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Excellence in Execution with speakers notes


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Excellence in Execution with speakers notes

  1. 1. Excellence in Execution Keynote
  2. 2. 10%
  3. 3. NINE
  4. 4. the whole strategy implementation challenge. underestimateLeaders
  5. 5. “One of the criticisms we would have of some of our colleagues who have studied strategy (and some consultants who advice on strategy) is that they assum e that once you design strategy it gets executed” STRATEGY IMPLEMENTATION Joseph Bowler, Professor of Business Admin Harvard Business School “They don’t lookinside the process and realize that its much more complicated.”
  6. 6. Leaders are educated to plan not to implemen
  7. 7. Leaders are educated to plan not to implement We only teach strategy, not its implementatio n
  8. 8. Why Does Implementation Fail? 90% Failur e Rate
  9. 9. Top Six Reasons Implementation Fails Bridges Research 1. Strategy is long-term and they run the business short-term/ quarterly 2. Leaders underestimate the implementation challenge 3. Leaders are trained to plan not to execute 5. People do not understands what the new strategy is, why we need it and how it impacts the business 6. Failing to align everyone in the organization to take the right actions 4. Implementation never goes according to plan
  10. 10. STRATEGY IMPLEMENTATION © Bridges Business Consultancy Int, 2010 The Story of Strategy Implementation so far…
  11. 11. + The Current Equation Vision, Mission & Values Strategy Change Management = RESULTS xNOT FOR NINE OUT OF 10 COMPANIES +
  12. 12. What do the one in ten companies do different?
  13. 13. Implementation Challenge Vision, Mission & Values Change Management Implementation Go beyond traditional change management Strategy Creation
  14. 14. Implementation is Impossible without People Engagement Are you motivating employees to be involved in the implementation and do they know what action to take?
  15. 15. Create a Sense of Urgency Explain why you need a new strategy both emotionally and logically.
  16. 16. Successful Communication Evolves Two Waves Is everyone constantly communicated to about what’s working, what’s not and what’s going to happen next?
  17. 17. Is everyone constantly communicated to about what’s working, what’s not and what’s going to happen next? © 2010 Bridges Business Consultancy Int All Rights Reserved What is the goal of communicating strategy?
  18. 18. Is everyone constantly communicated to about what’s working, what’s not and what’s going to happen next?
  19. 19. Align Processes to the New Strategy Do staff members have an opportunity to change the daily processes to meet the requirements of the new strategy?
  20. 20. Changing Pay Grabs People’s Attention Are the behaviors and actions required to implement the new strategy encouraged and reinforced?
  21. 21. People Support Biz Case Urgency Communicate What’s Happening Measure Performance Culture Alignment Process Synergize Reinforce Right Actions Review Discipline of Doing Implementation Compass Summary
  22. 22. 2. What worked? Discussion Questions 3. What did not workwell? 1. Identify an implementation you were involved in? 4. What did you learn? 5. What would you do differently going forward fromwhat you have learned fromthis presentation?
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