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ISCN 2015 Main Conference Opening


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Bernd Kasemir, ISCN Program Manager, welcomes delegates to the ninth annual ISCN conference, ISCN 2015 Expanding the Dialogue: Sustainability in a Connected World, hosted by the University of Hong Kong.

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ISCN 2015 Main Conference Opening

  2. 2. The International Sustainable Campus Network ISCN 2015  Global forum for sustainability in operations, research, and teaching on campus More than 70 member universities in more than 20 countries, 5 co-host schools ISCN Co-host schools:
  3. 3. 2015 Conference Focus: Dialogue Sustainability in a connected world City-University Dialogue: Urban living in the 21th century Inter-Regional Dialogue: Regional perspectives on global change Corporate-University Dialogue: Sustainability skills needs for future leaders ISCN 2015
  4. 4. Complex risks need collaborative approach ISCN 2015 World Economic Forum Global Risks 2015 Report, Risks and Trends
  5. 5. Building a sustainable future What can we learn from each other and from partners in the private and public sector on how to mitigate complex risks and build a sustainable future?  Developing the skill sets needed by leaders of the future  Developing technologies and collaborative approaches for sustainable development  Pilot-testing solutions for sustainability ISCN 2015
  6. 6. Contributing to our dialogues … Collaboration and exchange opportunities during this conference also include the opportunity to discuss with: - The organizer of the Paris COP student event of the Global University Climate Forum - Representatives of organizations collaborating in a new Global Alliance between sustainability networks in higher Education - Participants of the Summer Institute on Higher Education for Tomorrow from universities across Asia ISCN 2015
  7. 7. Thank you… …to the ISCN 2015 conference host and conference organization team! ISCN 2015