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The Positive Leadership Approach


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Published in: Business, Education
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The Positive Leadership Approach

  1. 1. THE POSITIVE LEADERSHIP APPROACHTimes are tough for most businesses. Aggressive competition, new techniques, globalmarkets, demanding customers, disengaged employees, and a severe downturn in theeconomy are putting unprecedented pressure on many companies who must rethink theway they do business in order to survive and prosper.We work with these companies. Our clients come to us because they are facing a definingmoment – a challenge or opportunity that forces them to rethink how they do business. Wehelp them to define a response to their challenges and emerge as a stronger and morecapable company.We believe that the results currently achieved by any organisation are not delivered bychance. And although influenced by factors outside its control (not the least of which is thecurrent economic crisis) they also have a great deal to do with factors within its control –most notably the interaction between business strategy, leadership practices andoperational capability.Positive Leadership works with its clients to:  Translate strategy into action  Conquer critical business opportunities and challenges  Enhance competitive advantage  Increase value delivered to stakeholders  Identify new and future opportunities.We do this with you by:  Defining what good leadership looks like for your organisation  Creating dialogue, common vision, and shared commitment to facilitate achievement  Orientating activity towards the bottom line (ie a deliberate ‘business’ focus)  Disseminating leadership throughout the organisation  Building teams of leaders and leaders of teams  Providing mechanisms for individual, team and organisational development – that specifically impart relevant knowledge that can be used immediately.©2011 Positive Leadership Limited
  2. 2. THE POSITIVE LEADERSHIP MAPFOCUS* and VALUES are the two crucial ingredients for attaining RESULTS.An organisation can have a great vision (focus), but if the requisite values are absent, it is unlikely toachieve the expected results. Values define the means by which an organisation is led; withoutthem, vision-critical attributes like accountability, initiative, passion or the determination to getthings done may not be consistently delivered - the commitment and capability necessary forstrategic execution will be under-powered.Likewise, the values might be present, but if the business is not going in the right direction or if ateam is not connected to an organisation’s direction, considerable valuable resource will be wasted(being busy but not productive) or eroded (frustrated key talent departs). It is imperative thereforethat focus is provided and values are geared towards the execution of strategy, thereby enabling thedelivery of results.©2011 Positive Leadership Limited
  3. 3. The team at Positive Leadership will help you to:  FOCUS YOUR STRATEGY, PROCESSES AND PEOPLE ON WINNING  IDENTIFY THE POSITIVE LEADERSHIP VALUES THAT WILL DIFFERENTIATE YOUR ORGANISATION FROM THE COMPETITION and DELIVER THE DESIRED RESULTS  REALISE YOUR VISION. Focus*  Communicating the vision and strategy; reinforcing the message at regular intervals  Aligning processes and key competencies to the vision and strategy of the business  Connecting roles and jobs to the vision and strategy, ensuring individuals understand what and how they need to contribute to translate the vision into reality  Measuring contribution against expected outcomes  Reviewing progress and adopting remedial action as appropriate.©2011 Positive Leadership Limited