Winning numerous awards, such as the Okangan College Distinguished Alumni Award, Aboriginal Arts Development Award, Presidents Choice Award from Okangan University College and an “Angel Award,” for having the largest individual contribution in the creative arts in the Okanagan. Lee’s greatest accomplishment? “Recently I had a piece of my art in an exhibition of international artists in New York City.” She is also interested in print making and has a growing interest in learning how to carve. 28 Title: Five Generations Price: $4,050 Medium: Acrylic on canvas Dimensions: 36’x36’ Description: Ancestry plays a large part of who we are. It is important to honour our ancestors. The Mohawk people are matrilinear and Lee honours all the grandmothers and future grandmothers. Title: Fancy Dancer Price: $3,230 Medium: Acrylic on canvas Description: This painting is inspired by the pow-wow and pow wow dancers. Lots of colour, lots of energy, lots of movement, lots of swirling, lots of beautiful brothers and sisters, lots of drums, lots of food and a whole lots of FUN. contact: 250-769-3283
  30. 30. Nelson R. Leon Title: Cedar Paddles Price: $20-$200 (higher if art work is carved.) Medium: Cedar Dimensions: Hand paddles to full size. Description: Basic hand paddles to use to clap together up to full sized paddles to move a canoe. Title: Hand Drum and Pow Wow Drum Price: $120-$800 Medium: Cedar and hide Dimensions: Various sizes available Description: Natural colour elk hide with two-tone lace and weaved handle. Title: Untitled Description: Contact artist for more information about this piece. Title: Cedar headband Price: $50-$100 Medium: Cedar, fabric base and feather. Dimensions: One size fits all Description: 5,7,9,11,13 strand weave with fabric base and feather work. contact: 604-793-3674 Learning his craft by watching his family, Nelson R Leon has been creating his own work for half of his life and intends to do so until he passes into the spirit world. “I grew up watching and helping my family,” he said. “It’s like second nature, like breathing.” Making drums, paddles and cedar weaving and other types of art, Nelson feels the desire to share his knowledge with others. Utilizing red and yellow cedar and hides from moose, elk and deer, Nelson’s ideas come from his dreams. “If I dream an idea, I have to make it right away.” Nelson describes himself as an “all around Native man,” who enjoy sings, attends powows and is great with his hands. Nelson feels that Aboriginal art is important because it displays who we are as a people and helps us tell our story. “It’s something to be proud of,” he said. “It gives us teachable moments that no one can take away from us.” 29
  31. 31. Dora Casper - Secwepemc Title: Beaded Bracelet Price: Contact artist Description: Bracelets come in various colours and styles. Title: Beaded Earrings Price: Contact artist Description: Earrings come in various colours and styles. Dora Casper is a bead artist from the Bonaparte reserve. “My late sister Eleanor Casper taught me how to work with beads,” said Dora. “She was and still is my mentor.” Aside from beading, Dora also creates pineneedle baskets, moccasins, medicine pouches and dream catchers made from red willow. Dora’s distinctive style is her use of fire colours (red, orange, yellow, white) and other bright vibrant colours. “I like to mix complimentary and contrasting colours,” she said. Dora works closely with her siblings and children and promotes their artwork through her company Casper’s Creations. Dora is often found selling her wares at pow-wows and local art shows and the photos of her work are just a sample of the wide variety of creations she makes. 30 Title: Beaded Barrettes Price: Contact artist Description: Barrettes come in various colours and styles. Title: Beaded Necklace Price: Contact artist Description: Necklaces come in various styles and colours. contact: 250-376-1736
  32. 32. Cree - Gail Kreiser Title: Full Rising of Generations Price: Contact artist Medium: Ponderosa pine and jade from Lillooet. Dimensions: 4”h Title: Regalia Pouch Price: $75 Medium: Deer hide, rabbit fur, beads and shell button. Dimensions: 5”x 14” For nine years Gail Kreiser (Leech) has been creating her art work. “I became interested in creating art through spirit,” said Gail. “My travels and experiences played a role.” Her traditional name is Red Humming Bird and she creates carvings, bead work, regalia, pine needle weavings, drums and works with buck skin. With a combination of self teaching and learning from those she has met along her journey, she is still just “coming out”, as an artist. “I have not shown much of my work,” she said. Citing her Cree ancestors and her husband Mike Leech as influences on her work, she feels a strong spiritual connection to each of her creations. “It’s my service to the Creator for humanity. It will tell a story, even when I go into the next world.” One of her greatest accomplishments, so far, as an artist has it’s roots in a spiritual moment Gail experienced after fasting on Medicine Mountain. “I completed a nine-pointed sacred star blanket,” she said. “It is an evolvement of the eight point and is meant to be a teaching blanket.” Title: Red Humming Bird Price: Contact artist Medium: Ponderosa Pine, paints Title: Assorted Pine Needle Accessories Price: Various, contact artist Medium: Pine needle, beads contact: 250-256-4991 31
  33. 33. Vance Theoret - Metis/Mohawk/Innu Title: “Hey It’s Stormin’ Norman” Price: $900 Medium: Soapstone Dimensions: 10”l x 6”h Description: The body is made from Brazilian soapstone, B.C. garnets (eyes) and chlorite (nose.) Title: Some Kinda Obtuse Moose Price: $1,500 Medium: Soapstone Dimensions: 11”l x 8”h Description: The moose is made of Brazilian soapstone, B.C. garnet (eyes) and red cedar (antlers.) Vance Theoret discovers the art within the stone in the same way we would discover shapes in the clouds. “I’m trying to put into words something the is very intangible and difficult to explain,” said Vance. “This connecting is what I call ‘talking with the stone,’ or having it tell me what it wants to be!” Working with soapstone, alabaster, chlorite and bronze, Vance has worked on his stone carving abilities for nearly 25 years. “I was always interested in different forms of art,” said Vance. “[I] was so impressed when I saw a carver that I had to try it. I am self-taught.” Vance feels that Aboriginal artwork is important because of the way it connects our past to the present and survives into the future. “It is one of the most important vehicles in the evolution of our culture,” said Vance. Working out of his studio in 100 Mile House, Vance’s work is on display at the Stone Bear Gallery. Vance is a member of The Western Light Artist Group, a group of artists who work together to market their work. 32 Title: When The Stars Come Out Price: $1,000 Medium: Soapstone Dimensions: 6”l x 9”h Description: The bear is made of Brazilian soapstone, garnets and chlorite. Title: High Plains Drifter Price: $700 Medium: Soapstone Dimensions: 8”l x 5”h Description: The bison is made of Brazilian soapstone and garnet with horns made of moose antler. contact: 250-395-5295
