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Galaxy Forum Hawaii 2011 Hilo - Phil Merrell


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Galaxy Forum Hawaii 2011 Hilo - Phil Merrell

  1. 1. ILOA Missions: Hawaii to the Moon Galaxy Forum Hawaii 2011 – Hilo 19 November @ Imiloa Astronomy Center
  2. 2. International Lunar Observatory Association Hawaii-based Non-Profit Dedicated to Establishing Multifunctional Observatories and Supporting Human / Robotic Build-out on the Moon International Lunar Observatory Association
  3. 3. Global / Interglobal MissionsWith Directors, Resources and Affiliates from Around the World International Lunar Observatory Association
  4. 4. ILOA - 3 Missions ● ILO-1 Polar Mission (NET 2014) ● ILO Precursor Mission (NLT 2014) ● ILO Human Service Mission International Lunar Observatory Association
  5. 5. ILO-1: Observation/Communication from Lunar South Pole International Lunar Observatory Association
  6. 6. ILO-X: Precursor Mission International Lunar Observatory Association
  7. 7. ILO Human Service Mission International Lunar Observatory Association
  8. 8. ILO Primary Mission Objectives● First Light Galaxy Imaging● Initial landing site observation, local surveillance● Earth observations: albedo, geocorona, etc. International Lunar Observatory Association
  9. 9. ILO Secondary Mission Objectives● Search for Earth-like planets● Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI)● Analyze interstellar molecules to determine origin of Solar System● VLF observation● Observe signs of life on Mars, Europa, Titan, etc.● Search for dangerous NEOs● Sun-Earth observations, solar storm warnings International Lunar Observatory Association
  10. 10. Lunar Commercial Communications:The International Lunar Observatory requires communications capacity to transmit astrophysical data to satisfy its primary mission. Bandwidth not utilized for astrophysical data transmission can be made available on a commercial basis. Commercial Usage of Additional Bandwidth Pre-sold Bandwidth Bandwidth Available Upon Emplacement Future Need (May be pre-sold when launch date set) Space Calendar Internet Search Engine Giants Specialty Advertising In Situ Communications Broadcast Search engine giants, such as Opportunities and MonitoringThis Space Calendar will Google and Yahoo, as well as Large corporations will be able to Capabilities for Robotic be transmitted from the other internet businesses, will be use a Moon email system to Project OperatorsMoon. Advertisers will pay able to purchase bandwidth and capture the attention and interest As the wave of robotic and a premium rate for use it to provide special services of consumers for products which mining/excavation transmission of their ads from the lunar surface, which may relate to any of the missions arrive on the from the lunar surface. might include local imagery. numerous associations modern lunar surface, they will do Interactive games may be culture attributes to Luna. so with the knowledge that developed which actually take communications and place on the Moon. surface monitoring capabilities in the region of Malapert Mountain and Shackleton Crater will be in place and available for purchase.
  11. 11.
  12. 12. ILO-X Global SystemsTechnology Demonstration Location: Top of Mauna Kea Date: December 19th Objectives: ● Coordination of collaborative multinational science teams ● Test & evaluation of ILO-X semi-autonomous & remote interface functionality ● Test & evaluation of ILO-X primary mission capabilities of observation & communication
  13. 13. Hawaii to the Moon● Hawaii aloha, visitor volume, facilities make it ideal for Space Tourism development Space Tourism = Commercial trips to space; also Earth- based attractions that simulate the space-experience● Premier astronomical observatories● Moon-like terrain used to train Apollo astronauts - Now a terrestrial prototype of an International Lunar Research Park is under development as test sight for Moon-bound technologies, methodologies and equipment● Pacific Space Access
  14. 14. ILOA = Hawaii to the Moon● ILOA World Headquarters and ILO Instrument Command and Control will be located on Hawaii● With the ILO Hawaii leadership in Astronomy / Galaxy research could be extended into the next century without further development on Mauna Kea summit International Lunar Observatory Association
  15. 15. ILOA Education & Outreach International Lunar Observatory Association
  16. 16. Galaxy Forum OverviewMission: Advance 21st Century Education worldwide toprovide greater global awareness, capabilities and action inGalaxy science, exploration and enterprise.Locations: Venues & Partners:California, USA The Tech Museum of InnovationHawaii, USA Imiloa, Onizuka, CFHT, Bishop PlanetariumKansas, USA Cosmosphere, Ad Astra KansasVancouver, Canada MacMillan, CSABeijing, China NAOC, CNSAShanghai, China SHAO, CNSABangalore, India JNP, BASE, ISRO,Prague, Czech Republic CTU, Czech Academy of Sciences,Tokyo, Japan Miraikan, NAOJ, JAXANew York, USA SHS, Hayden PlanetariumCape Town, South Africa SAAO, ASSA, IAU-OAD International Lunar Observatory Association
