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A2 filming to do


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Media Deadlines

Published in: Education
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A2 filming to do

  1. 1. A2 Media To do…
  2. 2. • Filming needs to complete by the end of January. Check the OCR criteria, but a range of shots means just that and anyone who doesn’t do this will not get a B • Ancillary tasks should be completed by the end of January • Music videos MUST have some lip-synching. The moderator referred to the absence of this last year • A short film must have some diegetic sound and dialogue – again, although we have got away with this in the past, we were pulled up for it last year so it won’t be happening this time around
  3. 3. • Editing needs to be complete by the end of February • Courteney and Cory need to be finished by the end of February too • You will get NO extra time in class for this because you’ve had enough and you’ve been told right from the start • Your blogs need to be updated. Some of you have little evidence of progress. There should be at least 60 blog posts since September
  4. 4. • At the end of February, I’d like to be able to exhibit ALL coursework to both A Level classes so you can get some feedback for your blogs • It will be possible to make alterations after this date to improve your work • You’ll be given sheets to help you with the evaluation. You must address the questions given and you must vary the methods of presenting answers – you can have more than one method per answer but the answers must be labelled clearly. No variation and you won’t even get Band 3 never mind Band 4
  5. 5. • You MUST film part of your evaluation and do it in a way that allows you to illustrate your final product and talk about it. You will NOT get into Band 3 or band 4 if you’re not prepared to do this. • You will, of course, get the opportunity to make changes to the evaluation • If anyone has not completed the work in time to hand in the marks (and this will be by the end of April), you will be marked on what you’ve done, not what you say you’ll do over the next few days, because I’m not prepared to put other people’s marks at risks.
  6. 6. • You’ve all got excellent marks at AS and to maintain or improve them, you need to work hard. • As ever, if you’re stuck – ASK • But don’t leave it until the last minute