  34. 34. Okanagan - Linda Anderson Title: Flicker Dance Price: $3000 Medium: Acrylic on canvas Dimensions: 36” x 48” Description: Abstract expression of Northern Flicker Dancing Title: Wind Dancer Price: Given as Gift Medium: Acrylic on canvas Dimensions: 36”x24” Description: Swallowtail Butterfly with pictographs in wing design. Title: Veteran Price: Sold for $400 Medium: Acrylic on feather Dimensions: 11”x14” framed Description: Close-up of hand painted feather Title: Raven Pony Price: Sold for $400 Medium: Acrylic on feather Dimensions: 11”x14” framed Description: Close-up of hand painted feather contact: Linda Anderson has been painting for over 10 years. Her medium is acrylic painted on objects such as stones, skulls, drums, canvas and feathers. Painting on feathers is her specialty. “I’ve always loved to draw, paint and create since I was a kid,” said Linda. “I didn’t really devote myself to it until after my three children grew up.” Self-taught, her patience and attention to detail are evident in the beautiful images she creates on nature’s delicate canvas. Items such as beads, shells, horse hair, rabbit fur, antler, and small decorative feathers are used to compliment and finish unique one of a kind art pieces. Unlike many paintings, which are best viewed from a distance, these intricate pieces are best viewed up close and personal. Many people viewing her artwork for the first time compliment the detailed artwork, then exclaim in surprise upon seeing the feather. In 2008 one of Linda’s painted feathers was presented by Chief Clarence Louie as a gift to Her Excellency the Right Honourable Michaëlle Jean, Governor General of Canada. Linda’s unique creations are owned by collector’s throughout Canada, the United States and overseas. 33
  35. 35. Willard Wallace - St’at’imc Title: Eagle Hair Clip Price: $30 Medium: Deer hide, beads Dimensions: Approx 3” x 4” Title: Eagle Feather Price: $15 Medium: Feather, beads, deer hide Willard Wallace likes to challenge himself. After attending pow-wows and being exposed to Aboriginal culture, his own perspective towards art changed and he began to bead. “Aboriginal art is so important,” said Willard. “It teaches our children and others about the past, where we came from.” Using beads, feathers, deer hide and other materials, Willard makes necklaces, hair clips, crowns, earrings, bracelets, dream catchers and more. One of Willard’s proudest moments as an artist was when he was first asked to bead something for another person. “It felt very good to finish a piece for someone.” Title: Lady Bugs Price: $40 Medium: Buckskin, beads Dimensions: 2” x 4” Description: Hair clip Title: Bear Claw Necklace Price: $45 Description: Four corners combined with a bear claw. 34 contact: 250-378-6866
  36. 36. Ojibway - Dan Daulby Title: Caribou (red) Price: $225-$425 (depending on size ordered.) Medium: Limited edition digital print on 100% rag paper Dimensions: Contact artist for sizing info. Description: This image is from a series of graphic prints of Canadian animals and marine life. Title: The Hunt Price: $650 Medium: Acrylic on Canvas Dimensions: 24”x24” Description: This image is of a hunting party protected and guided by the hunting spirit. As a very young child Dan Daulby’s mother would draw cartoons as a way to entertain him. “I was fascinated,” said Dan. “I began to draw at age four and have never stopped.” A self taught artist, Dan has been creating his works for over 50 years and considers his work to be of the post-modern discipline. “My ideas come mostly from my imagination. I favour images depicting conflict, humour and/or spiritual overtones.” Using oil paints, water colours, pencil, ink, clay, stone and digital rendering, Dan sometimes creates mixed media work. For Dan, Aboriginal artwork is important because it creates images that reflect and perpetuate the cultural diversity and spiritual beliefs of early North American Aborginal societies, thus contributing to modern Western cultural identity. “It connects us to our spiritual, social, economic and political roots,” he said. After numerous solo and group exhibits under his belt, Dan’s greatest accomplishment as an artist is achieving the goal he set for himself in 1986. “I set out on a journey to develop a style uniquely my own. In 1991, after years of struggle, I realized that I had.” Title: White Stag Price: $200-$465 (depending on size ordered.) Medium: Limited edition digital print on 100 per cent rag paper Dimensions: Contact artist for sizing info. Description: This image is from a series of graphic prints of Canadian animals and marine life. Title: Wind Spirit Price: $580 Medium: Acrylic on canvas Dimensions: 16”x20” Description: This image came to the artist in a dream contact: 604-520-0750 35
