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The Leadership Pipeline

A brief Summary of book "The Leadership Pipeline" by Ram Charan, James Noel & Stephen Drotter.

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The Leadership Pipeline

  1. 1. Atul Gurav PGDM 2
  2. 2. Authors Stephen Drotter Ram Charan James Noel
  3. 3. Its depend upon work originally done by Walt Mahler & Stephen Drotter at GE Implied to corporate, non-profit & public organisations
  4. 4. The leadership pipeline clarifies specific responsibility and values by defining the work that to be done in order to be successful at his or her current level.
  5. 5. Group Manager to Enterprise Manager Business Manager to Group Manager Functional Manager to Business Manager Managing Manager to Functional Manager Managing others to Managing Manager Managing Self to Managing Others
  6. 6. Skills Time Application Work Values LEARN
  7. 7. Is He/she a good leader? Is He/she a good leader of others?
  8. 8. Manager 1: Achieving results through his own sales skills Manager 2: Achieving results by developing skills of people reporting to her Story
  9. 9. Unique Purpose & Unique Result
  10. 10. Achieve results through personal proficiency, managed yourself and act as a team player. Individual Contributor
  11. 11. Achieve results by ensuring a target setting, assessment and performance feedback Leader of others
  12. 12. Selecting and developing right leaders for others to work for him. Building a efficient unit that drives Productivity, efficiency & alignment across the value chain. Leader of Leaders
  13. 13. Creating Functional Excellence competitive advantage then competitors. Part of Business Team Functional Leader
  14. 14. Development of strategy by assembling right functional team and make them work together Business Leader
  15. 15. Which business should enterprise grow and what business should divested. Right Business Leader to manage business reporting to him. Group Leader
  16. 16. Plan about short term and long term goal, communicate internally and externally.
  17. 17. Benefits of the Leadership Pipeline 1. Reduces emotional stress by minimizing skipped leadership passages 2. Helps people move through leadership passages at the right speed
  18. 18. Improve performance by clarifying roles and creating performance standards. My Learnings Identifying future leaders, assessing their competence, planning their development and measuring the results. Identify problems and possibilities in leadership pipeline.
  19. 19. Thank You