Meraki Solution Overview


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Carrier grade WiFi, MiMo enabled Gigabit, Cloud based wireless network

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Meraki Solution Overview

  1. 1. Meraki 

Portfolio & Solution overview"
  2. 2. About Meraki"2"
  3. 3. About Meraki"•  The recognized leader in Cloud Networking" -  Over 18,000 customer networks in 145 countries worldwide" -  World’s largest cloud networking deployment (Accor, 10k devices)"•  Focus on technology innovation" -  Founded in 2006 at MIT, in the cloud since Day 1" -  Extensive R&D investments"•  Strong financial performance" -  Privately held, backed by Sequoia Capital and Google" -  Triple-digit annual revenue growth" -  Trusted by Fortune 500 enterprises, governments 
 and major universities:"3"
  4. 4. Recognized for innovation" Trusted in over 18,000 customer networks Education, professional services, healthcare, retail, government, industrial & manufacturing, hospitality" TECHNOLOGY OF OF THE YEAR Visionary, Magic Quadrant Winner, Mobility and Wireless " for Wireless LAN" Product of the Year" Technology Pioneer Award" Winner, Best Product" Wireless Solution"4"
  5. 5. Customer success across all industries" Enterprise" Higher Ed" Retail" Healthcare" Hospitality" K-12" Industrial" Government"5"
  6. 6. Why Cloud Networking?"6"
  7. 7. Networking challenges"New devices" High bandwidth web apps" Access everywhere" Creating new challenges for IT:" “How do I support 10x more devices with a fixed staff?”! “How do I keep BitTorrent from slowing down web apps?”! “Can users securely bring their own devices?”!7"
  8. 8. The cloud increases IT efficiency" Manageability" Scalability" Cost Savings"•  Turnkey installation and management"•  No training or dedicated staff"•  Integrated, always up to date features"•  Scales to organizations of all sizes"•  TCO savings of over 50%"8"
  9. 9. Meraki: 100% cloud managed networking" Meraki MX 
 Meraki MS 
 Meraki MR 
 Security Appliances" Gigabit Switches" Wireless LAN"9"
  10. 10. Cloud Networking Architecture"10"
  11. 11. Meraki’s cloud networking architecture" Branch Office Retail Store Campus / HQ Teleworker Cloud Hosted Network Serv ork Se k Service Management Data On premise Meraki hardware Browser-based management High capacity on-site hardware, centrally managed from the cloud"11"
  12. 12. Intuitive management"User Clientfingerprints" location"Application Real-timeQoS" control" No training or new staff"12"
  13. 13. Complete layer 7 visibility and control" Centrally manage devices, users, and applications"13"
  14. 14. Single pane of glass: wireless, LAN, WAN & security " Meraki dashboard: Network-wide visibility and control! Meraki MX 
 Meraki MS 
 Meraki MR 
 Security Appliances" Gigabit Switches" Wireless LAN"14"
  15. 15. Robust out of band cloud management" Scalable" -  Unlimited throughput: no centralized controller bottlenecks" -  Add devices or sites in minutes" Management 
 Reliable" data (1 kb/s)" WAN" -  Highly available cloud with multiple datacenters" " -  Network functions even if connection to cloud is interrupted" -  99.99% uptime SLA" Secure" " -  No user traffic passes through cloud" -  Fully HIPAA / PCI compliant (level 1 certified)" -  3rd party security audits, daily penetration test" " Reliability and security information at!15"
  16. 16. Solution Highlights"16"
  17. 17. Centralized management" Case Study:! Design Within Reach" 48 retail stores + warehouse and corporate offices;" 1 network manager! “Meraki provides the security, capacity, and management we need in a premium retail environment”" Roger Mueller, Director of IT, Design within Reach!•  Self-provisioning for rapid deployment"•  Scalable network-wide monitoring and management tools"•  Integrated wireless, LAN, and WAN management"•  Seamless over-the-web firmware upgrades"17"
  18. 18. Seamless scalability" Case Study: ! Accor North America" Nearly 10,000 access points covering 70,000 hotel rooms;" 35,000 users/week, 620 locations, zero dedicated staff! “Our customers depend on connectivity”! Jim Amorosia, CEO! "•  Supports tens of thousands of devices"•  Deploy policies across thousands of branches, APs, or switch ports"•  Custom database and protocols support large-scale, high density deployments"•  Seamlessly add capacity on-demand"18"
  19. 19. Multi-site networking" Case Study:! Peet’s Coffee and Tea" 193 locations;" Unified wired, wireless ! & security! “Meraki provides incredible visibility and control across our highly distributed network”" Steve Shead, Director of IT" Peet’s Coffee and Tea!•  Self-configuring site-to-site VPN"•  Zero-touch branch deployments"•  WAN optimization (up to 200x acceleration)"•  Centralized management tools support thousands of sites"19"
