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July 10th 2014 - to use with members from multiple Unions

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July 10th 2014 - to use with members from multiple Unions

  1. 1. I am the NUT Rep. I have invited members of other Unions who are also asking members to strike on 10.7.14 because my understanding is that there’s no school Rep for those here. You are more than welcome to call a Rep from the Union that you are part of to meet with you. However, I am happy for you to stay in this meeting in which I’ll cover GLOBAL issues in Education, which are causing members to take Industrial Action.
  2. 2. Unions that are uniting on 10th July 2014 NUT PCS Unison GMB Unite FBU
  3. 3. The problem!
  4. 4. The problem with G.E.R.M. Retire at 68 ● use SMART boards ● playground duty ● teach P.E. ● implement new initiatives ● school trips
  5. 5. The problem with G.E.R.M. Pension contributions doubled.
  6. 6. The problem with G.E.R.M. ● Forced changes in the curriculum ● The idea that QTS isn’t important or required ● Forced academisation ● Schools being forced to form mini Local Authorities to make academisation economically viable ● Portability of pay - Heads to pay what they think staff are worth! ● Increments will no longer be received automatically if targets are met
  7. 7. Rapid changes that are noticeable ● Schools without a staffroom ● Breaks & lunches at different times to stop staff meeting
  8. 8. Rapid changes that are noticeable ● Dividing Unions e.g. NAHT has created a sub-section for middle management encouraging them to leave other Unions ● School places crisis caused by handcuffing the LEA ● Tests, tests and more tests ● The use of capabilities disproportionately with women over 50 and Caribbean/Asian women
  9. 9. Monitor, monitor and monitor some more! Monitoring teachers has become vast and vague. Previous agreements and guidelines are being ignored as schools monitor through observations, drop-ins, children’s books, learning walks and more. This is all part of G.E.R.M.
  10. 10. Staff meetings Staff meetings no longer being led by staff! Another way to control and limit discussion. The focus on Training, rather than, being used to enable a forum to discuss some of the following examples:- ● a policy, ● behaviour, ● exam arrangements, ● the structure of the school day ● concerns
  11. 11. Workload in Primary
  12. 12. Workload in Secondary
  13. 13. Workload vs pay
  14. 14. PRP - national concerns An outstanding lesson, by its very definition, MEANS it stands OUT! Are we being set up to fail when schools want 80% - 100% of lessons to be outstanding? ‘Working towards’ or ‘hopes to’ is softer than ‘80% amount of lessons WILL be...’
  15. 15. But they’re getting paid anyway! We get an increment during our first 5 years of teaching. The pay rise is separate! So when others argue that we’re getting a pay rise; getting one & not the other is not the same.
  16. 16. What did the last action do for us? 1. Those who are 50 can retire at 60 instead of 68 2. Some will still get their tax free lump sum 3. We’ll be a couple of thousand better off when we receive pension 4. The STRB are listening and saying no to the Government - this has NEVER happened before!
  17. 17. Who should stand up for Education? The older teachers, because they have nothing to lose!? The younger teachers because they will be working in the system until, dare I say it? 68! Staff who WERE senior & respected 2 years ago are finding themselves on capabilities! Everyone needs to unite & Stand Up for Education!
  18. 18. Fast forward to September 2014 ● Schools will receive 1% extra but they will not have to give it to all staff ● Will cuts result in ALL staff who HAVE met their targets, NOT receiving a pay increase? ● Ofsted will correlate pay with performance and seek justification from schools
  19. 19. It’s not personal This is not a fight with the Head of your school! It’s about changing this system which is being forced on us rapidly! A system which views staff as worthless and disposable. Whether you’re going on strike or not; don’t tell the Head! They will then need to act on the basis that all the members will be going on strike. This is likely to mean it’s unsafe to keep the school open, so they will be forced to close it. Legally, Heads need to give 24 hours notice if the school is going to be closed. This action WILL make a difference!
  20. 20. Is it worth it? Look at the net pay you receive each month & divide it by 30 to get a rough idea of how much you'll lose on 10.7.14 Is it worth it? Losing that amount to create better working conditions?
  21. 21. Something to ease a possible burden... Ask your Union if they have a Hardship Fund so that you can take part in the Industrial Action and not feel the pinch. Clarify how much, if at all, partaking in the action will affect your pension. If it’s nominal, is it not worth it?
  22. 22. Your pension - information directly from Unison
  23. 23. I’d like to leave you with three thoughts...
  24. 24. Thought one... Most people join a Union to get something FROM it. If we we're weak & we don't GIVE; we reduce their chances of helping us achieve what WE need!
  25. 25. Thought two... If you’re not going to go on strike on 10.7.14, the Government will say that those who didn't strike, SUPPORT the Government! Do you?
  26. 26. Thought three... Your Head will look at how strong the membership is and evaluate what they can or can’t get away with.