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ISCN 2015 Pre-Conference - IARU Green Guide


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Melissa Goodall, Associate Director, Yale University Office of Sustainability, speaks about the IARU Green Guide for Universities.

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ISCN 2015 Pre-Conference - IARU Green Guide

  1. 1. IARU Green Guide for Universities Melissa Goodall, Yale University On behalf of the International Alliance of Research Universities June 2015
  2. 2. • Established in 2006 • 10 universities that “share similar values, a global vision and a commitment to educating future world leaders.” • “IARU member universities work together to address the major challenges of our time.”
  3. 3. IARU Members Australian National University ETH Zurich National University of Singapore Peking University University of California, Berkeley University of Cambridge University of Copenhagen University of Oxford University of Tokyo Yale University
  4. 4. Major Points of Collaboration Global Education • Global summer program • Summer student exchange • Global Cross-Disciplinary Tournament Institutional Joint Working •Alumni Associations Network •EdTech Horizons •Global Transformation in IARU Member Strategies •International Students Support Group •Librarians' Contact Group •Research Administrators' Network •Staff Development and Exchange •Technology Transfer Network Research Collaboration • Aging Longevity and Health • PKU Medical City • Future Cities LaboratorySustainability Events • On-going information exchange • Exploration of shared practices • Student fellowships • Shared projects and events
  5. 5. IARU Green Guide Process, Product
  6. 6. Green Guide Establish 10 topics Assign lead author and two supporting authors for each chapter Develop template for drafting content Circulate chapter outlines and drafts Solicit case studies for each chapter Review all working drafts Rework content into new chapters Revise, edit, repeat Submit final manuscript to top leadership for review Publish
  7. 7. Contents
  8. 8. Basic Chapter Components • Introduction • Challenges and Opportunities • Hurdles and Solutions • Case Studies • Quick Tips • “A closer look” • Additional resources
  9. 9. Organization
  10. 10. Operations
  11. 11. Buildings
  12. 12. Laboratories
  13. 13. Purchasing
  14. 14. Transport
  15. 15. Communications
  16. 16. Employee and Student Engagement
  17. 17. Universities as Catalysts for Sustainable Society
  18. 18. IARU Green Guide Outcomes, Next Steps
  19. 19. October Events
  20. 20. • + 4,000 downloads • 695,000 tweets including #IARU2014
  21. 21. Next Steps • Global University Climate Forum • Shared projects on energy and labs • (possible) Green Papers • (possible) 2016 conference
  22. 22. IARU Green Guide for Universities Melissa Goodall, Yale University On behalf of the International Alliance of Research Universities June 2015