Hants RDA
  Annual Review
   2008 - 2009
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The Hants Regional Development Authority is a forward-
looking organization established to support and advan...
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Client Stories

On behalf of the Board, I wanted to
give a big thanks for all your help and
contributions to our cause. We...
                                                                                          The Hants RDA's strateg...

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Hants RDA Annual Review 2008-2009


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A written review of the Hants RDA's 2008-2009 fiscal year. Presented at the annual general meeting on June 4, 2009 in the Mount Uniacke Fire Hall.

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Hants RDA Annual Review 2008-2009

  1. 1. Connect Hants RDA Annual Review 2008 - 2009
  2. 2. CHAIR’S M C MESSAGE E This T year was a turning-poi for the Han RDA. In my first year as C int nts y Chair, I saw the t incredible dedication o our staff and volunteer directors as the Hants RDA e of d e reinvented its I would pa r self. articularly like to thank the staff for a job well done e b over the past 12 months. o This T year will be remember for a globa recession w red al which has affeccted the careers of ove 200 Hants C c er County residen But I hope it will also be nts. e e remembered locally for the way the Hants RDA has ste r e epped up to b become aggressive on economic de a n evelopment. The T Hants RDA is a strong ““tool in the too olbox” for Han County’s b nts businesses, community groups, munici c ipalities, and f provincial/ for /federal depar rtments. Those who make use of the RDA’s services, and partne with the RD on projects T e er DA s, are a seeing the incredible va e alue this organnization can d deliver. Together, as a region, we ca make great progress ove the coming year. We can T an er g n pull p out of this recession an ride the eco nd onomic growt that will fol th llow. The challenges will be to increa partnership and maintain focus on th real c ase he priorities. I encourage all ou partners to recognize wh incredible things we p ur hat can c achieve b working eve more close together. by en ely EXECUTIV DIRECT VE TOR’S ME ESSAGE The T past year has seen sign nificant changes at the Hant RDA. Under the ts r leadership of our 12 volunt teer directors, we have ignit a new pur ted rpose for our organization: as a connecto supporting a web of part o or tners and clien This nts. purpose is no expressed t p ow through four c core service areas: Regiona Promotion, al Business Deveelopment, Community Dev velopment, an Advocacy. T nd Thanks to extensive plan e nning and har work over t past 2 years, the Hants R rd the RDA has become the h b high-performa ance organization our regio needs right now. on t Like other par of Nova Sco and Cana rts otia ada, the Hants County econ s nomy is currently expe c eriencing a do ownturn. Leadding employers have been f forced to lay- off o workers, or temporarily shut down pr roduction in o order to remain competitive. Since Decemb we have b c ber, been working with our part g tners and clients to resp c pond. Yet, in spite of the glo obal slowdown and its significant local impacts, the r i region is still e experiencing s successes that deserve to be celebrated. t We W are particu ularly proud to share the su uccess stories of two Hants RDA clients in n this t report. Dr Abbey Kirum r. mira’s Biomedica Diagnostic Systems, and Wallace c d Point Fjords run by Kathy MMonroe and Nancy Barmore are testaments to Hants e, County’s pote C ential. Our ma clients and partners are having an incredible any d e impact on the region’s pros i e sperity. Thank you to all tho businesses, community k ose y groups, gover g rnments and i individuals wh have asked us to be a pa of their ho d art success this ye s ear. I am proud of the Hants RD achievements over 200 f DA’s 08-2009. And I know that we w have neve been in a be er etter position to deliver resu than we a now, ults are during the clim out of this recession. d mb s 2 | Hants RDA Annua Review 2008-20 H al 009
  3. 3. THE HANTS RDA The Hants Regional Development Authority is a forward- looking organization established to support and advance community economic development in Hants County. From its offices in Windsor and Elmsdale, the Hants RDA works with businesses, community groups and all three levels of government to champion the interests of Hants County locally, regionally and internationally. The Hants RDA is one of 13 Regional Development Authorities in Nova Scotia. It was incorporated in 1997 under the Regional Community Development Act at the request of the four municipal governments in Hants STAFF County. Governed by a volunteer board of directors, we receive funding from the municipalities of East Hants and Front row seated (L to R): Jane Crosby, BA, FTT (Assistant Development Officer); Viorica Sporea, BA, CITP (Regional West Hants; the Towns of Windsor and Hantsport; the Promotion Officer); Chantelle Marshall, BA (Operations Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency; and the provincial Manager); Rebecca Turner (Administrative Assistant). departments of Economic & Rural Development and Community Services. Back row standing (L to R): Pat Gould-Thorpe, BSc, BEng (Community Development Officer); Ryan MacNeil, BBA, Our key task is to develop and implement a regional MAES (Executive Director); Wendy Aird, BA, MBA strategy. The current strategy, “Connected. 