  37. 37. Hubert Billy - Nlaka’pamux Title: Wolf Pack I Price: Contact artist Medium: Pencil crayon and ink Dimensions: 11”x17” Since he was eight years old Hubert Billy has had an interest in art. “My first drawing hung on my aunt Bunnie’s fridge,” said Hubert. Growing up in Spences Bridge, as part of a large family, Hubert’s interest in art led him to take further art classes in high school. Some of his earliest art sales came from his sketchbook. “I am mostly self-taught and my style has been referred to as modern native art,” said Hubert. “Largely pencil crayon drawings with some acrylic on canvas paintings.” Over the past few years, Hubert has expanded his portfolio to include colourful drawings, tattoo designs, family crests and business logos. Hubert takes great pride in his Aboriginal heritage and likes to incorporate some Aboriginal education in his work. “Some of my work focuses on the great chiefs of the Northwest such as Sitting Bull and Geronimo,” said Hubert. Creating colourful images remains Hubert’s passion and he plans to continue doings so. He thanks his family and friends for their continuing support in his life. 36 Title: Untitled Price: Contact artist Medium: Pencil Dimensions: 11”x17” Title: Untitled Price: Contact artist Medium: Acrylic Dimensions: 11”x17” Title: Sitting Bull Price: Contact artist Medium: Acrylic Dimensions: 11”x17” contact: 250-455-2555 or 778-254-0104
  38. 38. Secwepemc -Travis Saul Title: Red Cedar Mask Price: Contact artist Medium: Cedar and horsehair Dimensions: 7”h x 5”w Title: Eagle Jewelry Case Price: Contact artist Medium: Yellow cedar Dimensions: 12”l x 5 .5”w x 6 1/2”h Watching older carvers is what sparked Travis Saul’s interest in art. “I learned by watching and wasn’t afraid to ask for help from coastal carvers,” said Travis. “It started as a hobby.” Using cedar (red and yellow) and black walnut for his creations, Travis’ ideas for his carving depend on what he’s making. “Each piece will have a different meaning. It depends.” Making his first cedar box in 2003, Travis initially gave his work away. In 2006, that changed. “It was a great moment for me, I made my first big sale.” Travis pays great attention to the detail in his carving and wants to ensure that the client is satisfied with what they order. He encourages potential clients to ask lots of questions. “Aboriginal art is a way of communicating and each piece has a story to tell.” . Title: Medicine Box Price: Contact artist Medium: Yellow cedar, paint Dimensions: Contact artist for sizing info Title: Raven and Wolf Rattle Price: Contact artist Medium: Yellow cedar Dimensions: Approx 5” long contact: 250-574-2040 37
  39. 39. Shannon Kilroy - Nlaka’pamux Contact artist or visit her Facebook page for more information Contact artist or visit her Facebook page for more information Shannon Kilroy began sewing at a young age and continued her craft through her school years. Following her passion into a career as a fashion artist, Shannon began her business, Earthline Contemporary Fashions 18 years ago. “My designs are influenced by the People and natural beauty of the Nlaka’pamux Contact artist or visit her Facenation.Shannon designs traditional and book page for more information contemporary clothing and often mixes the two. She produces a unique ready-to-wear line of clothing and accessories. Her pieces are decorated with applique, embroidery, beads, air brushed paint, or natural elements like leather, feathers or painted with natural pigments. “I am inspired by colours and the landscape of my home territory,” she said. “I feel a connection to the flow of life in the Contact artist or visit her Facebeautiful mountain plateaus.” book page for more information Preferring to use natural fabrics to create her designs, Shannon will get a feel for the fabric, match colours and ‘see’ the outfit coming together in her mind. “The garment comes alive on my worktable. The pattern is like a puzzle I shape together, moulding the final piece.” Shannon has won many awards and her work is part of the permanent collection in the Museum of Civilization in Ottawa. Her work has been featured in national and contact: 250-378-3901 38 international fashion shows. (search Earthline Contemporary Fashions)
  40. 40. Secwepemc - Roxane McCallum Title: Salmon Price: $180 Medium: Sterling Silver Dimensions: 2.5”x1.25” Description: Hand carved on both sides. Title: Double Thunderbird Price: $80 (orders accepted) Medium: Sterling Silver Dimensions: 1”x1.5” Description: Engraved double thunderbird with a silver bail. Starting at age seven by putting pencil to paper, Roxane McCallum has spent most of her life having a great interest in art. “Creation of art and the quiet time by myself is what I loved,” said Roxane. “All your worries went out the door and you were one with the paper.” Since then Roxane has moved on to carving and has built long-term relationships with her teachers. “My metalwork teacher is Sweena, we have worked together for 13 years. I’ve worked with George Pennier, Tom Patterson and Peter Wayne Gong for about four years in woodwork.” Using cedar, silver, gold and copper, Roxane says that her ideas come from what she has been taught by her elders, her current teachers and by studying designs from the past and present. Her collaborations with other artisans have received prominent display. A House post she worked on stands outside the Mission Info Centre and a carving of a man welcomes guests to a B.C. Hydro building. Roxane has also taught basic engraving courses. Title: Owl Price $350.00 (orders accepted) Medium: Sterling Silver Dimensions: 1.5”x6” Description: Hand engraved womens bracelet in silver. Title : Speaker Mask Price: $400.00 (orders accepted) Medium: Red cedar and acrylic paint, horse hair Dimensions: 6”x9” Description: Hand carved speaker mask in red cedar. contact: 604-826-0095 39
  41. 41. Hilda Leon - Chehalis Title: Cedar Hat Price: $75-$100 Description: Hats come in different sizes. Title: Cedar Hat Price: $75-$100 Description: Hats come in different sizes. Since she was nine years-old Hilda Leon has been a weaver. Taught by her mother and grandmother she creates cedar hats and baskets. Collecting her own materials, she’s inspired by the world around her to create. She believes that Aboriginal artwork is important because of it’s usefulness in contemporary society. 40 Title: Cedar Cap Price: $25 contact: 604-796-8849
