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ISCN 2015 Dialogue 1: Universities and Cities in the 21st Century, Lincoln Leong


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Lincoln Leong Chief Executive Officer, MTR

Published in: Environment
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ISCN 2015 Dialogue 1: Universities and Cities in the 21st Century, Lincoln Leong

  1. 1. 6/25/2015 Page 1MTR Corporation BuildingSustainable Community LincolnLeong Chief Executive Officer MTR Corporation 17June 2015
  2. 2. Metro System – A Sustainable Mode of Transport 6/25/2015 Page 2MTR Corporation Passenger light duty vehicles* According to International Energy Agency: • Rail and metro systems generates the least amount of green house gases (less than 50gCO2 eq./passenger-km) among different modes of transport. Note: 1. *Passenger light duty vehicles is equivalent to mini-bus. 2. The range of the red bar for each mode of transport represents the upper and lower bounded values collected from different regions. White line indicates the average value. Source: International Energy Agency
  3. 3. Metro system plays an increasingly important role in urbanization 148 cities around the world have a metro system, adding up to nearly 540 metro lines, more than 9,000 stations, and 11,000 kilometres of line infrastructureCarrying 150 million passengers per day 3% 11% 0% 20% 2% 0% 12% 1% 0% 4% 7% 39%60% 208% 97% 123% -18% -3% 0% 5% 5% 7% 9% 10%19%22% 30% 39%41% 102% 106% 195% -100% -50% 0% 50% 100% 150% 200% 0 100 200 300 400 500 600 Md Mw Pr SC Pm NY MC Bn Ln HK SP Sg Tp Sh Bg Gz %GrowthinPatronage between2008-2013 NetworkKm 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 % Growth in Patronage between 2008 - 2013 Source: UITP Source: CoMET CoMET/Nova metro demands are growing in la 6/25/2015MTR Corporation Page 3
  4. 4. V ision We aim to be a leading multinational company that connects and grows communities with caring service. 6/25/2015MTR Corporation Page 4 Hong Kong Station Commercial Businesses Hong Kong Property & Other Businesses Mainland of China and International Businesses Hong Kong Transport Operations Rail Service In Hong Kong  221km route length  5.4 million passenger trips/day  48% of total public transport journeys  4 new lines/ extension under construction and catchment MTR’s Vision and Business Overview
  5. 5. 6/25/2015 Page 5MTR Corporation Our Service Outside Hong Kong Stockholm Metro Melbourne Metro London Overground Beijing Metro Line 4 Daxing Line & Line 14 Shenzhen Metro Line 4 Hangzhou Metro Line 1 Tianjin Property Beiyunhe Station North West Rail Link Crossrail MTR Express GinzaMall &StarPaseo Longhua Depot Lot 1 1.35mil 77.2km 260k sqm 380k 48 km 460k 20.5km 206k sqm 278k sqm118km 432k 167 km 1.16mil 110km 455km 36 km 772k 390km 5.4 mil 221km Railway Property Employees Patronage perWeekday Weekday Route Length CurrentlyUnder Under Development Investment ntProperty Hong Kong ~17,000 5.4mil 221km 705k sqm 267k sqm China & Int’l ~17,000 4.55mil ~845km* 485k sqm 30k sqm Hong Kong’s Metro System * Includes Crossrail Stage 0and West Anglia of London Overgroud. If NorthWest Rail Link ,Crossrail full line opening, Beijing MetroLine 14Phase 3& Line 16are included, totallength isabout 1,037km.MTR Express 455-km routelength isbased on open-access, and if itis included, the totalroute length served by MTR C&IB will be 1,492kmintotal. Stage 0(32.5km) – 31 May 2015 West Anglia Transfer – 31 May 2015 Operational in2019
  6. 6. Hong Kong Station Total shopping mall area: 59,460 sqm Total office area: 254,190 sqm Tsing Yi Station Total no. of residential unit: 3,500 Total shopping mall area: 46,170 sqm Kowloon Station Total no. of residential unit: 5,890 Total shopping mall area: 82,750 sqm Total office area: 231,778 •As at end 2014, 43 property projects were developed above stations with total GFA of 13 million sqm, creating a number of sustainable communities in Hong Kong. LOHAS Park Total no. of residential unit: 25,500 Total shopping mall area: 45,000 sqm 6/25/2015 Page 6MTR Corporation Communities We Built by “Rail + Property” Model Property Development along railway lines
