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IC-SDV 2019: Minesoft


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Minesoft, founded in 1996, develops patent information services and solutions, linking technical, legal, bibliographic and full text patent information for patent professionals and research specialists.
Minesoft's products and services are used by leading corporations, national Patent Offices, patent attorneys and law firms globally.
Minesoft develops fast, effective document delivery solutions, a range of competitive intelligence services including patent alerting and monitoring tools, a patent family & legal status portal delivering the latest data for over 40 countries, a searchable patent database of over 48 million records, patent archiving, advanced viewing tools and more.
In May 2003, Minesoft and RWS announced their agreement to develop PatBase, a new searchable patent database designed by experts in the complex art of search and retrieval of patent information. The first public demonstrations of PatBase in November 2003 received critical acclaim from expert patent searchers for the intuitive and feature-rich interface. PatBase is a comprehensive new search resource for patent and R&D specialists worldwide, covering 100 countries.

Organised into extended patent families, each invention is represented by one individual record, making it easy to see in which countries a filing for patent protection has been made. PatBase is an ideal resource for conducting daily patent & technology searches. Rapid delivery of competitive intelligence, integrated searchable full text, PDF delivery and legal status reports bring PatBase to the forefront of today's searchable patent information tools. PatBase is regularly updated with new data and new search features and is now established as a leading patent resource.

PatBase Express, developed in partnership with RWS and released March 2006, provides an easy-to-use end-user corporate-wide solution. PatBase Express allows the most up-to-date scientific research and competitor information contained in patent documents to be accessed throughout an organisation.
Minesoft products can be customised to individual corporate requirements.
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IC-SDV 2019: Minesoft

  1. 1. Welcome IC-SDV 2019 Nice, France Mélanie Bridier
  2. 2. Minesoft - Specialists in Patent Information
  3. 3. New PatBase Interface • New streamlined and intuitive design • Extra buttons added to command line for easier navigation
  4. 4. New Export tool • New streamlined and intuitive design • Save a template with preferred format, fields to include and choose how the data is sorted • Time-saving and easy-to-use
  5. 5. New Citation Analysis • Quickly spot who the most influential players are in a technology area
  6. 6. Introducing PatDocs • Family tree mapping • Auto-populate IDS forms • Family legal reports • Simple to use search • Quantity search • Powerful machine translations • Integrated PatentOrder
  7. 7. US PAIR Alerts • Results sent by email • Monitor status, file history, transaction history and continuation events • Direct link to file history • Direct link to the Family Tree • Available now
  8. 8. New sketcher • Query atom properties e.g. ring bond count, substitution count, match multiple elements • Query bonds e.g. ring/chain topology, match multiple bond orders
  9. 9. New family report: Export by patent family • Export matching structures grouped by patent family • Location of structure in patent indicated • Links back to PatBase family with links to show the structures in their full-text context
  10. 10. New product launch…
  11. 11. Store data in one secure location An IPShare Project is an exportable collection of patents and non-patent literature, there is no hard limit on the number of documents that can be stored in a project. Filter by information shown in the document table, i.e. type of document, title, publication number etc. Quickly check the assigned ranking, labels or if there are any unread chat messages All recent activity on the project is shown here Import patent numbers and NPL Create new highlight sets, add new label categories, access the exporting options, alter the permission levels on the project, or search across the project.
  12. 12. Encourage collaboration Collaboration is encouraged through chat messages for each document and the ability to highlight and annotate sections of a document. All messages & annotations can be deleted once resolved. Annotate sections of the document Multiple highlighting sets can be added to a project Chat messages are available for each document The action history tracks all changes made to a document
  13. 13. Thank you Don’t miss Daniel Lowe’s presentation tomorrow morning: Physical quantity search with the simplicity of keyword search Visit the Minesoft stand for more information…