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  1. 1. Protecting the vulnerable :Providing social welfare to informal sector workers. 92 % part of the total GDP is of the workers from informer sector.  Near about 67% part of Delhi's and 68% part of Mumbai’s employment is by these workers but still there social status is not good. They are far away from social security good economic condition and health. Hence poverty is increasing here. Un-unitedness, big illiteracy and social inequality are the reasons of problems of this community. Hence part of this community in every day's working is main cause to give them social security.  This literature is to bring them in stable economic flow. Fisherman, house maids, workers in farm, workers of brick Furnace, vegetable sellers, project affected people, sweepers, waiters in hotel etc are workers of informer sector
  2. 2. The schemes that should be implemented.. Workers from brick furnace industry, workers of farm, make transition from one village to another. Hence state government should start ASHRAM SCHOOL at each district for children of these workers in age of 6 to 14.  As they don’t have a permanent address they should be given the RATION CARD naming “CHALA”(moving). This will help them to take benefit of food security. Where they will stay in any village, according to population of that area.  The moving toilets and bathrooms should be provided. Temporary supply of pure water through tankers should be make available to them.
  3. 3. Work that can be done…….. In cities like Mumbai there is big population of illegal peoples from Bangladesh.  Due to this there is heavy load on the public resources of this area. There is also decrease in the employment of local peoples. Hence the strict legal action should be taken against these outside peoples residing illegally. Though work of prostitutes is illegal, but children of these ladies have the right to leave safe social life. Hence for the help of these children with humanity, the rehabilitation homes named as “PUNARUTTHAN”(redevelopment) should be build by the government, in which all care of the children of age 6 to 14 should be taken like eating, education, morality etc..  And the children who are HIV+ should be send to the government health care camps for their betterment.
  4. 4. About the vegetable sellers, and rehabilitates…… As the FDI get permission in India, it may affect local small scale vegetable sellers in the cities. Hence it should be made mandatory to all these malls to buy at least 50% vegetables, dairy products, etc. from these local sellers.  Today many of the vegetable sellers sells their vegetables on road side in ugly conditions. Hence issue of hygiene is generated. Hence government should build the “SABJI SANKULS”(Vegetable court)and they should be allocate them by lottery method . A special people force on contract basis should be allotted there to maintain cleanliness. According to the customer feedback basis the decision of changing these force should be taken. Today in the country many peoples want to get rehabilitate due to dams, railways, airports etc. Project.  Hence these rehabilitate people should be employed under NREGA scheme in above projects. Also these peoples should get subsidized homes in the projects like MHADA, JNNURM, etc..
  5. 5. For BIDI workers saltpan workers etc…… The tradition of transporting human waste on the head should be eradicates completely.  The responsibility of building of toilets in the villages according to the population should be assign to the “Pnchayat Raj” system. If it doesn't perform well then the subsidy getting to Panchayat should stop. The legs of the people working in saltpan in Kutch ,Gujrath, become so hard that they can't burn if the man dies. Same situation is there of the workers in the mines. There eyes, breathing system get affected due to dust and gases of the mine.  Hence the security equipment must be given to the worker by the contracted company or government. The condition of the tea leaves plucking workers in Kerala, North east states is also bad. There is no awareness about their rights and government scheme. Hence a proper system should be made to communicate with these workers and to solve there problems. There are many ladies work for making “BIDIES”(cigarette) in Maharashtra. But they don't get appropriate salary.
  6. 6. The tribal people get forest products from various forests and they sell it in villages.  But many times due to illiteracy they get exploited by wholesalers.  Hence government should start the camp under Ministry of Tribal to collect their products and directly selling it to the customers. For the empowerment of ladies in such fields The projects like “BACHAT GAT”(saving scheme) should be start so that by their small saving they can complete there dreams. There should not be any inequality in the salary status of males and females. Both should be awarded with same salary.
  7. 7. The implementation of the schemes.. The facility mentioned here of “CHAL” type ration card should contain barcode. This will help to get the various subsidies from government and to take benefit of food security in anywhere in India.  The minimum salary act should be applicable to all the workers of informal sector whose definition is given in the act of government. In every village some part of expenditure of building toilets can be done by state and central government. Meanwhile the NGOS from that district, big companies of district can sponsor such toilets, pure drinking water system on village level. In the slum areas of urban cities toilet construction can be done by BOT (Build Operate Transfer)system.
  8. 8. The subsidized homes which we want to give the project affected peoples can be given under Indira Awas Yojana.  Due to the proper action taken on Bangladeshi migrates the load on local resources will decrease and proper justice we can give to the real needy.  The provision of Ashram schools for children of workers can be made under Social Justice Department of state government.  These all schemes stated earlier are not expensive. Most of the solutions given here are based on the present schemes of Central government or state government.
  9. 9. The formation of regulating body…. For the smooth working of all these schemes and solutions, “The Informal worker commission” must be made at each district level, chaired by an IAS officer, in affiliation with Ministry of Labor. The reaching of all schemes to the bottom level people and there problem solving must be done by this commission. A rescinding deputy collector should be given to help this commission because he knows the status of the district and facts.
  10. 10. Hurdles, challenge….. As in our daily routine we see the working of these peoples, we really want to make their life easy. Hence while implementing all these solutions and schemes there will be no any hurdle from society. These schemes will sustain till the society ends. As we are giving the right of secured social, economic, life to the peoples like children of prostitutes, vegetable sellers, farming worker etc.. This will definitely help to increase the social status of these peoples which will lead to increase the social status of the country.