  42. 42. Tsawataineuk - Alfred Roberston Title: Raven Dancer Price: $2,200 Medium: Cedar Dimensions: 36”x 10” x 4” Title: Dzunuk’wa (Wild Woman Mask) Price: $1,500 Dimensions: 10” x 8” x 4” Description: A giant and fearsome figure twice the size of humans. From Northwest coast legend, she is a dark and hairy ogress with supernatural powers. Title: Raven Mask Price: $1,250 Dimensions: 6” x 6” x 19” contact: 250-591-5451 Alfred Robertson has been a carver for over 40 years. “I used to watch my father William Robertson carve masks and steam bentwood boxes,” said Alfred. “When I was 18, he bought me a knife and told me the first thing I needed to learn was how to sharpen it.” While mainly creating masks, Alfred still enjoys making talking sticks, bentwood boxes and totem poles. All of his creations are made strictly with red and yellow cedar. “My masks and carvings have gained worldwide respect,” said Alfred. “They have become sought after by galleries and tourists from around the world.” Alfred modeled his early works after Mungo Martin’s traditional, strong and powerful carving style, thus enabling him to build upon his own artistic integrity and success Alfred said that Aboriginal art is important because it is instrumental in preserving the history and carving traditions of his people. He has taught his daughter Sarah his skills and she is becoming an impressive artist in her own right. Alfred accepts commissions and private sales. His work is in high demand. 41
  43. 43. Laudawne Dunn - Nuxalk/Secwepemc Title: Fire and Water Price: $80 Dimensions: 5” across Description: Starting as an ode to traditional First Nations colour usage, the artist added blue to represent “that even fire needs to be on the cooler and softer side to exist.” Laudawne Dunn has been creating dream catchers since she was 14-years-old. “Artistic skill run in my family,” said Laudawne. “My mom is a painter and jewelry designer. I have sculptors and carvers in my family as well.” Learning how to make dream catchers from an elder, Laudawne makes dream catcher earrings, key chains, ornaments and necklaces. She enjoys experimenting with colour and enjoys how contrasting colours can sometimes turn out beautifully. “I’ve mixed numerous shades of green, pink, purple, blue and black in one dream catcher and it came together nicely,” she said. Using materials like glass beads, sinew, crystals, synthetic leather, feathers and semi precious stones, Laudawne pays careful attention to the detail in her work. As of June 21, 2012 she will have a kiosk in the Klahoweya Village in Stanley Park. 42 Title: The Neon Dream Price: $80 Dimensions: 5” across Description: This dream catcher was made after the artist became more confident in her craft. Title: Red Earth Price: $120 Dimensions: 6” across Description: This dream catcher is one of the artist’s favourite to share and make because the idea came from out of nowhere and it turned out beautifully. Title: Snowflake Price: $200 Dimensions: 12” across Description: The Snowflake dream catcher has a real crystal adorning the middle. It has a beautiful effect when the sunlight shimmers through the centre and when it spins. contact: 604-336-1429 or 778-384-1429
  44. 44. Loretta A. Williams Title: Cedar hat Price: Contact artist Dimensions: Various sizes Title: Cedar corsage Price: Contact artist Dimensions: Various sizes and colours After participating in an art program hosted by the Tsawwassen nation in 1990, Loretta A. Williams has been creating artwork. “I create woven baskets, corsages and bracelets,” said Loretta. “I have been making traditional cedar hats since 2004.” Using wool, pine needles and beads in her artwork, Loretta prefers to use cedar because she said it makes her feel grounded. “Working with cedar is healing for me,” she said. Having mentors from Musqueam, Squamish, Haida Gwaii, Heiltsuk and Nuu Chah Nulth, Loretta feels that her work is a combination of traditional and contemporary styles because of the various mediums she uses. She is now moving from the role of student to the that of teacher. She has taught classes in weaving to her people and to others and is passing on the tradition to her nieces. She thanks Tracy Williams of the Squamish nation for being a mentor and Alice Gus, the education director of her people for setting up the cedar hat-weaving classes in 2004. Title: Bears Price: Contact artist Dimensions: Various Title: Cedar bracelet Price: Contact artist Dimensions: various contact: 604-943-9883 43
  45. 45. Kim Stewart - Métis Title: Circle Price: $200 Medium: Chalk pastel on moose hide Dimensions: 10”x8” Description: Hair creates a lovely circle as it moves in the wind. The artist has drawn the movement of the wind and colours of the sun bouncing off black strands of hair. Kim Stewart has a deep desire to share her artistic perspective of the world. “I want to open dialogue about the past, present and future and creating art is a way in which I can do that,” she said. Creating at since she was a small child, Kim Stewart was originally taught drawing, painting and pottery by her mother and grandmother as well as hide tanning and bead work by elders in her area. Kim completed a Fine Arts degree at Grand MacEwan University and in 1991 began a career as a graphic designer and illustrator after earning her certificate and diploma. “It was 1999 when I returned to creating studio art,” said Kim. “I also began to work in traditional Métis art forms as well.” Kim’s work is a blending of traditional art techniques with contemporary styles. She experiments with different mediums and surfaces in creating her work. “I use pens, pencils, charcoal, pastels, hides, beeswax, beads, thread and acrylic paint,” she said. “I’ll use natural objects like antlers, moose hair and wire for my 3D work.”Kim has won numerous grants and scholarships for her work and in 2011 earned her Masters of Art Education from Simon Fraser University. She now teaches Fine Art and New Media at the postcontact: 778-415-2528 44 secondary level. Title: Holiday Price: $650 Medium: Digitally woven art blanket with bead work on surface Dimensions: 53”x79” Description: Exploring the history of blankets (used as form of currency which also carried disease,) the piece combines original family photos and drawing. Title: Move Price: $900 Medium: Acrylic on deer hide. Dimensions: 17.5”x25” Description: Movements recorded in acrylic paint as artist moved hide tanning tool across surface of hide. The remaining gestures, a record of aboriginal hide tanning activity create a beautiful dance. Title: Munificence Price: $650 Medium: Acrylic on canvas (framed in antique frame.) Dimensions: 14” x 20” Description: The Earth shows a great generosity by providing all we need, yet many people harvest without the slightest thanks or respect.