2008-2011.”, (Business Retention & Expansion Officer). was developed in 2008 through extensive public and stakeholder consultation. It focuses the Hants RDA on “making the connections that help Hants County achieve sustainable prosperity.” To this end, we connect new tourists, residents and entrepreneurs to Hants County through Regional Promotion. We connect our clients to new skills and resources through Community Development and Business Development. And we connect Hants County to outside decision makers through Advocacy. The Hants RDA is committed to transparency and accountability. We are an ISO 9001:2000 registered organization, which means that we have adopted policies and procedures that meet international standards for BOARD OF DIRECTORS continuous quality improvement. Our ISO registration is Front row (L to R): Beth Caldwell (Industry, West Hants), maintained through an annual external audit. In October Ryan MacNeil (Executive Director), Chair Rick Gaudet 2008, we introduced our first quarterly “performance (Councillor, West Hants), Treasurer Laurie Murley scorecard”. These new quarterly reports build upon our (Deputy Mayor, Windsor) ISO system to provide the board, funders, and stakeholders with reliable and balanced information on Back row (L to R): Shannon Cunningham (Councillor, Hantsport), John Patterson (Warden, East Hants), Roger the organization’s performance. The Hants RDA is the first Gerrard (Board Advisor, NSERD), Creelman MacArthur RDA in Nova Scotia to report performance on a quarterly (Small Business, West Hants) basis. Missing from photo: Vice-Chair Jim Smith (Education, Hants East), Mike Bishop (Natural Resources, Hants West), John Bregante (Tourism, Hants West), Gordon Dickie (Natural Resources, Hants East), Beth McNeill (Small Business, Hants East), Brian Banks (Board Advisor, ACOA), Wendy Keen (Board Advisor, DCS). Hants RDA Annual Review 2008-2009 | 3
  4. 4. Regional Promotion Business Development Welcomed Kathy Monroe and Provided business retention & Nancy Barmore (USA), Neal and expansion support to 21 businesses, Elizabeth White (USA), and Anthony including 57 referrals to partners Kawalski and Jonathan Twinley (UK) and colleagues. to Hants County under the Nova Reached an agreement with the Scotia Nominee Program. Municipality of East Hants for Immigration nominee Dr. Jeremy cooperation on Business Retention Mission Statement Lee’s company (Sustainable Fish and Expansion in East Hants. Farming Canada) completed the Helped a local company secure a "To make the connections that help Hants first phase of construction at its County achieve sustainable prosperity." significant business deal with a aquaculture facility in Centre Japanese multinational, through Burlington. the BR+E program and the support Vision Statement Formed the “Halifax International of many partners. Marketing Alliance” in partnership Provided four workshops titled, “So "Sustainable prosperity with Greater Halifax Partnership, for Hants County." You Want to Start a Business” Colchester RDA, Kings CED Agency, throughout the year. Sixty and Lunenburg-Queens RDA. individuals participated and learned Values Statement Completed the “Hants County how to start a business in Hants Tourism Strategic Action Plan” County. "We value genuine progress that connects through consultants at the social/cultural diversity and environmental Piloted a small business coaching Economic Planning Group of stewardship with economic growth." program. Nine small business Canada and funding from Hants owners/managers each received RDA, ACOA, and the Department of three one-on-one coaching sessions Tourism, Culture and Heritage. from an Acadia University Business Completed the “Hants County Professor. Human Capital Analysis and Action Co-hosted (with the West Hants Plan” through consultants at Mount Chamber of Commerce) the annual Allison University’s Rural and Small “shop local” Christmas fair at the Town Programme. Downtown Windsor Mall. Partnered with Nova Scotia Business Developed (through the Hants BR+E Inc to complete an investment Local Action Team) an action plan in readiness assessment of Hants response to the global economic County. slowdown, and a partnership Printed 200 copies of the popular approach to supporting displaced Cemetery Maps for the Destination workers. Hants Shore Association. Worked with the Job Resource Collected 50 resumes for an NSBI Centre to organize job loss client considering business in the workshops in response to layoffs in Elmsdale area. Hants West. Provided sponsorship and administrative support to the “East Hants Tourism Forum”, hosted by the municipality on February 26. Sponsored the Central Nova Tourism Conference in Truro and spoke about Hants County Tourism during the luncheon. 4 | Hants RDA Annual Review 2008-2009
