Punjab-Skill Training for Employment Potential


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Punjab-Skill Training for Employment Potential

  1. 1. (P-STEP) Punjab-Skill Training for Employment Potential Infinite opportunities. Simplified.
  2. 2. Introduction to P- STEP Objectives Features of P STEP Key Benefits y Training Partners Monitoring & Evaluation Roles & Responsibilities Implementation plan Way Forward
  3. 3. Introduction ► Punjab-Skill Training for Employment Potential (P-STEP) program is an initiative of Department of Higher Education, facilitated by Punjab Infotech p g y j aimed at increasing the employability of the students in the State with the IT/Knowledge Industry ► P-STEP is a co-curricular initiative which will help students give the necessary thrust and help them land firmly into the job arena Slide No 3
  4. 4. Objectives Objectives of P‐STEP ► Up gradation of soft skills ► Ensure higher employability for students ► Ensure sustained availability of trained and skilled workers ► Socio-economic benefit to the State Slide No 4
  5. 5. Features of the Program g P-STEP programme would be conducted during college hours to maximize student participation p p One full time faculty/councilor would be present in college to address all the issues of the students principals regarding the students, programme Quality trainers and f Q lit t i d faculty t carry out successful t i i lt to t f l training programmes for students Stringent timely monitoring and evaluation mechanism for training partners to ensure successful execution of the programme Slide No 5
  6. 6. Key Benefits of P-STEP y For Students ► Upgradation of skills as per industry requirements thereby increasing employability ► Developing soft skills along with regular degree within college hours ► Improve overall personality development ► Apply IT skills in various practical situations and conversational English concepts while interacting with people For Government ► Creation of a concept of ‘education’ to ‘employability’ ► Achieve great degree of socio-economic benefit and create higher employability index For Industry ► Employable manpower with the requisite soft-skills ► Reduced hiring and training costs Slide No 6
  7. 7. Training Partner Three Training Partners are short listed for the Implementation of    P‐STEP  Program ► RFP was rolled out for the selection of Training Partner ► On the basis of Techno-Commercial Evaluation Final Zoning was allotted to the shortlisted partners ► Final L1 rate (Lowest bidder rate) i.e. Rs. 7102 Training Partner which will be the course fee. Selection Process Slide No 7
  8. 8. IndiaCan ► Founded in 1994 with 27 offices globally with turnover of over 600 cr ,Serves 7 million learners and educators worldwide ► It provides certified job skills through innovative learning systems and best in class customer experience at all touch-points Mission Be the top vocational & skill development company in India Create & deploy globally transportable skill sets Slide No 8
  9. 9. IL&FS Education & Technology Services gy ► IL&FS Education & Technology Services (IL&FS ETS ) is a social infrastructure initiative of Infrastructure Leasing & Financial Services Limited (IL&FS) (IL&FS). ► IL&FS provides holistic end-to-end solutions in Learning, Technology, Educational Infrastructure, and Corporate Training. ► It focuses on public-private partnerships with national and state governments for quality improvement and innovative solutions- Higher & Technical Education  Higher & Technical Education School Education  Vocational Education Adult Education Slide No 9
  10. 10. Hero Mindmine Institute ► Hero Mindmine with 10 years of successful b i f l business i respected as is t d India's Largest Training, Human Capacity Building and HR Consulting Organization ► They have trained over 2.5 lac professionals for the Indian and global industry in the last half a decade y ► Hero Mindmine offers the widest range of corporate training and HR consulting services to companies and organizations across domains and verticals Slide No 10
  11. 11. Training Partner ► State is divided into six zones ► First phase involves 26 graduate degree colleges of Punjab ► The second phase targets the remaining 29 colleges infrastructure required for training currently being developed . The department in its own discretion will decide on rolling out the second phase of the program based upon availability of infrastructure ► The zones may be shuffled at the end of each year b h based upon performance and d f d other parameters considered by the department Slide No 11
  12. 12. P-STEP Roll Out The first phase of the project will encompass 26 graduate colleges out of a total of 55 spread over all the 6 zones of Punjab. The first 26 colleges have the requisite infrastructure in place already already. Zonal Distribution of Colleges ‐ Phase 1 and Phase 2 g Phase 1 Phase 2 No. of Colleges No. of Colleges Zone 1 ( ) 6(Patiala) 1(Patiala) ( ) Zone2 5(Amritsar,Hoshiarpur,Gurdaspur) 9(Amritsar, Tarn Taran, Gurdaspur) Zone 3 3 (Faridkot, Ferozepur, Muktsar) 7(Moga, ferozepur, Faridkot) Zone 4 Z 4 4(Jalandhar, Kapurthala, Ludhiana) 4(J l dh K th l L dhi ) 6(Kapurthala, Ludhiana, Jalandhar, Nawashahr) 6(K th l L dhi J l dh N h h) Zone 5 4  (Bathinda, Sangrur) 5(Sangrur, Bathinda, Mansa) Zone 6 4 (Fatehgarh Sahib, Mohali) 1(Mohali) Slide No 12