  46. 46. Ojibway - Paul Alexandre Title: Return of Spirit Archer Price: Contact artist Medium: Acrylic on canvas Dimensions: 16”x20” Title: Spirit Matter Price: Contact artist Medium: Acrylic on canvas Dimensions: 20”x24” Title: The Five Arrows Price: Contact artist Medium: Acrylic on canvas Dimensions: 20”x30” Title: Sun Born Icicle Price: Contact artist Medium: Acrylic on canvas Dimensions: 17”x20” contact: It was 2008 when Paul (Arrow) Alexandre discovered his love for creating art. His first painting was the form of a man stretching high into the sky, and for Arrow, the painting had an impact. “It was an exciting moment of wonder and bliss to realize that I had created something meaningful for me,” said Arrow. “It was a kind of magical experience.” Utilizing art to help reconnect with his spirit, Arrow continues creating work that he describes as “abstract, surreal with an inherent touch of Aboriginal influence.” Working with acrylic and oil paints, Arrow’s ideas take shape during the colour shifting and mixing process. “I try not to be in total control, as I feel more comfortable to allow the movement of the brush to flow freely,” he said. “I must have fun during the act of creating or I will not continue.” Arrow believes that each human being has the ability and (secret) desire to create, and to create something from nothing is an inherent expression of our surrounding and connection to nature. “We become the myth makers of the modern day, like our ancestors painting the cliffs of a river for all to see and wonder.” Arrow’s work has been on display in both public and private galleries and can be viewed on his website. 45
  47. 47. Richard Thorne Title: Wolf and Bear Description: Contact artist for more information about this piece. Title: Humming Bird Pack-Sack Description: Contact artist for more information about this piece. Richard Thorne is a member of the Co- wichan Band of Vancouver Island. Since the time he could hold a pencil, he has had an interest in art and does not place barriers for himself when it comes to a specific style. “Portraits, wildlife, seascapes or landscapes,” said Richard. Drawing inspiration from his extensive travels throughout B.C., Richard takes the opportunity to sketch all areas that he has visited. Initially self taught, Richard has completed a two-year study in fine arts and won awards and scholarships. Contact Richard for more information about his artwork as well as his wallets and pack-sacks. Title: Eagle Wallet Description: Contact artist for more information about this piece. Title: Wolf Totem Pole Description: Contact artist for information about this piece. 46 contact: 604-873-6417
  48. 48. Nlaka’pamux - John Firkins Title: Spirit Faced Buckle Price: Contact artist Medium: Woolly mammoth ivory and gold. Title: Earrings and Pendant Price: Contact artist Medium: Wolly mammoth ivory and gold. Title: Assorted Pendants Price: Contact artist Medium: Wolly mammoth ivory, gold and ammolite. Title: Bolo Tie Price: Contact artist Medium: Woolly mammoth ivory and ammolite. contact: 250-376-3147 John Firkins is a self-taught carver. For nearly 40 years he has been creating his work out of elk horn, turquoise, ammolite and woolly mammoth ivory. “I make belt buckles, pendants, earrings and bolo ties,” said John. “I try and use local supplies whenever possible.” John said that in creating his work, he doesn’t rely on drawings or photos as he can visualize the finished piece in his mind. “I’ll see it in the materials I’m using,” he said. John said that Aboriginal artwork is important as it’s a way to reach people. Carving is important for its calming qualities. A major accomplishment in John’s career as a carver was completing a woolly mammoth ivory belt buckle complete with gold from the Fraser river. “It was a long process,” he said. “It took me five years.” John works with other carvers that are willing to learn and offers constant encouragement. He said that everyone starts at the bottom when it comes to carving and you can only get better with practice. 47
  49. 49. Cheryl Rule Title: Hemp Necklace with Conch Shell. Price: $25 Description: Blue hemp necklace with wood beads. Conch shell from Mexico. Title: Orange Carnelian Agate Necklace and Earrings Price: $65 ($50 for necklace $15 for earrings.) Description: Orange glass beads with Carnelian agate stones with silver. Cheryl Rule has been beading for over 38 years. “I learned from my aunt, Sally Bob,” she said. “We made earrings and lighter cases.” Since the early days of beading, Cheryl has moved on to creating beautiful jewelry out of semi precious stones, shells, ivory beads, hemp, silver, bone, wood beads and bear claws. “I try to use natural materials,” she said. “I want the designs to be contemporary so it can be worn with modern style clothing.” Title: Choker Necklace with Trading Beads Price: $50 Description: Necklace with blue, purple and white wood beads, silver and royal blue trading beads. Title: Choker Necklace Price: $50 Description: Yellow, red and burgundy wood beads with silver. 48 contact: 250-315-3730