  5. 5. Community Development Advocacy Helped the Windsor Day Care Secured $15,000 in funding from The Hants RDA and all four secure $675,000 in funding for a the Department of Tourism municipal councils wrote to the major expansion. (Heritage Division) for phase one of Premier regarding the importance the Planters 250th Anniversary of continued railway service from Helped the Windsor Business project. Halifax to Hantsport. Deputy Enhancement Society secure a Helped “Hockeyland” plan a public Premier Angus MacIssac replied that grant for its waterfront summer meeting in Windsor to discuss the government is aware of the issue concert series. facility’s future location. and sees connections to the Atlantic Provided local support for the Gateway Project. province’s Broadband for Rural Helped the Walton & Area Development Association secure Wrote to Minister Peter MacKay Nova Scotia project, including funding from the Municipality of regarding decision-making delays presentations in Windsor and East Hants, Nova Scotia Economic at ACOA. Elmsdale for municipal councilors and staff. Development, and the Atlantic Ryan MacNeil was selected to chair Canada Opportunities Agency and the planning committee for a joint Facilitated a meeting of the “Fort then use this funding to complete a “Population Policy Forum” between Edward Committee”, resulting in a “Walton & Area Development Plan”. the province’s RDAs, Chambers of short-term action plan to pursue Wrote a newspaper article on Commerce, and UNSM. development at the National Historic Site. securing summer student funding Provided support and advice to and provided advice to a number of consultants working on a report to Hosted a Downtown Revitalization community groups on their funding prevent the closure of Hantsport discussion (with the Town of applications for 2009. School. Windsor, WBES and WHCC), followed by an “Inspiration and Developed a Summary of Non- Co-hosted a presentation on the Action Session” for key stakeholders profit Funding programs available Bay of Fundy Tidal Energy Project in Windsor’s “Downtown & in 2009 and distributed the with the Hantsport & Area Business Waterfront Revitalization” on document in print as well as on the Association and Minas Basin Pulp & February 9. website. Power. Supported KSEED’s successful 2nd Helped the Brooklyn Civic Centre Participated in the provincial Annual 84th Regiment submit a funding proposal to the government’s “Let’s Talk Tourism” Homecoming. Atlantic Canada Opportunities session in Windsor, and raised the Agency. issues of road conditions on the Helped KSEED access funding for Through the Windsor Community Hants Shore and the need for a Bay the 225th Anniversary of the Inclusion Committee helped of Fundy Tourism Plan. Founding of Douglas Township being held in Kennetcook. connect people with disabilities to Helped organize an announcement community activities. in Elmsdale by Premier MacDonald Participated in a visit by Premier Helped The Place Near and Far Art and Minister Scott regarding the Rodney MacDonald to the Gallery secure funding to host an art Nova Scotia Industrial Expansion Shubenacadie Tin Smith Shop competition to stimulate awareness Fund. Museum. of East Hants communities and Ran a local public relations The Cheverie Salt Marsh Restoration history. campaign to provide information Site completed its interpretive Assisted with the initiation of the about Hants County and the centre plan and initial trail Community Halls Cooperation economic slowdown. construction. Project which has resulted in The Hants County Arts Council cooperative projects and joint hosted its second Annual “Festival marketing for participating halls. of Art”. Began partnership discussions with the Shubenacadie Canal Commission toward long-term tourism and business development along the Hants County section of the Canal system. Hants RDA Annual Review 2008-2009 | 5
  6. 6. Client Stories On behalf of the Board, I wanted to give a big thanks for all your help and contributions to our cause. We couldn’t have done it without you! - Shelley Bibby, Windsor Day Care Dr. Abdullah Kirumira, CEO, BioMedica Diagnotic Systems Photo by Oliver Childs for Extremely satisfied and grateful for the Hants RDA. their assistance which has benefitted us by allowing us to access The Robin Hood of Canada’s biotech industry government programs that we might not have otherwise known about. Ugandan-born scientist-turned-entrepreneur, Dr. Abdullah Kirumira has developed a cutting edge business model that takes from the rich and gives to - Anonymous feedback the poor. And in his case, it’s proving to be more than just a sophisticated way from a BRE client survey. to redistribute income – it’s an award-winning strategy. Since fleeing Uganda in the 1970s, Dr. Kirumira, 53, dreamed of providing The depth of resources provided by affordable health care in Africa, where he estimates accurate diagnosis could cut the RDA through Pat Gould-Thorpe mortality rates by as much as 25%. Dr. Kirumira’s company, BioMedica was exceptional. Diagnostic Systems, now uses the proceeds from international sales of reagents that diagnose heart disease and thrombosis, to offset the R&D costs of his “lab in - Lee Hennigar, Kennetcook a box” technology. The portable labs are being sold throughout Africa, the Society for Economic and Caribbean and Latin America, through bodies like the World Health Environmental Dev. Organization. In January, Dr. Kirumira won the prestigious Technology Pioneer Award from the Excellent service and a real sense of World Economic Forum for “successfully using technology innovation…to caring for our business. Keep up the bridge the north to south economic disparity.” The award was his second major good work. international prize in as many years - in 2007 he won a Bioscience Innovation