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Ahura Gas Enterprise Private Limited, Prefabricated Portable Structures, Delhi


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Manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Prefabricated Portable Structures, Residential Blocks, Modular Toilets, Portable Toilet Cabins, Kitchen and Dining, Portable Conference Rooms, Portable Site in Bunk House, Site Office Block.

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Ahura Gas Enterprise Private Limited, Prefabricated Portable Structures, Delhi

  1. 1. Innovative shelter solutions.....deliveredPortableCabins
  2. 2. Ahura Enterprise Pvt. Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of new, multi-purpose portablebuildings. Based in Baroda, India, our company is able to deliver high-quality portablebuildings at excellent prices to all destinations worldwide. Years of experience, expertise& skill along with modern facilities, equipment & technology has given shape toextraordinary products to meet st&ard specifications.Our range of bunkhouses are designed & developed based on st&ard ISO specification& conditions. Our cabins are structurally extremely stable, earthquake proof, weatherproof, termite proof, leak-proof & provide faultless operation under extreme climaticconditions. These units can be moved/shifted by means of cranes & trucks/trailers.Company Values: Our long lasting & uncompromising commitment is to be honorable &trustworthy in all our endeavors.: We succeed together by leveraging the strengths of our people & thediversity of their ideas; always striving to bring out the best in each other.: We have built our reputation on our dedication to our employees & ourpledge to provide the best solution for our business partners.: We draw upon our heritage & passion to provide creative solutions thatmeet the needs of those who rely on us.In achieving our aim, AHURA willBe a Quality Driven Company by Doing What We Say; Doing it Right the First Time, onTime, Every Time Exceed Our Customers’ Expectations Through Innovative Products,Processes, Solutions & Services Help our Customers Increase their ProfitabilityEncourage, Recognize, Reward & Respect our Employees Be an Ethical, EnvironmentallyResponsible Company & be Involved in our Local CommunitiesPrimary Excellence GoalsProvide the Best Dwelling / Storage Solution for your versatile applicationsProvide Superior Sales & Service CapabilityMake it Easy to Do Business with AhuraMission statementAt Ahura, we strive to develop & manufacture the industrys most advanced portablestructures using advanced technologies. We translate these advanced technologies intovalue for our customers through our professional solutions & services.IntegrityTeam workCommitmentInnovationAbout Us
  3. 3. ProductsAll portable buildings for dwelling/multi-purpose aremanufactured from new, ISO st&ard steel. Available inst&ard sizes of 8x 20 / 8 x 40 / 10’ x 20’, they can alsobe customized to a size as per your specific requirement.Our cabins can be transported via st&ard cargocontainer ships, cargo planes, trucks or rail.Requiring no foundations & no structural assembly, ourversatile buildings are ideal for shelters, temporary orpermanent living quarters, portable offices/studios,mining camps, construction housing/field offices, workerhousing, portable emergency clinics, storm shelters,military/police posts, forest/mountain cabins, etc.Rugged & durable, our units are perfectly suited fordisaster relief, emergency housing, & harsh conditions.They can natural disasters including hurricanes,tornadoes & earthquakes. Without anchoring, our unitscan resist winds up to 125 kmph.There are a variety of models, options, & configurationsavailable. These can range from basic models (withwindows, entrance doors, ACs, electrical wiring,telephone connection, internet connection, two inches ofrigid insulated finished walls/ceiling, vinyl floor covering& utility room) to those models with many amenities suchas a kitchenette, bathroom with shower, bedroom etc.We also offer toilet only units (with showers, urinals &sinks only); connecting units (great for dining rooms,clinics, classrooms, etc); & custom models.GGGGGGGGGGGAccommodation for site engineersDefence Forces/CivilMedical DispensaryLaboratoryCheck PostsSecurity Cabinestaurant KitchenSleeping QuartersBath/W.C.Conference RoomsComputer RoomsAdvantagesPossible UsesGSaving on construction timeGSaving on site man powerGReady to installGCan easily be shifted to various site locations forre-useGZero maintenance costGTailor made as per your requirementGAvailable in different modules for your versatile needsGCan be lifted by a hydra, no need for heavy liftingequipmentGOne may go in for bigger cabins as there are norestrictions on size, transportation, etcGLighting, air-conditioning, furniture, bath fittings,attachments etc. readily attached as per yourrequirement or may be incorporated by youGInter-connected rooms may be created by joining 2 ormore cabinsGTailor made factory / shop floor cabins in G + 1/2floors can be installed
  4. 4. Residential Blocks
  5. 5. Site Office
  6. 6. Laboratories
  7. 7. ToiletTOILET
  8. 8. Conference
  9. 9. Security, Control Rooms, Class Rooms &Miscellaneous
  10. 10. Kitchen & Dinning
  11. 11. Technical SpecificationsSr. No. Length (Feet) Width (Feet) Height (Feet)01 20 08 8.5’02 20 10 8.5’03 24 08 8.5’04 24 10 8.5’05 30 08 8.5’06 30 10 8.5’07 40 08 8.5’08 40 10 8.5’09 20 20 8.5’SITE OFFICEFLOORWALLSROOFWINDOWSDOORSCabin may be designed as per customers specificrequirements. However the typical sizes are as listedbelow :GHeavy duty channel & angle grid structure to giverigidity.GThick Marine-Ply / Fiber board / Duraboard for adurable base.GHomogenous anti-scratch PVC carpet over Marine Ply/ Duraboard.G2mm GI Sheets on the outside.GPre-laminated board with ISI mark on the inside.GCavity filled with special density thick insulation so asto avoid overheating of the cabin.GTop comprises of 2mm thick steel sheets. Each sheetwill have overlap on all sides & sheet will be fullywelded using CO2 welding to prevent ingress ofwater.GBottom shall be pre-laminated board.GCavity filled with special density thick insulation toavoid overheating.GAir-gap shall be created in between the sheet & theinsulation for further reduction in thermal conductivityusing special Roof Cooling System.GPowder coated Alu. Sliding Windows of st&ard size 4 x3 with tinted glass.GCurtains / venation blinds may be provided for all /selected windows.GWeather shades over all windows.GAluminum safety grills for windows may be provided.GDoors shall be double skinned pressed steel withinsulation.GProvided with Godrej cylindrical latch & door closer.GAluminum powder coated Aldrop also shall besupplied for addnl. safety.GWeather shade shall be provided over the door.GInternal partition doors shall be wooden sliding type.ELECTRICALLEGSFINISHLIFTING PROVISION :FURNITURE :GAll wiring shall be ISI marked.GSwitches shall be ISI marked.GConcealed wiring shall be provided.GMain inlet plug adaptor for efficient & leak-proof flow ofcurrent.GMCB, ELCB shall be provided for additional safety.GAir-conditioning units may be provided whereverrequired.G4/6/8 nos. legs as per cabin size, 6"/12"/18"/24" inheight provided so as to hoist up the cabin.GSingle step assembly providedGExterior : Matt finish UV resistant paint on top of specialgrade anti rust & elastic primer from speciallyrecommended for GI (shade as per your choice).GInterior : Wooden / off-white finish laminate.Suitable top lifting.As per the customers specific requirement.
  12. 12. Clientele
  13. 13. 807, G.I.D.C., Makarpura,Vadodara - 390 010. India.Mob. : +91 9824095721, 9824012789Fax : +91-265-2581616E-mail : aahura@aahura.comwww.aahura.comwww.portacabinworld.inAHURA ENTERPRISE PVT. LTD.