  50. 50. Donna Salo Title: Gloves Price: Contact artist Medium: Elk hide and custom beading. Title: Mitts Price: Contact artist Medium: Elk hide, rabbit fur, bead work, wool lined. Description: Mittens also feature gauntlet design. Donna Salo has been an artisan for 12 Title: Craddle Price: Contact artist Medium: Smoked deer hide, bead work on cedar board. Title: Mukluks Price: Contact artist Medium: Elk hide, rabbit fur, mutton cloth, bead work and lined with wool. contact: 250-573-7512 years. “I give great appreciation to my cousin Audrey Deroy,” said Donna. “She showed me how to make my first pair of moccasins.” Donna creates pine needle baskets, drums, moccasins, mittens, gloves, mukluks, hats, and beads extensively. She also enjoys painting and making cakes in the shape of Aboriginal masks. “Beading is my favourite,” she said. “I like working with the colours.” Donna said that her ideas come to her through dreams and credits the Creator. She loves working with moose, deer and elk and said that Aboriginal artwork is important because it defines who she is. “It tells me where I should be going in life,” she said. Donna has participated in the World Art Market at the Museum of Anthropology in Vancouver and takes pride in the feedback she received for her work. “They said my work was exquisite,” said Donna. Donna is available for custom orders and will work with her clients to ensure satisfaction. 49
  51. 51. Erin Casper - St’at’imc Title: Blue Patchwork Quilt Price: Contact artist Dimensions: King size bed Description: Made with assorted colours of batik fabric. Since she was a young girl Erin Casper has been a seamstress. “I started pow-wow dancing at the age of three,” said Erin. “I would watch my mom sew my outfits and eventually I wanted to learn how to make them.” For 15 years Erin has been making powwow regalia and in the past four years has taken up quilting. “I want to make regalia for anyone who wants to dance because I know how happy I felt dancing,” she said. “If I can make someone the perfect custom outfit to dance in, it gives me great satisfaction.” Erin said that her mother, Leona, has been a big influence on her life because of her work ethic and the encouragement she provides her. “For a few years I stopped making regalia and my mom and daughter Daisha encouraged me to start up again. My daughter loves to dance too.” Erin’s ideas come to her while she doodles and feels inspired by nature. “I like water, fire and butterflies for example,” she said. Erin said that it has taken her a lot of hard work to be the seamstress she is today. Each piece she completes is an accomplishment for her and she said she feels very proud to see her work on display at pow-wows. contact: 250-299-2786 50 Title: Girls Tinytot Jingle Dress Price: Contact artist Dimensions: Girls size five Description: A jingle dress the artist made for her daughter with a colourful star design named after artist’s daughter’s given name “Early Morning Star.” Title: Woman’s Purple Shawl Price: Contact artist Dimensions: Women size seven Description: Purple fancy shawl with pink trim. Title: Boys Junior Grass Dance Regalia Price: Contact artist Dimensions: Boys size 12 Description: Set includes pants, headband, cuff and breach cloths.
  52. 52. Leona McKay Title: Ceramic Canister Set Price: Set of four - $98 Set of three - $75 Cookie Jar - $25 Description: Complete sets are available in a variety of Aboriginal and animal decals. Contact artist for more detailed information. Title:Baby Moccasins Price: $45 custom Orders available Title:Beaded Medicine Pouch Price: $20 custom orders available Title: Beaded Hair Barrettes Price: $20 available in a variety of colors and sizes Title: Coffee Mug Price: $14 Personal photo’s can be placed on both sides of mug. Custom orders available. contact: 250-256-0255 fax 250-256-0245 Leona McKay is a 3rd generation Artisan/ Crafter. Leona’s maternal grandmother & mother were both very creative. Their patience and teaching methods made learning fun and interactive. Her grandmother made beautiful buckskin gloves adorned with exquisite beadwork and embroidery. Leona’s mother was a skilled seamstress who taught her how to sew at a young age. Leona is a successful entrepreneur and has a wide variety of crafts for sale. Leona’s business “Red Ground Creations” is comprised of silk-screening, custom embroidery, regalia making, buckskin, leather works, ceramics, pottery, T-shirt transfers, photo mugs, photo buttons, promotional advertising & gifts. Leona’s business is family-based. Her youngest daughter Erin (left) is the designer and artist and is an excellent seamstress. Her son Allen has worked alongside Leona since the inception of the business. Her grandson Elijah was 3 months old when the silk screen company started, he is now 19 and is one of the main silkscreen printers. Red Ground Creations is on Facebook and Elijah is developing the web site that will soon be launched. 51
  53. 53. Riley Charters Title: Cloud Teepee Price: $350 Medium: Oil on canvas Dimensions: 18”x24” Since she was a young child Riley Charters knew she wanted to be an artist. “I had a small wooden box that contained a pencil, eraser and scraps of paper,” said Riley. “I told my parents I was going to be an artist and my dad said, ‘You’re going to be a nurse!’” Riley kept asking for a painting and drawing kit and received one at the age of 14. Eventually earning a Fine Arts diploma from the Kootenay School of Art and credentials in graphic design, Riley creates diverse forms of art (acrylic and oil paintings, oil pastels, print making, digital photography and videography.) “I prefer oil painting,” she said. “I just appreciate the medium and how you have more time because of its slower drying period.” Inspired by impressionism and classical styles and forms of painting, Riley lists many influences on her work.“My instructors have played role models in my art,” she said. “Fellow artist Hugo Myny is an inspiration because he will ask ‘what have you painted today?’” Riley’s work has appeared in numerous exhibits and is featured in the Thompson Rivers University permanent collection. 52 Title: Degas Layout Price: $350 Medium: Oil on canvas Dimensions: 18”x24” Title: Healing Pools Price: $600 Medium: Oil on canvas Dimensions: 30”x40” Title: Spotted Lake Price: $600 Medium: Oil on canvas Dimensions: 30”x40” contact: 604-820-4606