  13. 13. Block Syllabus The duration of P‐STEP will be completed within 3.5 months(100 hours). The block syllabus for the program (indicative only) is as follows: Communication skill ► Sound articulation ► Grammar Outline ► Voice & Accent with Accent Neutralisation Soft Skills  ► Verbal, Non-verbal, Written & Electronic communication and Letter Writing d L tt W iti ► Basic Listening, Reading & Comprehension ► Conversation Slide No 13
  14. 14. Block Syllabus The duration of P‐STEP will be completed within 3.5 months(100 hours). The block syllabus for the program (indicative only) is as follows: Customer Care – Products & Services Resume & Interview Skills Business Etiquette & Professional Decorum Business Etiquette & Professional Decorum IT Fundamentals – Gen. Computer Proficiency Domain Specific Skillsinfrastructure Slide No 14
  15. 15. Monitoring & Evaluation Mechanism g Detailed review in By Higher Education HRD task force Sector Task Force meeting headed by meeting headed by Chief Secretary on By Punjab quarterly basis Secretary, Higher Infotech project Education on management bimonthly basis team on monthly By college on basis weekly basis 4. 3. 2. 1. The Reporting Formats for monitoring are prepared Slide No 15
  16. 16. Roles & Responsibilities p Roles & Responsibilities of the Training Partner ► Ensuring quality of trainers E i lit f t i ► Organize sensitization /awareness workshops and demo classes ► Allow private/outside students to enroll for the programme ► Organizing and conducting courses effectively ► Provision of one full time counsellor at the college ► Depute dedicated project manager for day-to-day interaction, liaison and monitoring of programme ► Providing timely feedback of the programme Slide No 16
  17. 17. Roles & Responsibilities p Roles & Responsibilities of the Department ► Directing college authorities for paying honorarium to supporting faculty for programme execution in the colleges ► Monitoring and evaluating training partner’s competence on timely basis ► Issue instructions to colleges in providing necessary infrastructure with classroom, computer lab and time slot for conducting P-STEP program ► DoHE to issue necessary instruction to colleges to support in the enrolment of students and collection of fees. Slide No 17
  18. 18. Roles & Responsibilities p Roles & Responsibilities of Punjab Infotech ► Facilitation between training partners, College and Corporation to ensure proper execution of the programme ► Monitoring and evaluating training partner’s competence on timely basis ► Depute dedicated project manager for day-to-day interaction, liaison and monitoring of programme ► A certificate, under the common seal of the training partner and Punjab Infotech shall be provided to each student at the end of the course. Slide No 18
  19. 19. Roles & Responsibilities p Roles & Responsibilities of  Colleges ► Collecting course fees from students ► Providing necessary infrastructure with classroom, computer lab etc etc. ► Depute dedicated coordinator/admin. staff for support to the P-STEP programme in the college on d day-to-day b i d basis ► Deciding upon the minimum qualification of trainer at their discretion according to the interest of the students ► Periodically evaluate performance of trainers and provide relevant feedback to the Corporation. Slide No 19
  20. 20. Activity Plan y Punjab Soft Skills Training for Employment Potential (P‐STEP) ACTIVITIES DATE Meeting with Principals 12th July State Level Workshop 10th August Posters & Banners in Colleges (Awareness Drive) 1st ‐5th August Faculty / Student Workshops & Training Need Analysis / Counseling F lt / St d t W k h &T i i N dA l i /C li 3rd ‐12th A 12 August t Content Development & Courseware (All deliverables) On going activity Enrolment of Students & Fee Collection 6th Aug‐16th Aug Batch Formation 16th ‐19th Aug Commencement of Training 23rd Aug onwards Slide No 20
  21. 21. Implementation p g p progress ACTIVITIES STATUS ACTION TO BE TAKEN Meeting with Principals Held on 12th July  Scheduled for 10th August under  Ensuring interest & support  State Level Workshop the chairmanship of CS, Punjab from all college principals ► New Logo for P‐STEP designed. ► Posters and brochure to  ► Posters & brochure finalized.  b h f l d be printed by 5th August. b db h Exclusive P‐STEP website being  ► Website to be launched  Branding & marketing  designed. by 12th August. Faculty/Student Workshops &  Faculty/Student Workshops & 3 workshops conducted. Rest of  3 workshops conducted Rest of Circulate P‐STEP guidelines  Circulate P STEP guidelines Training Need Analysis /  the workshops to be conducted by  to increase the involvement  Counseling 12th August. of college coordinators. Training need analysis to be  completed by 12th August  on the  basis of which  Content Development &  course content will be  Courseware (All deliverables) Block syllabus prepared. finalized. Slide No 21
  22. 22. Branding and marketing of P-STEP g g Logo g Poster Brochure Exclusive P‐STEP website  is being designed for students feedback and blogs. Slide No 22
  23. 23. Way Forward y Create a concept of ‘education’ to ‘employability’ p p y y Motivate Students for enrollment Support in evaluating performance and providing pp gp p g regular feedback Ensure adequate infrastructure and timely collection of fees from students and making the program a success. Slide No 23
  24. 24. Thank You Website: www. punjabinfotech.gov.in W b it j bi f t h i e‐Mail: info@punjabinfotech.gov.in Infinite opportunities .Simplified.