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Performance management workshop


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Performance management workshop

  1. 1. Managing PerformanceHow to get the best out of youremployeesDeeside Enterprise CentreThursday 6thJune 2013
  2. 2. Employment LawRachel Reid Justine Watkinson•Justine is Head of the Employment LawTeam•Extensive expertise in advising onexecutive appointments andterminations, drafting of contracts ofemployment and handbooks,redundancy, disciplinary and grievance•Extensive experience in advisingcompanies including aerospace,automobile and logistics•Specialties include advising on Tribunalclaims, disciplinaries, grievances,discrimination, redundancy, businessreorganisations and industrial relations
  3. 3. Overview• Company Assets• Typical problems with employees• Reasons to Manage Your Staff• Understanding the Law• How to manage your staff – Procedures/Top Tips• Dismissal – a last resort?• Aventi – HR/Employment Law Service• Q&As
  4. 4. Company Assets• View your employees asfinancial assets• Invest time in recruitingand managing youremployees• Nurture your employees
  5. 5. Typical problems with employeesDo you have these problems in your work place?• Too much chatting• Lateness• Frequent errors• Slow worker• Using mobile phones• Inflexibility• Persistent absence
  6. 6. Reasons to manage your staffSir Alan Jones, Chairman of Toyota UK:“Wherever you work, your job as a manager is tomake your people be the best they can be – andusually they don’t know just how good they couldbe. It’s individuals that make the difference”.Engaging for Success: enhancing performance through employee engagementA report to Government by David MacLeod and Nita Clarke
  7. 7. 5 Reasons to manage your staff1. Return on Investment (ROI)2. Costs of recruitment3. Increase morale4. Affect on other employees5. Managing managers’ time
  8. 8. Understanding the LawWhen is a dismissal fair?•Employer must have apotentially fair reason fordismissal•Employer must have acted reasonably
  9. 9. Understanding the Law5 Fair Reasons - Employment Rights Act 1996•Capability•Misconduct•Redundancy•Statutory restriction•Some Other Substantial Reason
  10. 10. Understanding the LawWhen can an employer be said to haveacted reasonably?•Depends on the circumstances, thesize and administrative resourcesavailable to the employer•The employer was correct in treatingthe poor performance issues as a reason todismiss•Determined in accordance with the merits of thecase(s.98(4) ERA)
  11. 11. Understanding the LawReasonableness…•ACAS Code of Practice•25% increase on compensation for an employer’sfailure to follow the Code•Importance of setting the standards
  12. 12. How tomanage your employees?
  13. 13. Disciplinary or capability?1.Deliberate misconduct2.Poor performance
  14. 14. Informal or Formal Process?Informal•Early stages of a problem that do not causeserious concern•Communicate with your employees•Informal chat and refresher training•Remind employees of the standard expected ofthem•Motivate a change in performance•Is there an improvement in performance?
  15. 15. Informal or Formal Process?Formal•No improvement following informal chat•Invite to a formal meeting•Issue a warning•Set out a training plan and KPIs•Set time period for improvement
  16. 16. Top Tipson managing performance• Setting the standards• Managing the standards• Training your managers• Training your employees
  17. 17. Setting the Standards• Staff Handbook• Contractual• Policies/guidelinesspecific to an individualrole or department• Job description
  18. 18. Managing the standards• Appraisals• Make a record of performance or behaviouralissues• Redundancies – objective measures• Review, update and introduce newpolicies
  19. 19. • The standards need to be understood at the top• Manage the managers• In-house training• External training e.g. dignity at work,system trainingTrain your managers
  20. 20. Training your employees
  21. 21. Dismissal – A Last Resort?
  22. 22. Aventi• Aventi offers tailored, dedicated and personalemployment law and HR support• Developed a support service that will providepeace of mind and can adapt and grow with you• Our Aventi team are dedicated to providingproactive and timely advice and expertise• Employer liability Insurance