Award from The Economist magazine for his 1993 invention of the world’s first - Anonymous feedback rapid acting HIV test, which is currently sold internationally. from a BRE client survey. Through its Business Retention and Expansion Program (BR+E) the Hants RDA has helped BioMedica tap into international demand. While Dr. Kirumira focused Hants RDA staff have given us great on developing his cutting edge research and technology, the Hants RDA helped help with our revitalization of our promote his company to national and international audiences. In addition, the waterfrontage. RDA helped to arrange networking opportunities with international visitors to Nova Scotia, all of which has led to exciting new business opportunities. - Gerta Hudson, Walton & Area Development “Two of the projects Wendy has completed for BioMedica, in its effort to Association internationalize our business are beyond reproach,” says Dr. Kirumira. “The professionalism and timely turn around are particularly commendable.” “The Hants RDA’s BR+E program helps foster an environment where companies like BioMedica can stay in Nova Scotia and compete around the world,” says executive director Ryan MacNeil. “It’s an example of sustainable development at its best.” 6 | Hants RDA Annual Review 2008-2009
  7. 7. Partners The Hants RDA's strategic plan, "Connected." recognizes the vital role of partnership in achieving sustainable prosperity for our region. To this end we have made "partnership strength" one of the key performance indicators in our balanced scorecard. “Ready To Go” by Ed In September we conducted our Mattie, commissioned by first annual survey to gauge the NovaFjords and currently showing at UTATA strength of our partnerships and Gallery, Windsor. identify ways to strengthen our network. The headline result was Chomping at the Bit 3.9 points out of 5.0 on partnership strength. Until recently, Kathy Monroe was the hard-driving CEO of an electronic banking company based in south-western Wisconsin. But a 2002 trip to a Nova Scotia Thank you to the many organizations that collaborated horse farm turned her formidable focus east. Monroe and her partner Nancy with us this year: Barmore traveled to Antigonish to learn techniques for carriage-driving with their favourite breed of horses: Norwegian Fjords. Norwegian Fjord horses are − ACOA ideally suited to Nova Scotia’s hardy climate. And over the course of several trips − Acadia Centre for Social & Business to the province, Monroe and Barmore discovered Nova Scotia suited them Entrepreneurship equally as well. − Annapolis Digby Economic Development Agency − Bay of Fundy Tourism Partnership There was just one problem: neither Monroe nor Barmore were landed − CBDC Hants-Kings immigrants yet, and the process could mean years in waiting. Things changed − Central Nova Tourism Association when federal MP Scott Brison suggested the couple approach the Hants RDA for − Colchester RDA assistance. After evaluating Monroe’s plans and experience, executive director − Centre for Women in Business − Dept. of Community Services Ryan MacNeil wrote a letter of recommendation in support of their landing − Dept of Foreign Affairs & papers, which helped speed up the immigration process significantly. International Trade − Destination Southwest Nova “The Hants RDA put us on a faster track which has allowed us to make this vision − Dept. of Health Promotion a reality far sooner than we could have otherwise,” says Monroe. With this − Dept. of Labour & Workforce assistance, their immigration was approved in a remarkable seven months. Development − Dept. of Tourism, Culture & Heritage “Immigrants bring new ideas and fresh thinking to rural communities,” says − East Hants & District Chamber of MacNeil. “Our community will benefit from the expertise, job creation and Commerce know-how Kathy Monroe can bring to our area.” − FutureWorx Job Search Centre − Greater Halifax Partnership − Hantsport and Area Business Five months after leaving the helm of a financial services company, Monroe’s Association vision for Wallace Point Fjords ( is nearing reality. − Job Resource Centre Construction on the horse farm, including a 60-foot covered round pen and − Kings CED Agency supporting equine facility, will commence this summer. Here, Kathy and Nancy − Lunenburg Queens RDA will breed Norwegian Fjords and sell them to customers throughout North − Municipality of East Hants − Municipality of West Hants America. They have already formed a cooperative with four local Norwegian − Nova Scotia Association of CBDCs Fjord breeders, and commissioned dozens of Hants County artists to produce − Nova Scotia Association of RDAs Norwegian Fjord-inspired art, which is currently showcased at Windsor’s Utata − Nova Scotia Business Inc. Gallery. This summer, they will also capitalize on Nova Scotia’s growing wine − Nova Scotia Community College industry by planting a vineyard. But the former CEO warns she’s barely gotten − Nova Scotia Economic and Rural started. Development − Town of Hantsport − Town of Windsor “I’m so thrilled to be here – and so eager to get going.” − West Hants Chamber of Commerce Hants RDA Annual Review 2008-2009 | 7
  8. 8. 1-877-284-2687 East Hants Resource Centre Suite 200-1, 15 Commerce Court Elmsdale, NS B2S 3K5 Fax: (902) 883-3024 Enterprise Centre of Hants County Box 2313, 80 Water Street Windsor, NS B0N 2T0 Fax: (902) 798-3254