  54. 54. Leq’a:mel - Sarah Oliver Title: Mother of Pearl (Necklace and Earrings) Price: $40 Description: Beaded with cutglass beads and use of synthetic porcupine quills. Matching medallions for necklace and earrings. Title: Tiger’s Eye Necklace Price: $35 Description: Double stone pendant with white cut-glass beads and tiger eye stone beads. Title: Hummingbird Barrette Price: $150 Description: Fully beaded with cut-glass beads and leather backing. contact: 250-819-4491 Sarah Oliver is a self taught jeweller and beader based out of Kamloops. “I started beading about 40 years ago,” she said. “I’ve been making jewelry for quite some time.” Using cut glass beads, shells, bone, semi precious stones and rhinestones, Sarah makes necklaces, barrettes and pow-wow regalia as well. Sarah said she feels that Aboriginal art is important because it shows the pride of Aboriginal beauty and the differences in culture. 53
  55. 55. Nicole Ramsay - Ojibwe Title: Mother Bear Corner Table Price: $300 Description: Mother bear looking over her young. Painted on round corner table. Title: Four Directions Hope Chest Price: Contact Artist Description: Hope chest with eagle and medicine wheel. Nicole Ramsay is a budding artist based out of Peachland. “I’ve recently started painting Aboriginal art,” she said. “It started as a hobby, but I’ve received such great feedback that I’m moving forward with it.” Inspired by her mother, Nicole creates her work as a way to learn more about her own culture and share it with others. “Aboriginal artwork is so interesting,” said Nicole. “The stories behind the artwork are amazing.” Nicole said that creating her artwork takes her to a meditative place. Painting helps her relax and she considers it her own form of spirituality. “I hope that people enjoy my work as much as I enjoy creating it.” Title: Painted Horse Skull Price: $450 Description: Contact artist for more information Title: Footsteps Price: $2000 Description: Oak table with four chairs (not pictured) depicting a young boy following an elder wolf. 54 contact:250-490-4700 cell 250-870-2068
  56. 56. Lori Davis Title: Cream Raven/Dragon Fly Evening Bag Price: $150 Dimensions: 8”h x 7”w Description: Cream Haida raven/ dragonfly on black leather with fur trim shoulder bag with velcro closure. Black nylon lining with inner patch pocket Title: Red Haida Frog Tote Price: $250 Dimensions: 14”w x 14”h x 5.5” d Description: Haida red frog on black fabric with black upholstery suede contrast bottom/straps/top trim tote. Black nylon lining with inner zipper pocket. Title: Haida Frog Tote Price: $250 Dimensions: 14”w x 15”l x 3”d Description: Haida frog (by James McGuire) on black wool with leather strap. Black nylon lining with inner patch pockets. Title: Haida Woman Shark Tote Price: $225 Dimensions: 17”w x 12”h x 4.5”d Description: Cream “Haida Woman Shark” on dark brown upholstery fabric with 100 per cent brown leather top 25” strap. contact: 604-899-0568 With the knowledge passed down to her by her great-grandmother and grandparents, as well as a desire to create stylish, practical and useful products, Lori Davis began Haida Princess Totes. “I use high-quality fabrics like cashmere, wool, leather and ultrasuede,” said Lori, a member of the Raven clan. “Haida art is hand cut and stitched to each tote.” Aside from tote bags, Lori also creates handbags, evening bags and messenger bags. “Haida people use only certain designs,” she said. “Our mythology and history still guide our cultural and artistic expression today.” Lori said that the Haida have a long history of creating beauty in functional goods such as bowls, spoons and robes. She wants to bring that same sense of fashion and functionality to her work. “My art is wearable,” she said. 55
  57. 57. Stephanie Archie-Abraham Title: Pow-wow Regalia Price: Contact artist Description: Contact artist for more information about their work. Title: Earrings Price: Contact artist Description: Colours and designs vary. Motivated by a desire to provide inexpen- sive pow-wow regalia for others, Stephanie Archie-Abraham has been creating her work for over seven years. “I have bought expensive regalia from others and had bad experiences,” said Stephanie. “I always wanted to create traditional pieces that others can wear without it costing too much.” Citing her own love of traditional dance, Stephanie said it’s good for people to get started in dancing because of its positive effects on the mind, body and soul. Using a variety of materials like beads, canvas, buckskin, needles, thread and various textiles, Stephanie works with clients to ensure that they are pleased with the item they order. “I try to envision what a piece will look like and then start to draw designs,” she said. 56 Title: Pow-wow Regalia Price: Contact artist Description: Contact artist for more information about their work. Title: Earrings Price: Contact artist Description: Colours and designs vary. contact: 250-378-9045
  58. 58. Ojibway - Mark Jacobson Title: Activity Price: $450 Medium: Acrylic on canvas Dimensions: 14”x18” Description: The painting represents unity through Mother Nature. All life is inter-connected and the birds represent the power of flight and harmony. Title: The Teaching Price: $450 Dimensions: 16”x20” Description: The celebration of the sacred teachings between mothers and their children. Title: Wolf Clan Teaching Price: $650 Medium: Acrylic on canvas Description: The power of the wolf clan and the inner freedom of living in harmony with the community as being represented by the eagle within the wolf. Title: Untitled Bird Price: $600 Medium: Acrylic on canvas Dimensions: 18”x18” Description: The grace of flight. contact: 778-839-7444 Mark Jacobson has been a painter of con- temporary woodland art for 26 years. “I liked to draw as a kid,” said Mark. “My grandmother