  20. 20. Application and content control" Case Study:! Phoenix College" Campus-wide coverage for 12,000 students! “We don’t want to cut off popular services completely, but we do want to prioritize educational applications”" Dr. Mark Koan, Dean of Information Technology, Phoenix College!•  Layer 7 application fingerprinting and traffic shaping (e.g. throttle BitTorrent, prioritize voice traffic)"•  Identifies and controls evasive, encrypted, and P2P applications"•  CIPA-compliant content filtering with Active Directory integration (vary access by class of user)"20"
  21. 21. High density wireless LAN" Case Study: ! Alvin I.S.D." 1,000+ access points serving 18,000 students;" 1:1 device deployments with 90 clients per AP! “Meraki is the optimal solution for a high density of clients”! John Wilds, Network Manager, Alvin ISD! "•  802.11n with 3-stream MIMO, up to 900 Mbit/s"•  Extra CPU and memory for high-density environments"•  Supports 100+ users per access point"•  Cloud-based automatic RF optimization with spectrum analysis"21"
  22. 22. Wireless security" Case Study:! Beaver Medical Group" 20 centrally managed healthcare facilities;" HIPAA compliant 802.1x for EMR, isolated guest access" “Meraki provided a future-proof solution that passed our rigorous requirements”! Marshal Veerkamp, CIO! " " "•  WPA2 Enterprise encryption prevents over-the-air sniffing"•  Active Directory integration for fine grained access control"•  Built-in stateful policy firewall"•  Advanced security features: WIDS/WIPS, group policies, NAC"22"
  23. 23. Guest access & Bring your Own Device (BYOD)" Case Study:! United Colors of Benetton" Corporate and in-store WiFi! “Public access is of interest to us because we’re targeting the mobile market. It couldn’t have been easier.”! Mark Bishop, IT Manager, United Colors of Benetton!•  Create secure guest network in 2 clicks"•  Device-based policies for iPads, Androids, etc."•  Intuitive bandwidth, application, and access restrictions"•  Built-in device management of Macs, PCs, and iOS clients"23"
  24. 24. Products, Pricing"24"
  25. 25. Cloud managed 802.11n wireless LAN"6 access point models" -  Indoor, rugged/outdoor" -  802.11n up to 900 Mbps" -  Ultra-high performance and 
 value-priced models""Enterprise-class hardware" -  Lifetime warranty for indoor APs" -  802.3af Power over Ethernet" -  Voice, video optimization""Fully integrated features" -  Traffic shaping, mesh, NAC, 
 guest access, device 
  26. 26. Cloud managed security appliances"5 versatile models" -  Scale from small sites to large campuses""Complete networking and security" -  Stateful firewall" -  Site to site and client VPN" -  Link balancing and failover
 (including 3G/4G)""L7 application control" -  Traffic shaping" -  NG application firewall" -  Content filtering (CIPA-compliant)" -  WAN optimization"26"
  27. 27. Cloud managed switches"Managed access switches in 4 models" -  24 and 48 port, with PoE available" -  Gigabit with 10 GbE uplinks"Enterprise-class performance 
and reliability" -  Lifetime warranty" -  802.3af/at PoE on all ports" -  Voice, video QoS""Centrally managed from the cloud" -  Visibility and control over 
 thousands of ports" -  Built-in monitoring, cable 
 testing, and alerts "27"
  28. 28. Built for reliability and capacity" MS42P 48 port Gigabit / 10 GbE PoE switch" MX400 10 GbE Security Appliance" MR24 3-Stream 802.11n 
 Wireless AP"•  High MTBF extended life components"•  Designed for distributed cloud management architecture"•  Extra memory and CPU for layer 7 application and device control"28"
  29. 29. Cloud architecture saves up to 50%"•  Infrastructure savings" -  Fully integrated design eliminates point solutions" -  No wireless controller or overlay management systems
 "•  Staff savings" -  No specialized training" -  No added staff
 "•  No hidden fees" -  No per-user licenses" -  New features added at no cost" -  Lifetime warranty" -  Maintenance and support included" Complete pricing at"29"
  30. 30. Sample distributed network TCO comparison" Sample 10-branch network (each w/ 10 APs, security appliance, switch)" 5 year TCO including licenses, maintenance, and support" Cisco" Meraki" Wireless APs" $ 99,500" $ 64,900" WiFi Controllers" $ 219,900" -" Wireless software licenses" $ 39,950" $ 45,000" Security appliance" $ 71,950" $ 19,950" Firewall licenses" $ 75,000" $ 60,000" 48 port PoE switches " $ 94,059" $ 50,990" Maintenance and support" $ 149,920" -" Total! $806,140! $240,840! Details: Wireless: Cisco 1142 dual-radio 802.11n APs, 5508 controllers, WCS management software. Meraki MR16 dual-radio 802.11n APs, Enterprise Cloud Controller. Security appliance: Cisco ASA 5510 w/ 50 AV users and Content Filtering. Meraki MX80 Advanced Security Edition. Cisco 2960S switch, Meraki MS42P switch. Smartnet for Cisco wireless controllers and ASA. U.S. list prices shown, discounts and promotions available through authorized resellers." " Cisco solution does not include redundant Wireless LAN controllers, layer 7 traffic shaping, WAN optimization, or centralized network-wide management (all included with Meraki)!30"
  31. 31. Try Meraki for free"•  Try Meraki on your network"•  Sets up in 15 minutes"•  Technical support available at no cost" Free trials available at"31"
  32. 32. Thank you!"32"