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Galaxy Forum Kansas 2012 - Vicki Johnson


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To the Stars Thru Stem --- Galaxy Forum Kansas 2012 - Vicki Johnson

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Galaxy Forum Kansas 2012 - Vicki Johnson

  1. 1. Dr. Vicki S. Johnson Engineering Specialist, Sr. Cessna Aircraft Company Presented at the Ad Astra Kansas Foundation Galaxy Forum September 22, 2012*STEM = Science, Technology, Engineering & Math
  2. 2. Principal Investigator for NASA N+3 Phase II Contract:Protective Skins for Composite Airliners Background Technologies included: •Drag reduction through design and smooth surfaces •Composite materials •Advanced engines •Improved systems To get all the way to 70% To get all the way to 70% Phase 1 effort with GE Aviation required a change in the required a change in the developed a 2035 airplane that burns way we do things – way we do things – 70% less fuel than it would today protective skins protective skins
  3. 3. Current Composite Structure Future Composite Structure Protective Outer Skin Primary Structure for over Primary Loads, Environment and Structure Damage Prime/Pain Conductive skin tLightning Strike Frame (Lightning, EMI, Paint, Stringe Fill/Fai smoothness for r r laminar flow) Skin Stringe r Skin Energy Acoustic Foam Absorbing w/aluminum Foam foil (Impact, Sound, Thermal, Space Frame for wires, antenna’s, etc.)
  4. 4. Thermal Thermal Testing Testing Aesthetics & Aesthetics & Smoothing Smoothing Testing Testing Direct Effects of Direct Effects of Lightning Testing Lightning TestingImpact TestingImpact Testing Based on 173 panels tested, concept looks feasible. Next steps to refine panel materials and test again (25 panels)
  5. 5. Started working at the age of 4 sweeping out rooms, moving block piles, and sorting nails and screws Kids who are working are not in trouble! (Dad’s belief)When my 5th grade Math teacher told usthat mathematicians work with theirbrains and not their bodies I want to be a mathematician
  6. 6. First try:High School Math Teacher High School Math Teacher Next try: Love Math Science is ok Engineerin g
  7. 7. Soled on my 16th birthday afterFlew Cessna airplanes; fell in love failing my driver’s testwith them and flight
  8. 8. Love Math Science is ok Love airplanesDad recommended Mechanical Engineering so I could work in Aerospaceand then work anywhere when Aerospace was down.I stuck to my choice.Today I might make a different choice – Electrical or Software
  9. 9. Year Fall Spring Summer Negatives: 1 School School School Move every semester Small class schedules 2 Work School Work challenge 3 School Work School Positives: 4 Work School Work Experience in my field Money for school 5 School School Full-time A job when I graduated Work A quicker promotion Seniority – more vacationSchool = University of Missouri – Rolla (nowMissouri University of Science and Technology)Work = NASA-Langley Research Center, Full-time job atHampton Virginia NASA-Langley
  10. 10. Lifelong learning Other People’s Money! Six Sigma Black Belt 2009 Six Sigma MasterB.S., Aerospace Black BeltEngineering 20121982 Ph.D., Aerospace Engineering 1989M.S., Flight MBA in Management ofSciences 1985 Technology 2007
  11. 11. My Dad always told me that if I wound up unemployed, he wouldget me a 2-ton truck and a backhoe and I could go to work!
  12. 12. • AIAA = American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics• Free membership for teachers as Educator Associates• Membership Benefits • Apply for a $200 grant to push your science, math, or related academic agenda forward. • Gain access to AIAA members, engineers, scientists, researchers, and aviators in your area. • More classroom resources through AIAA educational partners. • Passport to the Future Teacher Workshops.