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Phil Merrell - ILOA Hawaii Missions to the Moon


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Galaxy Forum, 21st Century Education, Galaxy Education, Education

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Phil Merrell - ILOA Hawaii Missions to the Moon

  1. 1. ILOA Galaxy Forum Hawaii 2012 – Waimea November 18, 2012 Title image...
  2. 2. International Lunar Observatory Association (ILOA) November 2012 Galaxy First Light Imaging & Exploration Steve Durst, Joseph Sulla, Phil Merrell ILOA / Space Age Publishing Company Hawai`i and California, USA  Galactic / Inter-Stellar  Earth – Moon / Inter-Global  Hawaiian  Multi-Functional
  3. 3. With four active lunar missions anda robust 21st Century Education program, ILOA continues to establish its position as a leader in the field of Observation / Astronomy from the Moon.
  4. 4. ILOA - 4 MissionsILO-1 Polar Mission ILO-X Precursor Mission(NET 2015) (NLT 2014)ILO – Change 3 Galaxy ILO Human ServiceImaging (2013) Mission
  5. 5. These four missions will allow the International ILOA Science Team - and through the Galaxy Forum,schools, teachers, and students - the opportunity to observe the Galaxy / Stars, local lunar environment and Earth with various wavelengths and from various lunar locations... helping to secure Hawai`i leadership in Astronomy for the next 100 years.
  6. 6. ILO-1: Observation & Communication From the Lunar South Pole
  7. 7. Lunar South Pole – Kaguya
  8. 8. Primary and Secondary ILO Mission Objectives: First Light Galaxy Imaging Initial landing site observation, local surveillance Earth observations: albedo, geocorona, etc. Search for Earth-like planets Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI) Analyze interstellar molecules to determine origin ofSolar System VLF observation Observe signs of life on Mars, Europa, Titan, etc. Search for dangerous NEOs Sun-Earth observations, solar storm warnings More
  9. 9. Astronomy from the MoonILO Galaxy First Light Imaging
  10. 10. Astronomy from the MoonSeyfert galaxies and QSOs
  11. 11. Why Galaxy Education, Consciousness &Awareness Are Important for the 21st Century: General Education – for primary, secondary higher, andhighest education: Knowledge, understanding of humanity’splace in the Universe – our Milky Way Galaxy occupies a mid-position domain between Solar System finiteness and Cosmosinfinity Higher Education: Astrophysics / Astronomy – Galaxystudies internationally are of increasing interest and value;study of our local stellar neighborhood for familiarity; center /central 10 parsecs with supermassive black hole is mostdynamic region of Milky Way History of Human Civilization / ArchaeoastronomyNASA, World Space Agencies – 21st Century Program andPolicy Development Advance through Galaxy understandingGalacticity – may be as important for the 21st Century, as isRelativity to 20th
  12. 12. ILO Imaging Galaxy Center *** 21st Century EarthRise Photo : 1968 / Apollo 8 *** 20th
  13. 13. ILO-X: Precursor Mission
  14. 14. High School Students Participating in ILO-X HS Computer Lab ILO-X Web Interface Instructions Content Communications Link ILO-X on the Moon
  15. 15. ILOA-NAOC MoU on Change 3Collaboration for Galaxy Imaging from the Moon in 2013
  16. 16. ILO Human Service Mission Now almost 40 Years since Apollo 17 Who will be the first to return?
  17. 17. Galaxy Forum ArchitectureMission: Advance 21st Century Education worldwide to providegreater global awareness, capabilities and action in Galaxyscience, exploration and enterprise. Locations: Venues & Partners: California, USA Silicon Valley, The Tech Museum Hawaii, USA Imiloa, Onizuka, CFHT, Kansas, USA Cosmosphere, Ad Astra Kansas Vancouver, Canada MacMillan, CSA Beijing, China NAOC, CNSA Shanghai, China SHAO, CNSA Bangalore, India JNP, BASE, ISRO, Prague, Czech Republic CTU, Czech Academy of Sciences, Tokyo, Japan Miraikan, NAOJ, JAXA New York, USA SHS, Hayden Planetarium Cape Town, South Africa SAAO, ASSA, IAU-OAD Expanding in 2012-2014 to Europe, Southeast Asia, South America, Antarctica
  18. 18. A Global / Interglobal Mission
  19. 19. International Lunar Observatory AssociationILOA to be Based in Hawai`iCenter of Pacific HemisphereGlobal Support Centers Maintain Hawai`i Preeminence inAstrophysics for Next 100 Years
  20. 20. Mauna Kea Summit Observatories 30m Telescope (TMT) 4206 meters / 13,796 feet elevation – tallest mountain in Pacific Ocean Global center of Earth-based astronomy 14 nations represented – Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, France, Japan, The Netherlands,Taiwan, United Kingdom, Hawaii / USA, India, China
  21. 21. From Hawai`i To The Moon: Pacific Space AccessInitiatives Ahead To Enable Hawaii Aloha Central Pacific Offshore Location To Rise As Portal To Space, Moon, Solar System, Galaxy, Stars, Beyond; Hawaii Enterprise And State Catalyzing New Pacific Space Access Constellation Of Independent Private Commercial Ventures Such As InterOrbital Systems, SpaceX, XCOR, Virgin Galactic, Space Age Publishing Co. And National Space Programs From Japan, Korea, Russia, Australia, Canada, USA, Mexico, Chile, Others; Honolulu, Oahu or Hilo, Hawaii May Emerge As Inviting Home Port For New Pacific Space Access Sea Launching Constellation
  22. 22. ALOHA! For more information about the ILO / ILOA, contact: Space Age Publishing Company ILO Association65-1230 Mamalahoa Highway, D-20 65-1230 Mamalahoa Highway, D-20 Kamuela, HI 96743 Kamuela, HI 96743 Phone 808-885-3473 Phone 808-885-3474 Fax 808-885-3475 Fax 808-885-3475 Email Email Web Web Keep up with our global events: Follow us on Twitter: @spacecalendar