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  1. 1. Walk to equality : Ensuring safety and empowerment of women Empowerment of women is essentially the process of upliftment of economic, social and political status of women, the traditionally underprivileged ones, in the society. It involves the building up of a society wherein in women can breathe without the fear of oppression, exploitation, apprehension, discrimination and the general feeling of persecution which goes with being a woman in a traditionally male dominated structure, this assures the safety of women. One major therapy prescribed by woman empowerment advocates is empowering women through legislation for ensuring participation in political decision making. Why is there still a Need For Women Empowerment ?
  2. 2. The fact remains that we still witness dowry deaths, domestic violence and exploitation of women. The male female ratio though improved over last few years is still far from satisfactory. It is 940 women per 1000 men for India in some states it is as much lower as 877. These are the states where female feticide is maximum. The female literacy rate is also lower than the male literacy rate. The ground reality is deprivation, degration and exploitation of women specially women from rural areas and those belonging to deprived sectors of the society. GENDER EQUALITY The empowerment of women is located within the discourse and agenda of gender equality and is increasingly being taken in the agendas of international development organizations, perhaps more as a means to achieve gender equality than as an end in itself. Gender equality is, first and foremost, a human right. A woman is entitled to live in dignity and in freedom from want and from fear. Empowering women is also an indispensable tool for advancing development and reducing poverty. Empowered women contribute to health and productivity of whole families and communities and to improved prospects for the next generation. The importance of gender quality is underscored by its inclusion as one of the eight Millennium Development Goals. Gender equality is acknowledged as being a key to achieving the other seven goals.
  3. 3. The roles that men and women play in society are not biologically determined -- they are socially determined, changing and changeable EDUCATIONAL INEQUALITIES •POLITICAL INEQUALITIES • About two thirds of the illiterate adults in the world are female , which is to be decreased. • Encouragement of education in the field of their interest& awareness of importance of education for welfare of girl child . • Adult education not to be considered as shame instead a privilege for future well being •Social and legal institutions should guarantee women equality in basic legal and human rights • The equality should be in such extent that it should not have any more reservations for any kind of elections ,Women should participate in par with men • . Laws against domestic violence should be enforced on behalf of women.
  4. 4. ECONOMICAL INEQUALITIES RURAL INEQUALITIES • Women not knowing education ethics, more women than men live in poverty • Even property of a family which should be equally inherited by men & women . • Economic disparities persist partly because much of the unpaid work within families and communities falls on the shoulders of women and because they face discrimination in the economic sphere, this even should be avoided • Early marriages for girl child should be stopped and proceed them further with their education • Birth of girl child should no more be considered as a bad omen •Free education to be provided for the girl child to persuade for higher studies. • . Higher levels of women's education are strongly associated with both lower infant mortality and lower fertility, as well as with higher levels of education and economic opportunity for their children.
  5. 5. MEASURES FOR SAFETY OF WOMEN Year 1972 1975 1980 1985 1990 1995 2000 2003 2007 2010 No. of abortio ns reporte d for girl child 24300 214197 388405 583704 581215 570914 725149 763126 641786 620472 Abortion of girl child From the below statics it is observed that the abortion rates of a girl child are increasing in the consecutive years to a large number. Giving or taking prenatal tests, including ultrasound scanning, solely to determine the sex of the foetus was criminalized by Indian law in 1994. From observing the prevailing conditions this law has the necessity to be made more strict. Some of the reasons which make women feel unsafe
  6. 6. Sexual harassment o Sexual harassment on women day by day is going on increasing everywhere at workplace , at home , in public areas o There are certain measures that can effectively help in dealing with the issues of safety concern for women. These include- 1. Understanding The Root Cause Understanding the root cause refers to identifying the psychology behind raping Rapists have a destructive tendency which forces them to be violent with women. 2. Education Education is the powerful tool that can prevent the nurturing of such psychology. Mutual respect and sensitivity should be introduced and developed in children so that they do not grow up to be rapists or criminals.
  7. 7. 3. Public Awareness Public should be well aware and informed with the help of campaigns and movements that lead to emancipation of women. They should also be aware of the correct code of conduct while dealing with female members of the society. 4. Self Defense Training Incorporating self defense training in schools and colleges in the curriculum is an effective way to tackle with self defense skills of women. Though several workshops are conducted for this yet adding them to compulsory curriculum is more feasible. 5. Social Services Social services that work for creating awareness among people should be given support and help by government authorities as well as the public. These services are meant for public, so their contribution is must for giving meaning to the services.
  8. 8. 6. Medical And Psychological Help Medical as well as psychological counseling to the victims of rape and sexual harassment is required to deal with the harmful effects of the crime. Keeping the victims fit and healthy both physically and mentally is the prime motive of these helps. 7. Strict Rules And Adherence To Law The provision of strict rules should be made in law so that the number of cases can be reduced before the happening of the crime. No compensation should be made in this regard. 8. Punishment Severe punishment to the culprits should be able to teach them a lesson along with threatening others who think of committing the same crime. Justification should be done to the victims. These measures are very important in dealing with safety concerns for women. These can prove to mark a major change if followed and given importance to.
  9. 9. WOMEN ATTITUDE MEN ATTITUDE REFORMS TO BE MADE Self confidence is the major attitudinal change needed to bring up an empowered woman. Self respect, self dependent matter the most for a woman to prove themselves equal to men.  Women themselves should never consider them lower to men And hence a democratic women of country are formed 
  10. 10. CONCLUSION