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  1. 1. TOPIC:- BOOSTING SKILL SET : INCREASING EMPLOYABILITY OF YOUTH Team Details Saurabh Ghedia MBA Tech Mechanical 3rd year Aniket Mulay MBA Tech Mechanical 3rd year Pulit Sharma MBA Tech Mechanical 3rd year Franco Jain MBA Tech IT 3rd year Sajal Malhotra MBA Tech Mechanical 3rd year An organizational Model to improve employability of Indian Graduates
  2. 2. PROBLEM 17.45 2.68 9.22 36.57 40.69 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 Employability of engineering graduates in various sectors Of the five million odd graduates that India produces annually, only a little over half are employable As many as 47 per cent graduates in India are not employable for any industry role. Nearly 36% of graduates are not considered worth of training. CAUSES Lack of Basic command of the Language Lack of technical skills Degree based education system Lack of cognitive skills Lack of analytic and quantitative skills 54% 46% Rejected Candidates Soft Skills untrainable Technically untrainable
  3. 3. Various features of an organization Interactive learning sessions to improve communication skills. Discussions on general topics to develop thinking ability. Lectures by executives, experts in the field. Interactions among students . Regular tests to examine progress of students. Various Events- Tests/ Quizzes/ Games Public speaking, presentations Group Discussions, solving crisis situations Lectures by industry analyst and retired executives. Debates and interaction with graduates. Weekly tests Fun events to make learning interesting. What we provide SOLUTION: Setting up an organization to work hand in hand with respective colleges to improve skills of the students required to get a job.
  4. 4. 15 3 10 5 12 6 week Course plan (no. of hours) Communication Skills Aptitude Logical Reasoning Decision Making Personality Development IMPLEMENTATION
  5. 5. PROGRAM DETAILS • The program will be conducted in the 2nd last year of the engg. and management graduates. •The 6 week plan aims at developing their cognitive skills and soft skills. •Guest lectures by service professional, retired executives. •Online support to the student even after completion of program. •45 hours of sessions will be conducted in 6 weeks. •Program fee- INR 3,000 •Program fee will be included in the college academic fee, so as to make it compulsory for all the students.
  6. 6. Initial investment required for establishment of organization is INR 50 lacs. Total investment required Organization cost Setup cost INR 35 lacs Teacher salary INR 7 lacs Marketing cost INR 1 lac Logistic cost stationary INR 1 lac Miscellaneous INR 6 lacs
  7. 7. IMPACT The program will impact 4,000 students across 10 colleges in the1st year. For the 10th year 3 lacs student will be employable. 768 colleges covered 438 engg & 327 manageme nt colleges Network of 1500 teachers
  8. 8. College might not accept the program Few students may not afford the course fee Finding quality teachers will be a challenge
  9. 9. •www.aspiringminds.com •www.wikipedia.com •www.worldcolleges.info •www.aicte-india.org •Times of India •The Hindu BIBLIOGRAPHY