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B)Right Idea’S


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A thought provoking overview of our Organisational Innovation programme of ideas to action

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B)Right Idea’S

  1. 1. (b)Right IDEA’sOrganisational Game Changers<br />INSIGHTS TO ACTIONS<br />9/4/2009<br />© 2009 Shinergise Partners Ltd.<br />
  2. 2. Overview & Principles<br />Background<br />Over the last 30 months Shinergise has participated in several organisational development consultancy projects.<br />In doing so we have identified some common patterns of challenges and stumbling blocks that organisations have in common and routes to success that organisations could share.<br />(b)Right I-D-E-A’s<br />Discovering INSIGHTS<br />Establishing DIRECTION and DEVELOPMENT needs<br />Managing ENERGY, EXPECTATIONS and EXECUTION<br />Resource Planning and Implementing ACTIONS<br />9/4/2009<br />© 2009 Shinergise Partners Ltd.<br />
  3. 3. (b)Right IDEAsINSIGHTS<br />TIME PRESSURES block INSIGHTS<br />Many organisations are failing to develop their own internal insights because they lack the facilitation skills to develop them, however this is hidden behind some common challenges<br />Individuals complain of lack of time<br />Teams complain of lack of opportunity<br />Leaders complain of reporting pressures<br />Developing insights takes time but it also creates time; one of the most instinctive and insightful approaches is based around Appreciative Inquiry, consider the following mental can-openers<br />“Think of a time when…”<br />“What if we could…”<br />“If we had the following additional resources we could…”<br />9/4/2009<br />© 2009 Shinergise Partners Ltd.<br />
  4. 4. (b)Right IDEAsDIRECTION & DEVELOPMENT<br />COMMON CHALLENGES, COMMON OUTCOMES<br />Frequently organisations are failing to create alignment and a sense of shared direction<br />Individual managers set a direction for their departments<br />Individual divisions set a direction for their business strategies<br />Individual operating companies fail to leverage group strengths<br />This lack of common direction leads to frequent false starts, over-committed resources and failure to deliver innovation on time and in full<br />“Lost in the wilderness” is how some functional experts express their feelings when it comes to a lack of strong direction<br />9/4/2009<br />© 2009 Shinergise Partners Ltd.<br />
  5. 5. (b)Right IDEAsDIRECTION & DEVELOPMENT<br />FAILURE TO ENGAGE = FAILURE TO EXECUTE<br />Team teleconferences that drain energy<br />Team meetings that fail to address common agendas<br />Tasks that “fall between two stools”<br />Tasks that get 90% complete, but never get finished to the functionality and quality levels required<br />FAILURE TO COACH = FAILURE TO DEVELOP<br />Experts at all levels, from apprentice to master craftsman to CxO benefit from development coaching yet few organisations make this possible on a positive “forward leaning” basis<br />9/4/2009<br />© 2009 Shinergise Partners Ltd.<br />
  6. 6. (b)Right IDEAsENERGY, EXPECTATIONS & EXECUTION<br />Creating New Energy. Delivering New Results.<br />LEAN organisations abound and with it the common “initiative fatigue” factor of people who have been asked to do more with less, achieve higher results with lower resources.<br />Organisational fatigue is a growing by-product of the economic crisis and like physical fatigue is typically the result of a lack of organisational fitness.<br />Shinergise’s tag-line exists for a reason, it conveys what we do and what results from it. Our clients engage with us to inject fresh energy into organisational development challenges – to bring fresh insights, fresh minds and together identify fresh solutions.<br />9/4/2009<br />© 2009 Shinergise Partners Ltd.<br />
  7. 7. (b)Right IDEAsENERGY, EXPECTATIONS & EXECUTION<br />Managing Expectations = Shared Vision, Mission and Values<br />There is widespread agreement with the insight that many organisations lack common purpose and common direction.<br />A lack of shared VISION creates a disparity of expectations.<br />A lack of shared MISSION creates a diversity of activities.<br />A lack of shared VALUES creates a divergence of behaviours.<br />Re-establishing a shared Vision, Mission and Values programme is regrettably an activity that is frequently outsourced to creative agencies or delegated to a sub-group in the organisation – this frequently leads to a “smoke and mirrors” PR re-launch that completely fails to address underlying issues.<br />VMV is a leadership challenge, to be owned and executed as a primary responsibility of the leadership team – Shinergise facilitates it, we co-own it during development but it ultimately belongs to the organisation and not the consultancy therefore we build the programme round your organisation needs and your leadership agenda.<br />9/4/2009<br />© 2009 Shinergise Partners Ltd.<br />
  8. 8. (b)Right IDEAsENERGY, EXPECTATIONS & EXECUTION<br />RACI Planning<br />Responsible – Accountable – Consulted – Informed<br />An essential element, particularly when many organisations are operating as a series of geographically dispersed teams – clarity of roles and responsibilities is essential, Shinergise helps our clients achieve this with the minimum of fuss and a clarity of execution that eliminates doubt and delivers immediate communication efficiencies.<br />Communicate  Influence  Impact<br />An integral part of the “CREAT!VE CONVERSATiONS” model, Shinergise works with client teams to improve the quality of their communication processes, ensuring a better team dynamic and sustaining organisational alignment.<br /> Agenda Engineering<br />Critical set of teamwork behaviours designed specifically for geographically dispersed teams.<br />9/4/2009<br />© 2009 Shinergise Partners Ltd.<br />
  9. 9. (b)Right IDEAsACTIONS – save some money today!<br />If you are agreeing with the thoughts and views expressed in this document, then you will most certainly agree with the next step… …TAKE ACTION!Give us a call on +44 771 700 6782 ordrop us an e-mail at<br />9/4/2009<br />© 2009 Shinergise Partners Ltd.<br />