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Alain ozan keynote zagreb.ppt [compatibility m


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Alain ozan keynote zagreb.ppt [compatibility m

  1. 1. The following is intended to outline our general product direction. It is intended for information purposes only, and may not be incorporated into any contract. It is not a commitment to deliver any material, code, or functionality, and should not be relied upon in making purchasing decisions. The development, release, and timing of any features or functionality described for Oracle’s products remains at the sole discretion of Oracle Corporation.
  2. 2. <Insert Picture Here> Alain Ozan EE&CIS, Technology Vice President
  3. 3. Complete. Open. Integrated. Applications Middleware Database Infrastructure & Management
  4. 4. Oracle Database Information Management Applications Maximum Availability Architecture Database Middleware Management Data OLTP Warehousing Database Application Development Infrastructure & Grid Computing Management Database Security Storage Management
  5. 5. Oracle Fusion Middleware Applications Middleware Database Infrastructure & Management
  6. 6. Oracle Infrastructure & Management Complete. Open. Integrated. •New release of Oracle VM •Oracle VM 2.2 now available •Oracle VM Template Builder •Certified with Oracle Applications •Oracle Enterprise Manager •10g R5 – broader & deeper management across stack •Application Testing Suite 9.0 – unified testing solution
  7. 7. Oracle Applications Industry Applications Business Intelligence Business Process Management Portals & Embedded Collaboration Identity Management & Governance Controls Grid Computing & Maximum Availability Systems & Operational Management
  8. 8. Sun Oracle Database Machine Extreme Performance - Simplified Deployment •Fastest for data warehousing •2X faster than Exadata V1 •5X faster than competition •World’s only OLTP machine •4X faster than comparable IBM hardware •Eliminates complexity •Months of configuration, troubleshooting, tuning •Pre-built, tested, standard, supportable configuration •Runs existing applications unchanged
  9. 9. Best of Breed Leader in Key Markets • Database • Database Share on Linux • Embedded Database • Middleware • Application Server • Analytic Applications • Enterprise Performance Management • Data Warehousing • Communications • Human Capital Management • Supply Chain Management • Customer Relationship Management • Retail • Financial Services • Banking • Public Sector • Professional Services
  10. 10. Excellence in Execution During Last 4 Quarters 3,000+ Oracle Software Products 190+ New Oracle Products Introduced 50+ Software Major Releases 180+ Software Maintenance Releases 3,200+ Software Patchsets & Patch Bundles 17,650+ New Software Features 80 Million Total Hours of Quality Assurance 700,000+ Nightly Tests Executed 875,000+ New Tests Added 2,000+ Software Patents 6.1 Million+ Software Downloads 72 Gartner MQ Leaders
  11. 11. Acquisition of Best-in-Class Companies APPLICATIONS TECHNOLOGY Enterprise Deals Enterprise Deals Legislated and Regulated Performance Industries Management Project-Intensive Industries Identity Management Insurance Industry Content Retail Industry Management Communications Industry Middleware Management Banking Industry Database Utilities Industry Manufacturing Systems Industries Management
  12. 12. Complete Solutions by Industry Industry Leaders Rely on Oracle Aero & Defense Automotive Chemicals Communications Consumer Prdts Over 300 20 of Top 20 11 of Top 11 OEMs &Suppliers 10 of Top 10 Global Service Providers 90 of Top 100 Education & Res. Construction Financial Svcs. Healthcare High Technology 9 of Top 10 9 of Top 10 10 of Top 10 Over 300 Leading 25 of Top 25 Universities Fortune 500 Global Banks Providers Electronic OEMs World’s Best Intellectual Property, Most Complete End-to-End Industry Solutions