and uncle Jimi encouraged me a lot.” During his artistic journey, Mark has had the honour of painting with legendary artist Roy Thomas and was the last living artist to exhibit with the Grand Shaman of the Ojibway, Norval Morrisseau in 2005. “Those were very proud moments for me,” he said. Creating with acrylic paints, inks, canvas and paper, Mark said that his ideas form within himself, the spirit world, teachings of his ancestors and most importantly the Creator. Aside from creating his own beautiful works of art, Mark is the first Aboriginal artist in Canadian history to launch a ‘catalogue raisonné’ as a way to protect the work of Aboriginal artists from forgery. “It’s important because it protects the legacy of an artist and guarantees iron clad ownership of the work,” said Mark. To learn more about Mark, his art, how to purchase it and the catalogue raisonné, visit his web site. 57
  59. 59. Amelia Washington Title: Star Quilt Price: Contact artist Description: Colours and designs vary. Title: Wing Dress Price: Contact artist Description: Colours vary “It is important to let people know we are talented, gifted and beautiful people,” said Amelia Washington. As an artisan based out of Merritt, Amelia creates beautiful star quilts, hand drum sticks, hand drum bags, traditional cradle boards and cradles. Her interest in creating came from a desire to give gifts to new mothers and their babies. “I wanted to acknowledge the newborns,” said Amelia. Taught by Karole O’brien, an Aboriginal support worker with Scw’exmx Community Health, Amelia uses textiles, feathers, buckskin, ribbons, cedar, red willow and traditional medicines in her work. Citing a natural born talent, Amelia feels great pride in completing each project and after viewing Amelia’s work, it’s easy to see that she has been successful in showing that Aboriginal people are talented, gifted and beautiful. 58 Title: Traditional Cradle Board Price: Contact artist Title: Star Quilt Price: Contact Artist Description: Colours and designs vary. contact: 250-378-4553
  60. 60. Secwepemc - Harold Thomas Title: Birch Basket Price: Contact Artist Medium: Birch, cedar root and saskatoon branch. Dimensions: Approx 5”x4”x6” Title: Birch Basket Price: Contact Artist Medium: Birch, cedar root and Saskatoon branch. Dimensions: Approx 4”x3”x5” Title: Pen Holder Price: Contact Artist Medium: Birch, cedar root and saskatoon branch. Dimensions: Approx. 3” Across x 5” Deep Title: Assorted Baskets Price: Varies Medium: Birch, cedar root and saskatoon branch. Dimensions: Varies contact: 250-253-8770 Since he was a teenager Harold has been creating his birch bark baskets. Taught by his mother, Harold enjoys making baskets as it’s a way for him to keep in touch with his Aboriginal culture. “I do it as a hobby,” said Harold Thomas. “I started as part of a group of weavers.” “It’s the identity of the people,” he said. “We get to show respect for Mother Nature. It feels good to practice my culture.” Utilizing cedar root, birch bark and Saskatoon branches, Harold makes baskets in various sizes to suit all needs. “I make pen holders, baskets and baby cradles both doll and live sized,” he said. Harold takes the time to collect his own supplies each season. “The baskets have to be made just right,” said Harold. Harold said that he believed in the importance of passing on traditions from one generation to the next, as it was in his life. He said he hoped that more young people would learn the craft. 59
  61. 61. Mark MiLan - Métis Title: MiLan Metis Sun Bag Price: See bottom of page Medium: Sash created on 74” hand loom. 50% acrylic, 50% polyester with gold button and acetate liner. Dimensions: 12”X10” Description: “MiLan Metis Sun Bag’ honours the sun. Mark MiLan is on a mission. Seeing a void Title: MiLan Metis Arrow Sash Price: See bottom of page Medium: Sash created on 74” hand loom. 50% acrylic 50% polyester Dimensions: 6’x10’ long tassel to tassel Description: Honours Metis history in the Canadian artistic market place, he has made it a goal to increase the awareness and exposure of Métis culture and fashion. “It is disturbing to me that Métis culture has gone without proper recognition,” said Mark. “An accomplishment that has made me very proud has been to evolve the CanaTitle: Mark MiLan assemblage art dian Métis sash into fashions which reflect Price: Contact artist general attributes of our culture.” Medium: shells, granite, water Aside from creating beautiful works out pump, concrete, fire, water, oil of Métis sash, Mark also has a large collecpaint, human hair, animal parts, tion of assemblage art (2D and 3D art that is driftwood, construction framing created using found or recycled objects.) wood, metal wheels, Métis ar“I have 16 assemblage artworks that berow sash from the loom, and also gan their journey eight years ago. Mediums finger weave Métis sash. carved by nature and harvested along the shores of Stanley Park or in the mountains alongside the Sea to Sky highway.” Title: TWO – Honors Reflections Mark has invested 10,000 hours into his Price: Contact artist assemblage artwork and they are a sight to Medium: naturally crushed be seen. Mark said he felt Aboriginal artshells, mirror, finger weave sash work is important because it not only allows ends, concrete Aboriginals to empower themselves and live Dimensions: 44”x 32” a better life, but also to build connections Description: Once all the 8 between different cultures. candles are lit with the 16 fires Mark would like to honour his father for reflecting you can see yourself in his long term support and commitment to the evening like never before. his artwork creation. To learn more about Mark’s artistic journey and his company MiLan Art LTD, visit contact: 60 his web site. purchase info: