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Crystal Healing Presentation

Guide to better understand the vibration and energy of crystals and healing uses.

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Crystal Healing Presentation

  1. 1. Crystal Healing “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” Nikola Tesla
  2. 2. All things in the Universe Vibrate with Energy
  3. 3. All Things are Filled with Energy • All natural things vibrate to their own rhythms, just as every molecule in the universe vibrates with its own energy signature. • Every cell in your body is vibrating, even now. And so it is of rocks and crystals. It's easy to see how living things are filled with energy - not so easy to understand that "inanimate" objects are indeed vibrating with energy. • The coffee in your cup. The cup. Even the table holding the cup has energy. Look at your own hand. The blood is coursing through your veins, and each droplet, could you examine it under a high enough magnification, it would be vibrating to a recognizable rhythm. • It really is all about vibration and we are re-discovering the power of crystals and how they can support us.
  4. 4. CRYSTAL ENERGY • Crystal energy is the vibrations that crystals, rocks, stones or fossils give off. • Some have a higher vibration than others depending on their structure, mineral content, color, shape, size and age. • Crystal energy is not a new concept – it has been around for thousands of years with ancient civilizations harnessing the energy of crystals. • The Ancients believed that, not only are there physical energies in the body, but that there are various spiritual energies as well. • The concept underlying Crystal Healing is that the invisible spiritual energies of the body, (the Kundalini or the Chi, etc.) can be realigned through the natural vibrations of various crystals. • We are only now remembering this information and bringing it back into our daily lives. • The idea that the body has spiritual energy is very ancient, and is, indeed, the very underpinning of the very modern practices of Acupuncture, Reiki, Crystal Healing and some forms of Yoga.
  5. 5. ROCKS & STONES • It’s important to understand the origins of the crystals, rocks and stones we work with and the differences, terminology etc. • Rocks can consist of a single mineral or of several minerals that are either tightly compacted or held together by a cement-like mineral matrix. • The three main types of rock are igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic. Simply put, stones and rocks are simply an aggregate of minerals which have fused together and did not get to express themselves as crystals. • Collect stones and rocks that call to you while your in nature. Look while your hiking in a forest or walking on a beach for stones that your intuitively drawn to. Use these stones to enhance your crystal grid.
  6. 6. CRYSTALS • Crystals are classified as minerals, but not all minerals are crystals. • Crystals are only those whose atomic structure are regular and form a crystalline pattern. A crystal is a mineral whose basic atomic structure has arranged itself into one of seven crystal systems. These seven systems are cubic, tetragonal, hexagonal, trigonal, orthorhombic, monoclinic, and triclinic. • A crystal will always have the same internal structure no matter what it looks like. This repeating pattern is known as a crystal lattice. A crystal is a mineral in its most stable form and every crystal of the same mineral will have flat faces meeting each other at identical angles and once crystallized, a mineral can remain unchanged for millions of years.
  7. 7. MINERALS • A mineral is a naturally occurring, solid, inorganic element or compound having a uniform composition and a regularly repeating internal structure. • Minerals typically have a characteristic hardness and color, or range of colors, by which they can be recognized. • Minerals are inorganic in nature, although we do include organic material such as amber, coral and pearl as part of the mineral kingdom. • Resin Amber is a resin. It is tree sap that has hardened over millennia. So although not a crystal, rock or stone it is used for the purposes of crystal healing.
  8. 8. FOSSILS • Fossils are the petrified remains of plants or animals that died away millions of years ago that, over time, have turned into stones. Minerals, such as quartz, agate, jasper, etc. often mix with sediment that result in a fossil. Amber, Jet, Petrified Wood, Sand dollars, and Ammonites are some examples of fossils. • Ammonites have absorbed cosmic energy over eons of time and help to stimulate the life force(Chi). • Petrified Wood, forms when a tree has died and silicon dioxide forms in place of the wood that degrades until there is no wood left, only Quartz. • Use Fossils around a home or at work to create a harmonious and organized atmosphere. They can teach us to be aware of the cycle of life and to embrace change with a feeling of security.
  9. 9. FEATHERS & PLANTS • The feather represents the element of air, of the intellect and the realm of thought, which is the first step toward creation. Bird feathers are symbols of the wind, the mind and new opportunities. • Macaw feathers can help us to increase our psychic and spiritual development by heighten our perceptions, our intuition, understanding of our inner voice. Macaw energies help with calming emotional anxieties and bringing about a sense of balance. • Ancient, mystical, and magical, there are so many meanings for flowers. For thousands of years flowers have been given as tokens and symbols of love, friendship, affection, intentions, accomplishment and sympathy. • The beauty in a flower evokes unexpressed thoughts and feelings that are sometimes difficult to find words for, and give or receiving of flowers opens our hearts to the vulnerable tenderness that so desires expression.
  10. 10. CRYSTAL HEALING What it is? • Crystal healing is a holistic healing modality that uses the vibrational qualities of the stone to bring balance to the subtle energy system which is the basis of dis-ease. How it works? • Our bodies are a complex, cells, structures and systems. When they are in tune, we feel wonderful. However, if one aspect of our body goes “out of tune” crystal healing can work to bring our body back into alignment and promote wellbeing
  12. 12. CRYSTALGRID Heal yourself • A crystal grid is a configuration of crystals or stones in a geometric pattern that is charged with energy in order to achieve a specific goal. • Crystal grids amplify positive energy to manifest goals - attracting money, abundance, romantic harmony, inner peace, optimal health and protection from negative energy. • Crystal grids are also very effective for clearing negative energy from the home, a relationship, or any situation.
  13. 13. CRYSTALGRID Heal Your Home • A home crystal grid can sometimes be more powerful than using a single crystal for an intended goal. • Crystal grids are made in the home or gardens by the placement of stones in a geometric pattern or at energy pathway entrances throughout the property for the specific purpose of directing energy toward a goal or away from the area.
  14. 14. CRYSTALGRID Heal The Earth • Grid lines are all around our planet. Energy flows thought out the earth every day, the planet itself has numerous lay lines and energy vortexes. • Ancient civilizations use to build there monuments and street structures around the concepts of ley lines and the earth’s grid systems. • So what do we do? We can stabilize them using crystals and crystal grids to counteract the negative energy that there is an over abundance in most cities and house holds.
  15. 15. CLEANSE Sea water tides, cold tap water, rain water, potted plant dirt, soil of the earth, moon light, bury in sand, bury in brown rice, bury in sea salt, sage smoke, smudge, pass through candle light, quartz cluster or geode, sound vibration, or the power of your intention
  16. 16. CHARGE Sunlight, moonlight, earth, charging crystals, your personal energy & intention
  17. 17. DESIGN Crystal power center, sacred geometry, color with intention, include goal and name, use breath and intuition to guide you.
  18. 18. How to Choose the Right Crystals • The crystals most suitable for making a crystal grid are those of the quartz family – for the simple reason that quartz crystals are the most powerful amplifiers of energy. • The quartz family includes clear quartz, smokey quartz, rutilated quartz, tourmalinated quartz, citrine, amethyst and rose quartz. Most of the time clear quartz is the crystal of choice, because its energy frequency is neutral and it can therefore be used for virtually any purpose you wish to program it for.
  19. 19. • Clear quartz is versatile and powerful in transmitting and transmuting energy, and it is also a good healer crystal. Another reason to go for clear quartz is a practical one: it is not as costly as the other members of the quartz family that tend to be pricey. • Smokey quartz is wonderful to transmute negative energies, but because of the hard work it does it will also need more cleansing. It has a very grounding energy, and is excellent if you want to ground negativity into the earth. • Rutilated quartz, sometimes also called angel hair quartz has all the beneficial effects of quartz amplified by the rutile inclusions which make it a very high energy crystal and great conductor. It is however a high cost crystal and it is not easy to get a good sized specimen at an affordable price, let alone five of them for a crystal grid! • Tourmalinated quartz combines the properties of quartz with those of tourmaline. Usually the inclusions are of black tourmaline which is a great crystal for warding against negativity energy attack. Tourmaline is also wonderful to protect against electromagnetic attacks. When you hold a piece of pure tourmaline in your hand you can actually feel the piezo-electric effect, a kind of buzzing or mild stinging. • Citrine resonates with the solar plexus, our power center and the seat of the “sun” in Yoga tradition. It has a more fiery energy and like the rays of the sun that banish all darkness it helps overcome dark emotional states and keeps us positive. Combined with its self-cleansing power it makes a great crystal for keeping vibrations high. It may not be the best choice for a crystal grid in your bedroom though, as its solar power may make sleeping more difficult. You want to have more lunar gemstones and crystals in your bedroom! • Amethyst is quite a protective member of the quartz family. It helps with dreaming and spiritual practices such as meditation. Since ancient times amethyst has been believed to ward against evil and bad luck and alleviate drunkenness or overcome addictions. A pure amethyst crystal grid with good sized points may be beyond many people’s budget. The vibration is however very nice and would be especially good for psychics and mediums, and anybody working with dreams or meditating on a regular basis. This is the crystal grid par excellence for a meditation room. • Rose quartz is a gentle crystal with a soft peaceful energy. It works on the heart chakra and brings the energy of self-love. Unfortunately it is the weakest member of the quartz family and won’t be able to withstand attacks of strong negativity. It also needs frequent cleansing, making it unsuitable for a protective crystal grid, though you may always set up additional rose quartz crystals around your room if you want to bring this energy in. Don’t forget to cleanse your rose quartz regularly or it may accumulate a lot of negativity and heavy energies. Besides, it might be quite difficult to find suitable points of reasonable size which have naturally grown into a six-sided termination.
  20. 20. Other Attributes to Look for in Crystals • Firstly, try to get crystals with natural terminations. If you think of setting up an amethyst grid, for instance, you may get crystals cut into a six- sided “crystal” shape, but really what you have may be a chunk of amethyst that was artificially shaped into a point. And worse, often during the crystal carving large chunks of quartz are cut into all kind of shapes and NOT along the natural axis of the crystal where the energy flows. I have seen quite a lot of artificially cut quartz wands that felt really dreadful because they had been unlovingly cut by machines without any understanding of the energies of the crystal. These crystals do not emit a proper energy flow out through the tip. Avoid these types of crystals in general and do not use them for a crystal grid. • Secondly, size isn’t everything. You want to consider the clarity of the crystal, whether it is a natural point (that includes crystal points that were polished without changing the original shape of the termination), and the overall energy of the crystals you are utilizing. I have had great success with small crystals even. • Generally quartz points of two or three inches should be powerful enough for general purposes. If you can afford to get very large crystals, by all means do so. But it really isn’t essential at all. • Our general drawback is to see only the physical form of things, instead of the spiritual energy, the reality behind matter. It is strange how even the most spiritual of people fall into this trap and think bigger is better, or more expensive means better quality etc.
  21. 21. ACTIVATE Intention setting comes from within, it is not that we have to come up with something new. More importantly, choosing the appropriate power word or phrase to adopt for visioning must be able to elicit an emotional response from us. Power comes when we are able to connect deeply with the meaning behind the word, phrase or motto.
  22. 22. 30 POWER WORDS A to Z • 1. Power Word: Abundance Power Phrase: Inter-align with Abundance, Living in Abundance. Power Action: Be expansive, let go of resistances and have a reverence for life. • 2. Power Word: Action Power Phrase: Just Do It, A thousand-Mile Journey Starts with a Single Step, Inspired Action. Power Action: Take inspired action, avoid procrastination. • 3. Power Word: Authenticity Power Phrase: Authentic Expression, Be Who I am, Use My Voice. Power Action: Connect to the truth of who I am. • 4: Power Word: Balance Power Phrase: Balance is Key to Wellness; Yin and Yang. Power Action: Make time for priorities in life, restore inner and outer balance, study feng shui elements, go for yoga. • 5. Power Word: Be Power Phrase: Just Be. Power Action: Focus more about being than doing, practice patience, just breathe. • 6. Power Word: Clarity Power Phrase: Insight, Be Awake, See Clearly. Power Action: See big picture, avoid getting too caught up in the content of the story, practice insight meditation, wisdom from insight. • 7. Power Word: Courage Power Phrase: Live My Dreams, Fly. Power Action: Take risks, be bold, go on adventures, master courage to do things differently. • 8. Power Word: Creativity Power Phrase: Creative Ideas on Tap, Creative Artist. Power Action: Engage imagination, play and possibility. • 9. Power Word: Dream Power Phrase: Dare to Dream, I Dreamed a Dream, Dream Big, Dreams take Flight! Power Action: Open myself to possibilities, engage in imagination. • 10. Power Word: Equanimity Power Phrase: Equanimity, Quality of Equanimity, Non-Attachment. Power Action: Practice equanimity i.e. calm, centered, balanced and mindful awareness of the impermanence of things, sensations and experiences. • 11. Power Word: Freedom Power Phrase: Freedom from Fear, Financial Freedom, Freedom to Live. Power Action: Let go of resistances, free to make choices. • 12. Power Word: Gratitude Power Phrase: Gratitude is Gold, Gratitude Rocks, Gratitude Now. Power Action: Practice gratitude, count my blessings and share my gifts.
  23. 23. • 13. Power Word: Harmony / Peace / Serenity Power Phrase: Let my Breath be my Guide; Love the Moment, Peace of Mind. Power Action: Make peace with every moment, learn qi gong. • 14. Power Word: Health Power Phrase: Health is Wealth Power Action: Practice mindful eating, make healthy food choices, exercise, stay healthy mentally. • 15. Power Word: Intuition Power Phrase: Intuitive Awareness, Intuitive Intelligence. Power Action: Awaken and develop intuitive abilities. • 16. Power Word: Joy Power Phrase: Enjoy the Journey, Live it Up, Celebrate, Live Now, Happiness is Key to Success. Power Action: Choose to be happy whatever the situation is, be light hearted, celebrate every small thing! • 17. Power Word: Laughter Power Phrase: Lightness of Being, Laughter is the Best Medicine. Power Action: Look at the humor in each situation, avoid taking things too seriously, have fun. • 18. Power Word: Love Power Phrase: Love Thyself; Love is All Around. Power Action: Practice unconditional self love and love for others. • 19. Power Word: Money / Prosperity / Wealth Power Phrase: I am a Money Magnet, Multiple Streams of Income, Financial Freedom Power Action: Shatter limiting money beliefs, adopt prosperity consciousness, worry less but keep vibrations up. • 20. Power Word: Oneness Power Phrase: We are One. Power Action: Let go of separation. • 21. Power Word: Possibility Power Phrase: Open to Possibility, Dwell in Possibility. Power Action: Open to receiving, practice non-judgment, try new experiences. • 22. Power Word: Power Power Phrase: Step Into Power, Awaken My Potential. Power Action: Let go of fears, step up, take charge. • 23. Power Word: Presence / Mindfulness Power Phrase: Live in the Now. Power Action: Practice mindful awareness, give quality attention to the moment, meditate. • 24. Power Word: Responsibility Power Phrase: Live Deliberately, Take Charge, Power To Change. Power Action: Commit to inner change, less blame of others, conscious living. • 25. Power Word: Share Power Phrase: Spread Love, Share my Divine Light. Power Action: Practice loving kindness, lend a helping hand, share my gifts. • 26. Power Word: Success Power Phrase: I am a Winner, Success is Constancy to Purpose. Power Action: Think success, dream big. • 27. Power Word: Smile Power Phrase: Window to My Soul, Language of Love. Power Action: Smile to strangers, neighbors, etc. • 28. Power Word: Space Power Phrase: Make Space. Power Actions: Clear the clutter, switch off TV, meditate. • 29. Power Word: Spirituality Power Phrase: Connect with God/Source/Guides, “I am a Spirit with a Human Experience”. Power Action: Adopt good values, live consciously, mindful of ego, take wise actions, reverence for life, etc. • 30. Power Word: Wellness Power Phrase: Mind-Body-Spirit Harmony, Self Nurture. Power Action: Make time for relaxation, de-stress, release negative emotions, let go of old baggage.
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