  13. 13. Complete Solutions by Industry Industry Leaders Rely on Oracle Industrial Mfg Insurance Life Sciences Media/Entertain. Oil and Gas 20 of the Top 20 20 of Top 20 All in Fortune’s 6 of Top 7 9 of Top 10 Global Global Insurers Pharmaceuticals Global 500 Companies Professional Svc Public Sector Retail Travel/Transport Utilities 9 of Top 10 IT Over 1500 12 of 13 5 of Top 5 in 13 of Top Services Organizations Fortune 100 Fortune 500 20 Fortune 500 World’s Best Intellectual Property, Most Complete End-to-End Industry Solutions
  14. 14. The Future of IT IT: The Past IT: The Future • Build • Configure • Multi year projects • Speed • Complex integration • Standard integration • Proliferation • Consolidation • Diverse interfaces • Standard • On premise • Leverage cloud
  15. 15. Cloud Can Be Provided at Different Levels Application Built by (SaaS) e.g. Oracle On Cloud Demand Customer Platform Provided (PaaS) e.g. Google AppEngine, by Cloud WaveMaker, Oracle App Express Infrastructure (IaaS) e.g. Amazon EC2 © 2009 Oracle – Proprietary and Confidential 16
  16. 16. Private Cloud is a Natural Starting Point for Enterprises •Cloud because •Fast provisioning •Higher utilization PaaS •Quality of service •Efficiency •Private because •Security •Control (particularly over QoS) Private Cloud •Cost structure •Easiest evolution of existing expertise and practices © 2009 Oracle – Proprietary and Confidential 17
  17. 17. Enterprise Evolution To Cloud Public Clouds Hybrid IaaS PaaS IaaS SaaS Public Cloud Evolution PaaS SaaS Private Cloud Evolution Virtual Private Cloud App1 App2 App3 App1 App2 App3 App1 App2 App3 App1 App2 App3 Private PaaS Private PaaS Private PaaS Private IaaS Private IaaS Private IaaS Silo’d Grid Private Cloud Hybrid • Physical • Virtual • Self-service • Federation with • Shared services • Policy-based resource public clouds • Dedicated • Dynamic mgmt • Interoperability • Static • Standardized • Chargeback • Cloud bursting • Heterogeneous appliances • Capacity planning © 2009 Oracle – Proprietary and Confidential 18
  18. 18. Oracle + Sun: Transforming The Industry •Complete, engineered, and integrated systems •Innovation across the stack •Open standards •Industry solutions •Highest level of customer service Improving the way you buy, run and manage business systems.
  19. 19. Oracle + Sun Complete, Open, Integrated Systems •Engineered to work together •Tested together •Certified together •Packaged together •Deployed together •Upgraded together •Managed together •Supported together
  20. 20. Oracle + Sun Complete, Open, Integrated Systems Customer Benefits: •Open and standards-based •Innovation delivered faster •Better performance, reliability, security •Shorter deployment times •Easier to manage and upgrade •Lower cost of ownership •Reduced change management risk •One-stop support •Reduced down time
  21. 21. Summary: Oracle + Sun = Re-energize Key Assets •Oracle brings instant credibility back to Sun’s superior products and technologies •Accelerating spending in engineering, support and sales •Make Sun products the preferred investment for IT buyers focused on long term performance •Safeguard the billions of dollars invested in Sun by customers
  22. 22. Financial Services Customers EMEA & EE-CIS Banks Insurances Investment firms
  23. 23. Official Public Sector References EMEA & EE-CIS Postal Services of Kazakstan Agency for Restructuring and Ministry of Labor and Ministry of Health, Modernization of Agriculture, Polish Police Social Affairs, Czech Turkey PL Republic Republic of Cyprus, Dept. of National Health City of Rijeka, Council of Europe Financial Supervisor Road Transport Fund, Hungary Croatia Authority, Albania Ministry of Agriculture, Slovak Hungarian Customs Republic The Water and Canalization Peiraikos, Farmaceutical, Administration (ISKI), Turkey Synetairismos, Greece Ministry of Finance, Greece Industrial Property Office, Turkey Hungarian Tax Authority Czech Republic