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Sameer S. Kanabargi is a mechanical engineer and a social entrepreneur and an innovator, designs and develops products that are eco-friendly and use renewable energy.

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  1. 1. With increasing concerns regarding global warming and environment change issues it is imperative but to opt for alternative energy source with is viable and a sustainable option to meet the rural energy needs.
  2. 2. <ul><li>In the Semi Arid region of North Karnataka cooking gas is expensive and not easily available for domestic use. </li></ul><ul><li>Villagers use natural resources like trees, coal and kerosene for their daily needs, which is a major cause of increase in Green House Gas (GHG) emissions. </li></ul>
  3. 3. <ul><li>Sameer S. Kanabargi a mechanical engineer from Belgaum, N. Karnataka recongnised the need to develop a cheaper and more environmental friendly option for daily cooking. </li></ul><ul><li>He is a social entrepreneur and an innovator, designs and develops products that are eco-friendly and use renewable energy. These products are easy to implement and low on maintenance. </li></ul>
  4. 4. Sameer believes that innovative and simple changes can make a difference in rural up-liftment and conserving natural resources by using Biomass alternative energy source. (Biomass can be defined as any material form of organic origin. Biomass energy is normally produced from firewood, agricultural residues such as bagasse, crop stalks, animal dung and wastes generated from agro-based industries)
  5. 5. Sameer is associated with projects for TERI, Delhi, TIDE, Bangalore, IIsc., Bangalore and ARTI, Pune. In his 15 years of experience, he has designed several products and have made them commercially viable.
  6. 6. MEDLERI CHARKHA FOR WOOL SPINNING This is foot operated and self-winding spinning wheel that greatly reduces time and provides excellent control over twist and size of yarn. MEDILERI CHARKHA FOR SPINNING SILK WASTE Medleri Charkha is adopted for spinning of non-reelable silk waste like pierced cocoons cooks waste and reeler’s waste. Innovative Craft based products
  7. 7. Karnataka state sericulture research and development institutes Bangalore and development Alternatives have successfully implemented these products for handicrafts and garment industries.
  8. 8. CARDING MACHINE Carding is an important operation in wool spinning. The final quality of the yarn depends on the quality at' carding. We offer a range of carding machines and openers.
  9. 9. COIR ROPE MAKING CHARKHA This incorporates Bicycle wheel supported by ball bearings and is useful in making primary strands which are subsequently used in making ropes using our other range of rope making machine
  10. 10. ROPE SPINNING CHARKHA This range of machines incorporate ball bearings to reduce fatigue and give smoothness during operation and also strengthen the final product.
  11. 11. This product is popularly used in many villages. This machine was developed by actual interaction of rope making community people. This machine can make rope from various materials like waste cotton, local jute, sisal fiber, waste plastic and nylon fibers.
  12. 12. SISAL FIBRE EXTRACTION This electric motor coupled machine saves 8-9 days of productive time by removing the pulp in a few minutes and thus enhancing the production capacity.
  13. 13. Sisal fiber is extensively used in making ropes, cords, doormats, industrial and various articles like shopping bags, coaster wall hanger, pot hanger tablemats and many other fancy article.
  14. 14. POTTERS WHEEL The potter’s wheel is a fatigue reducing machine, enhancing production
  15. 15. This machine is based on improved design incorporating ball bearings. This is again fatigue reducing machine enhancing production.
  16. 16. HEAT RECOVERY UNIT Heat Recovery unit ensures zero wastage of heat from a blowdown operation and results in saving of fuel in the boiler firing. Up to 80% of the heat in this discharged boiler water can be recovered with a properly designed heat recovery system. Innovative Solutions
  17. 17. The heat recovery unit is installed at the exhaust pipe of the chulas and used domestically as well as commercially to heat water. This product is in use at a bakery at Belgaum and for home use at Nippani.
  18. 18. DRYER The Biomass based Dryer is more cost effective option then the electric dryers as its Insulation retains heat for long time. 
  19. 19. The Biomass based Drier is successfully installed at 3 in one Cycle Brand Agarbatti Factory at Mysore. It is used to drying fragrance sticks and to dry Agricultural / Industrial / & food products.  
  20. 20. GASIFIER Gasifier is a device that converts biomass to ‘Producer Gas’, which is a mixture of different combustible gases. A Biomass Gasifier converts solid Biomass such as wood, Wood Waste, Briquettes of Sawdust and agro-based residues into a combustible fuel through a thermo chemical process.  
  21. 21.   Gasifier is used in Bleaching / dyeing in fabric or yarn stage, Lead processing oven, Cocoon cooking oven, Community cooking at hotels, Dhabas, canteens, bakery, Khava Making, Puffed rice making, Aluminium Billet Melting And for all other type of Thermal Application
  22. 22. Three Pan Cooking Stove This cooking Stove is suitable for large scale cooking and Savings on fuel cost, as it requires less fuel.
  23. 23. This product is a commercially viable for large-scale community cooking at hotels, Dhabas, canteens and bakery. This is being used at Kuber Mess at Majgoan Belgaum.
  24. 24. Dosa tava & Turbo Stove This innovative Biomass product retains heat for long time and is economical option then LPG.
  25. 25. This product is domestically used for cooking at home, Dhabas, canteens. This equipment is installed at Hotel Uday Bhavan Belgaum and Turbo Stove for Noodle Industries and home use.
  26. 26. Solar Backup Water Heater Is an economical product which is attached with solar geyser and is useful during rainy seasons when there is very less sun light for Solar heater.
  27. 27. Sarai cooker This cooker only uses 100 grams of charcoal for cooking. It is designed to retain heat for long time and a good economical option
  28. 28. Papad Press This is based on CFTRI Design, our legs are stronger than our hands, so this machine is foot operated to give higher productivity.
  29. 29. Water Heaters Coir Rope Charkha More products Boiler with Portable_Tank Anila ole Carding machine
  30. 30. You can Help ! Buy for a Product Volunteer your Services Gift to a project Gift to a family Help the villagers and small organizations with a nominal investment. They seek your support and contribution WWW.LEELADESING.IN