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Windows Sql Azure Cloud Computing Platform


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Presentacion realizada en el Hotel Aurola Holiday Inn en el Evento de Grupo Asesor - Comunidad Windows


Eduardo Castro Martinez
Costa Rica

Published in: Technology
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Windows Sql Azure Cloud Computing Platform

  1. 1. Ing. Eduardo Castro, PhD Grupo Asesor en Informática
  2. 2. Working together with Microsoft to develop Cloud Based Applications Participation in World Wide Windows Azure Events Windows Azure and SQL Azure Training
  3. 3. SQL Server 2008 R2 High Availability and Windows 2008 R2 Group Policy Changes
  4. 4. Overview of SQL Server 2008 Major Enhancements from SQL Server 2008 to SQL Server 2008 R2
  5. 5. A sprint across the platform The platform in context A lap around the platform Anatomy of the commercial launch Q&A
  6. 6. Windows Azure SQL Azure Windows Azure platform AppFabric Developer tools Microsoft Codename “Dallas”
  7. 7. The “cloud” is 1000s of geo-distributed servers & networking Windows Azure is analogous to An operating system for the cloud The “operating system by analogy” provides Application hosting Automated service management Upload your code and “service model”; press START Durable storage at massive scale
  8. 8. Business Portal Developer Portal User Code REST Service Management Service Runtime Storage Cluster API Compute Cluster … … VM Setup VS Tools … Cloud VM WA SDK REST Desktop MSFT Datacenters
  9. 9. Flexible application hosting Lights-out service management Provide code & service model, hit ENTER Storage at massive scale
  10. 10. Business Reporting Data Sync Analytics Relational database as a service Highly available, automatically maintained Extension of the SQL Server Data Platform
  11. 11. "The resilience and reliability of this platform is some of the benefits that we are seeing." "We are feeling very confident to deploy that into a large-scale base as our customers pulls this." Secure connections between services Across organizational boundaries Claims-based access control
  12. 12. >>FUTURE Content brokerage and discovery platform Available as a CTP at commercial launch
  13. 13. Lap Around
  14. 14. Windows Azure Roles Client Applications Castellan.Azure Service Bus • Box Office sales • Ticket Printing • System Administration • Venue/Event Dynamic Distributed Partitioner Management http:// TicketDirect .* WCF Worker Cache Worker Worker • Partitioning (tasks uploaded as blobs) Windows Azure Storage On Premises Blobs to -- -- Tables to -- Queues for SQL Server store web and worker --- -- record & --- server communication between clients role partition and roles resources -- information Castellan Venue SQL Azure Castellan Castellan 1 Castellan Castellan 2 Castellan Castellan N Venue Venue Venue Castellan Venue Venue DB Partition(s Venue Venue DB Partition(s Venue Venue DB Partition(s ... DB’s DB’s DB’s Castellan.old (VB6) ) ) ) One application DB, many venue DB’s – each partitioned in to many parts (40+)
  15. 15. Componentized platform Use any subset of the services to build apps Build your own tools using service APIs Language agnostic application hosting Use any framework supported by Windows Language agnostic services Program against services using open web APIs Connected platform Integrate with on-premises apps, identity, etc.
  16. 16. > Developer Tools Storage Abstractions: Blobs, Tables, … Programming Model Service Management Load Balanced Partitions Replicated Data Store Service Model Processing; Service Health Model VM Image Deployment; Network Programming; VM Allocation Microsoft Global Datacenters Cloud infrastructure, built bottom up
  17. 17. Flexible service architectures LB Support for standard languages (Full Trust) Service healing
  18. 18. Service management as a service Enables lights-out service management Powerful service upgrade models Including in-place rolling upgrade
  19. 19. Blobs, Tables, Queues (New) Drives Use standard file system APIs Designed for the cloud For easy access, from anywhere For durability For massive scale
  20. 20. SDK Portal Hosted Service Storage
  21. 21. >>FUTURE Programming model Administrator privileges in the VM Deployment of pre-configured VM images Still obtain the benefits of the WA service model Storage User-selectable geo-locations for replicas Secondary indices on tables Service management Remote terminal server access to VMs
  22. 22. Business Reporting Data Sync Analytics
  23. 23. Relational database, provided as a service Highly symmetrical development and tooling experience (use TDS protocol and T-SQL) Highly scaled out, on commodity hardware Built on the SQL Server technology foundation Beyond “hosted database” High availability, DB provisioning, and DB management are provided by the service Pay for what you use
  24. 24. Business Reporting Data Sync Analytics  The Power of the SQL Data Platform in the cloud  Leverages existing skills and rich tooling ecosystem  Enables database applications with new, “cloud” capabilities
  25. 25. Highly scaled out relational database as a service Relational database service Browser • SQL Server technology foundation • Highly symmetrical SOAP/REST ADO.NET/REST - EDM HTTP/S HTTP/S • Highly scaled • Highly secure App Code (ASP.NET) Database “as a Service” – beyond hosting SQL Server Report Windows Azure Server Customer Value Props Compute (on-premises)  Self-provisioning and capacity on demand T-SQL (TDS) T-SQL (TDS)  Symmetry w/ on-premises database platform SQL Azure  Automatic high-availability and fault-tolerance Database MS Datacenter  Automated DB maintenance (infrastructure)  Simple, flexible pricing – “pay as you grow” - AD Federation (LiveId /AppFabric AC)
  26. 26. > > Account > > > > Server > > > Database > >
  27. 27. PDC 2009 1/1/2010 2/1/2010 Ready for Go-Live Start Billing End Free Period • South Central USA Global • North Central USA (Dec-2009) • Southeast Asia Availability • North Europe Service Update
  28. 28. Securely connect applications Over the internet Across any network topology Across organizational boundaries Primary application patterns Eventing: Notify applications and/or devices Service Remoting: Securely project on-premises services out to the cloud Tunneling: App-to-app communication with NAT/Firewall traversal
  29. 29. >>FUTURE Tools for data synchronization with SQL Azure Connect on-premises apps with the cloud Create cached-mode clients Built on Microsoft Sync Framework and ADO.NET Sync Services Sync Sync / Cach e
  30. 30. Provides outsourcing of claims-based access control for REST web services Key capabilities: Usable from any platform Low friction way to onboard new clients Integrates with AD FS v2 Supports WRAP / SWT Enables simple delegation Used today by Service Bus and “Dallas”
  31. 31. Billing Consumption-based and subscription offers SLA Support 24/7 phone support; developer forums Microsoft Pinpoint Marketplace List & discover applications and services Global availability Datacenter options in USA, Europe, and Asia
  32. 32. Consumption-based billing model Compute: Rent a VM by the hour Database: Rent a DB by the month Storage: Pay per transaction & data stored All: Pay per data transfer Various subscription offers are available
  33. 33. Platform availability 21 countries, 10 currencies, 5 languages 41 countries and 13 currencies in Mar 2010 Datacenter locations North Central US South Central US North Europe Southeast Asia
  34. 34. The Windows Azure Platform consists of Windows Azure SQL Azure Windows Azure platform AppFabric The Windows Azure Platform is designed to Host business-critical applications Lower the total cost of ownership Provide comprehensive functionality Support inter-operability
  35. 35. Go to Redeem your CTP tokens Free usage, with quotas, thru Feb 1 Visit the Windows Azure Platform lounge Try out the Hands on Labs Meet members of the team