RightScale Webinar: Rock Your SoftLayer Cloud with RightScale


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Let us show you how the combination of RightScale and SoftLayer provides super fast on-boarding, automation and multicloud capability for running your apps.

SoftLayer CloudLayer® Services bring you cloud servers, storage, and content delivery built on SoftLayer's longtime leadership in automated, on-demand data center services. Couple that with RightScale cloud management for automation, management and auto-scaling and you’ll spend less time and effort setting up and operating your web application and more time focused on your core business.

RightScale enables easy provisioning, configuration, and automation of both hybrid and multi-datacenter environments. With SoftLayer and RightScale, resilient and highly available architectures are more affordable than ever.

In this webinar we’ll demonstrate the benefits of using RightScale to manage SoftLayer CloudLayer Computing. We’ll cover:

- Configuration of CloudLayer servers using RightScale pre-built ServerTemplates™

- Management of multiple servers into organized groupings called deployments

- Automation features such as auto-scaling using monitoring and alerts and scripts to automate routine backups and updates

- Governance including user permissioning, auditing events and tracking usage

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RightScale Webinar: Rock Your SoftLayer Cloud with RightScale

  1. 1. Rock your SoftLayer Cloud with RightScale March 20, 2012 Watch the video of this webinar
  2. 2. # 2Your Panel Today Presenting •Hunter Williams, RightScale Business Development •Nathan Day, SoftLayer Chief Scientist, @SoftLayer •Ryan Geyer, RightScale Sales Engineer @rjgeyer Q&A •Jason Altobelli, RightScale, Account Manager Please use the “Questions” window to ask questions any time!
  3. 3. # 3Agenda • Introductions • Brief Review of RightScale-SoftLayer Partnership • Live Demo • Open Forum / Q&A Please use the “Questions” window to ask questions any time!
  4. 4. # 4RightScale and SoftLayer • Best in class cloud services meet best in class cloud management • Logical partnership, we’d come across one another a number of times • RightScale customers looking for global choices • Full-featured solution with tight integration
  5. 5. # 5We Pioneered Cloud Management
  6. 6. # 6Our A-Z Roster of Customers
  7. 7. # 7The Reasons for RightScale Abstraction with Visibility and Customization Control Complete customization One place to manage without the hassle your infrastructure Choose Your Own Automation is the Clouds Core Vendor freedom across Massively scalable and hardware and software super agile applications Tap into Cloud Expertise Experienced architects and support teams
  8. 8. # 8RightScale Cloud Management Governance Controls Automation Engine Control access and security, track Monitor, alert, auto-scale, and usage, and access logs automate operations MultiCloud Marketplace™ Configuration Framework Access cloud-ready, customizable Provision servers and execute scripts ServerTemplates™ with consistency MultiCloud Platform Manage public, private, and hybrid clouds
  9. 9. An IntroductionNathan Day, Chief Scientist
  10. 10. SoftLayer at a glance Customers 24,000 in 140 countries Physical Servers 100,000 Data centers 13 Employees 690
  11. 11. Built forInternet Scale Global, interconnected platform Network performance Modular, automated infrastructure Full-featured API
  12. 12. MODULARITY & FLEXIBILITYSTANDARD ARCHITECTURALPLATFORM•Deploy dedicated and virtual servers•Blend public and private clouds•Connect it all together•Integrate multiple storage solutions•Add discrete managed services • Monitoring • Managed hosting • Security • Email • Network • Backup
  13. 13. HIGH-PERFORMANCE NETWORK• 2,000 Gb of connectivity• Multiple Tier 1 carriers• < 40ms latency target• Native IPv6 support• Network-within-network architecture
  14. 14. GLOBAL FOOTPRINT 13 data centers 20 Gb fiber between data 19 pods deployed centers16 network points-of-presence 100,000 servers under management
  15. 15. MODULARITY & FLEXIBILITYTECHNOLOGICAL FLEXIBILITY•Provision from a single API•Deploy from a common image library•Manage from one portal•Organize into Virtual Racks•Communicate over the same networkBUSINESS AGILITY•Rapid deployment•Highly customizable•Month-to-month or hourly
  17. 17. DEMO
  18. 18. # 18Getting Started and Q&A• Sign up for the RightScale Free Edition: RightScale.com/free• Contact RightScale: (866) 720-0208 sales@RightScale.com• Contact SoftLayer More Info (866) 398-7638 Read the Whitepaper RightScale.com/whitepapers Webinar archives: RightScale.com/webinars RightScale Conference – 6/13 NYC: RightScale.com/conference