  17. 17. Resource Awareness / Access; ILOA Teachers Interest & AchievementGalaxy Forums in the Sciences; Higher Goals; Students 21st Century Perspectives; Students Go On To Create the Future in Ways We Cant Even Institutions: Imagine Now Schools / Universities Science & Space Centers Observatories / Space Agencies / Support / Resources for Teachers; Research Facilities / Knowledge & Theories; Exploration; Astronomers Technological Development; Sharing of Expertise; Synthesis of Ideas; General Public Galaxy Awareness; Cultural Importance of Science; World-Views; Transnationalism ; Key:Audience Outcomes International Lunar Observatory Association
  18. 18. Galaxy 21st Century Education Class Room Poster● Proposed Activity: ● Pre-quiz 1. Sketch the shape / structure of the Galaxy. Then mark where we are. 2. Name 2 Space Telescopes that have contributed to Galaxy research. 3. What type of Galaxy is our Milky Way? a. Elliptical Galaxy b. Irregular Galaxy c. Barred Spiral Galaxy d. Spiral Galaxy
  19. 19. Galaxy 21st Century Education Class Room Poster● Quiz Questions 1. Which star is among both the brightest and the closest stars in our Galaxy? a. Betelgeuse b. Sirius c. Proxima Centauri d. Vega
  20. 20. Updated Galaxy Forum Portal On ILOA Website● Information on Future Galaxy Forums; 2012 Provisional Calendar to be released shortly● Galaxy Forum Archives: 2008-2011 - All event resources / content available online including many excellent presentations - Dedicated Presentation Database is searchable and can be sorted by Name, Affiliation, Date, and Location● Galaxy Blog keeps up-to-date with cutting edge Galaxy research, imagery and learning resources
  21. 21. Galaxy Education ResourcesInternational Space University: Graduate-level training to future leaders of theemerging global space community at locations around the world. - Walter Peeters, PresidentThe Planetary Society: Inspires and involves the worlds public in spaceexploration through advocacy, projects, and education. - Bill Nye, Executive DirectorSETI: Mission of the SETI Institute is to explore, understand and explain theorigin, nature and prevalence of life in the universe - Seth Shostak, Senior AstronomerSpace Generation Advisory Council: Represents students and young spaceprofessionals to the United Nations, States, and space agencies. - Michael Brett / Catherine Doldirina, Co-ChairpersonStudents for the Exploration and Development of Space: Dedicated toexpanding the role of human exploration through education. - Daniel Pastuf, Chair International Lunar Observatory Association
  22. 22. Galaxy Education ResourcesChallenger Center: Learning Center Network gives students hands-onexperience in science, engineering, research and space missions. - June Scobee Rodgers, Founding Director and ChairmanGalaxy Zoo: ‘Citizen Science’ online astronomy project that invites members ofthe public to assist in classifying over a million galaxies. - Dan Andreescu, Kate Land, Chris Lintott, etc.UCLA Galactic Center Group: Leading Galactic Center research group,dedicated to researching the innermost regions of the Milky Way. - Andrea Ghez, Principal InvestigatorTeachers in Space, Space Frontier Foundation: Giving teachers theopportunity to experience space firsthand via NewSpace companies. - Edward Wright, Project ManagerFederation of Galaxy Explorers: Seeks to inspire and educate kids in spacerelated science and engineering, including Moon Base One Initiative. - Nicholas Eftimiades, Founder / Chairperson of the Board International Lunar Observatory Association
  23. 23. Local Galaxy Edu Resources● Imiloa Astronomy Center Imiloas mission is to honor Maunakea by sharing Hawaiian culture and science to inspire exploration.● Astronaut Ellison S. Onizuka Space Center An educational facility dedicated to the memory of Hawaii’s first astronaut who perished aboard the Challenger Mission in 1986. The Center’s interactive exhibits and videos tell the history of manned space flight, physics and daily life in space.● Observatories Resource, Information, Images, Programs, Talks, Workshops etc.
  24. 24. Local Galaxy Edu Resources● Galaxy Garden, Jon Lomberg The Galaxy Garden is a 100-foot diameter outdoor scale model of the Milky Way, mapped in living plants and flowers and based on current astrophysical data.
  25. 25. Space Age Publishing Company International Lunar Observatory Association ILOA Affiliates International Lunar Observatory Association
  26. 26. ALOHA!For more information about the ILOA, contact: International Lunar Observatory Association 65-1230 Mamalahoa Highway, D-20 Kamuela, HI 96743 Phone 808-885-3474 Fax 808-885-3475 Email Web International Lunar Observatory Association