  7. 7. SustainabilityAchievedby“Rail+Property” Model 6/25/2015 Page 7MTR Corporation LowPublicSpending Development right granted by Governmentminimizeshugepublic spending on rail infrastructure, with sustainable long term rail construction model People-Oriented Safe& Healthy Community Modern & EfficientCity Living Seamless Connectionbetween railway station and property development provides maximum convenienceand achievetime efficiency Segregation of vehicles and pedestrians to create a safe and pollution-freeliving environment Enablers Description Better land utilization and reductionof unnecessary road traffic
  8. 8. • In Hong Kong, Fare Adjustment Mechanism (FAM) was introduced:  Fare is adjusted annually by taking into account:  Ensure sufficient and stable capital for continuous asset investment even market condition changes (e.g.6/25/2015 Page 8MTR Corporation FAM – Key Element for Sustainable Rail Service • A sustainable and reliable rail service relies on continuous investment on maintenance and asset renewal:  Over HK$6 billion was invested in 2014 Composite Consumer Price Index Nominal Wage Index (Transp. Section) Productivity Factor
  9. 9. 6/25/2015 Page 9MTR Corporation Tung Chung Line AirportExpress Kennedy Town HKU Sai Ying Pun Sheung Wan N Island Line SouthIsland Line(East)RouteLength: Approx.3km Station: 3 Journey Time: 8 mins (Sheung WantoKennedy Town) Extensionof Island Line toWesternDistrict RecentExample of Building Sustainable Community –Extension of Island Line to WesternDistrict Connecting HKUwithother districtsof HongKongviaour railwaynetwork
  10. 10. 6/25/2015 Page 10MTR Corporation EntranceB2 – Hill Road EntranceA – Pokfulam Rd/ HKU EntranceB2– HillRoad EntranceA – PokfulamRd/ HKU 70m Lifts Escalators CommunityRailway – Bringing HKUand the CommunityCloser EntranceA – PokfulamRd/ HKU • Links HKU into entirerail network – brings HKU closer to other areas of HK • An integrated pedestrian system in HKUStation improves connection between HKUand thelocal communityof Western District in the hilly terrain
  11. 11. 6/25/2015 Page 11MTR Corporation CommunityRailway – ConservingCommunity Facilities, Heritage and Environment ReprovisioningofKennedyTownSwimmingPool ConservationofForbesStreetTreeWalls ReprovisionofDavidTrenchRehabilitationCentre
  12. 12. 6/25/2015 Page 12MTR Corporation CommunityRailway – Engaging and Caringfor the Community We Serve Communityengagement Understand the needs ofthe community andincorporate their requirements into the community railway YouthAmbassador Partner with the Community Project Workshop ofthe Faculty ofArchitecture of HKU toappoint students as MTRYouth Ambassadors tovisit local community Art andCulture - Bring out unique culture ofWestern District in the design of new stations - Organise workshops under the theme “Our Impressions of Western District” with the Hong KongYouth ArtsFoundation
  13. 13. 6/25/2015 Page 13MTR Corporation In the Future, MTR will continue to grow with HK community and around the world Hong Kong China and International China Europe Australia Rail Total: - 53km under construction - 35km under planning Rail Total: BJ L14 (Ph. 3): BJ L16: 50km HZ L5&6: 74.6km SZ L6: 37.6km Property Total: 484,000sqm TJ Beiyunhe Stat.: 278,000sqm SZ Longhua Depot Lot 206,000sqm Rail Total: 462.5km^ UK Crossrail: 85.5km UK LOROL Rebid: 167km Stockholm Pendeltåg: 210km Rail Total: North West Rail 36km China and International Growing Businesses in Hong Kong, China and International* Notes: *projects in non-italic and italic are committed and potential projects respectively. ^ First phase of Crossrail in UK (32.5km) has just commenced service on 31 May 2015. Full revenue service of MTR Express in Stockholm (455km) will be commenced in August 2015. If these two are included, total rail route length in Europe will be 950km. Hong Kong