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Video report


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Video report

  1. 1. School of Architecture, Building & Design Foundation in Natural & Built Environments Social Psychology [PSYC0103] Project- Research Report & Group Presentation Members: Michelle Wong Sook Yin (0322362) Soo Yon Li (0322821) Chloe Sim Tiing Ern (0322930) Melvyn Poh Ern Meng (0322653) Yee Jyh Lin (0322408) Mohammad Hafiz bin Zainal (0322504) Lecturer: T. Shankar Group Session: Monday (1-3pm) Submission Date: 7th December 2015
  2. 2. Content 1) Acknowledgement 2) Introduction 3) Methods of Filming a. Apparatus / materials b. Video making apparatus c. Procedure d. Process e. Video taking f. Data compilation & Presentation 4) Discussion a. Concept and Definition b. Storyboard Design & Script c. Application and Analysis 5) References 6) Appendix
  3. 3. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT First and foremost, we would like to thank our Social Psychology lecturer, Mr T. Shankar for his guidance in this assignment. We have learnt to implement concepts to practical environments through this assignment given by Mr. T. Shankar. Besides that, we would also like thank our group member for their contribution especially Michelle Wong who lead the whole process of this assignment. This assignment would not be completed without the effort and cooperation of every member who is Melvyn Poh, Soo Yon Li, Chloe Sim, Hafiz and Yee Jyh Lin. INTRODUCTION In this assignment, students are required to conduct a social psychology conceptual video clip and required to do a presentation and a report in a group of 4-5 people. Students are advised to use materials and theories from various topics taught by Mr. T. Shankar. There are three parts in this project which are recording a video clip based on the concepts that we have learned, producing a report of the video clip and conducting a presentation of the video clip. This assignment allows students to learn implementation of concepts to practical environments. Hence, students will be able to apply critical thinking in application of real world experiences.
  4. 4. Methods of Filming A. Apparatus / Materials We have discussed about suitable props and costumes to filmour video and prepared props so that the video is filmed in a more realistic and natural way. i. Props & Costumes ClassroomItems: - Test papers - Bags - Study essentials - Stationaries - Laptops - Books - Papers Others: - Clock - Keys - Chairs Costumes: - Study Outfit & Casual Wear These two outfits are worn by students in order to portray a school and education environment. It also shows a teenager’s outfit style which suites a study era.
  5. 5. - Lecturer’s Outfit This outfit is a formal button up long sleeves dress shirt in order to show the professional look of a lecturer / teacher. - Doctor’s Outfit This outfit is a long sleeves button up shirt which signifies the outfit of a doctor which is usually known as a white coat B. Video Making Apparatus In order to have a good quality outcome of the video, we have chosen suitable apparatus and equipment while filming. i. Filming Equipment - Camera (Nikon D700) We have chosen a suitable camera to film from to ensure that the voice recorded is clear and the video quality is good - Tripod We have used a tripod to stabilize the camera while filming ii. Voice Over Equipment - Apple Ear Piece The ear piece is used in order to record the voice clearly to be placed in the video
  6. 6. iii. Video Editing Software - iMovie We have used this editing software to edit the video in order to edit the video properly bring out the best video quality. C. Procedure Before starting to film, we have discussed and decided on the location of the places to filmeach scene based on each scene’s suitability. i. Environment Since the video is based on a teenager’s experience, most of the scenes involve a study environment and setting - Classrooms - Corridors - Office room - Staircase ii. Time The video is taken within a day because most of the scenes are flashbacks which occur during the afternoon and morning session - Morning to afternoon (11a.m.-4a.m.) Classes and school hours occur during this time so the video is filmed during this hour
  7. 7. - Evening (6pm) To get a darker environment of the main character entering his home late at night, this scene is taken during the evening to ensure the suitability of the scene. D. Process This is our operation sequence for the video taking and making process. i. Pre-discussion Before filming, we have carried out in-depth discussions about our video storyline. We first discussed about the general part of the video which is the theme, storyline and flow of the video. Next, we proceeded with role delegation based on each member’s suitable personal and characteristics. We then decided on the psychology concepts to be implemented in the video where 5 concepts will be shown and brought out in the video. All the discussion outcome were written down and compiled. ii. Finalization We finalized the storyline with the characters, role delegation of each member and psychology concepts to be implemented in the video. All the finalized ideas were then compiled in words and drawings to be shown in the report. iii. Role Delegation Since it is compulsory for each member to be present in the video, we have assigned ourselves into each character in the video based on the suitability (acting skills) of that person. We have also included additional people as supporting characters in the video to make the video look more realistic and natural.
  8. 8. We have also separated the jobs according to each member’s strength to increase our efficiency. The table below shows the job and role delegation of each member throughout this project: Member Job Role in Video Chloe Main Video Editor Audio Editor Classmate Hafiz Report Writer Doctor Jyh Lin Report Writer Main Slide Maker Lecturer Melvyn Report Writer Manpower Yon Li’s Friend Michelle Main Script Writer Videographer Classmate Mother Yon Li Director Report Writer Main Character E. Video Taking As most of our video compromises of flashbacks, there are many difference scenes included. Therefore, our pre-discussion came in handy during the video taking because we were able to go and set up each setting straight away before filming the video.
  9. 9. We needed warm ups and a few practices before taking the video in order to achieve the mood needed and facial expression of each member to portray the suitable feeling of the video. Our video we filmed according to each scene and everything went smoothly because we were clear of our objectives, motives and filming requirement. We had several different takes during each scene to show different angles. The different angles are shown to enhance the importance of the dialog, character, expression and feeling in order to complete the video. It was not only the videographer who took the video but each member whom have contributed to the filming angles and expression to wear during the video taking. This cooperation between each group member brought up the efficiency of our work as a whole. F. Data Compilation & Presentation All the outcome from each discussion is written down and then compiled in the report. We have made scripts, drawn scenes, discussed about the psychological concepts implemented and made the video after the video taking. All of the process outcome was then written and typed properly to be compiled in the report. The data compilation is categorized into the video, report and presentation slides. We have split the work and each worked together to complete the project.
  10. 10. Discussions Concepts & Definition After many discussion sessions among ourselves, we came up with a few ideas which revolve around bullying, changing attitudes and lastly different perspective or perceptions by different people. Our initial idea was to have romance as our video guideline but in the end we decided to give up on that mainstream concept. Our video concept was scripted inspired by a Taiwanese movie called “Our Times”. We have used a scene from the movie to show the concepts mentioned above. The occurred situation is similar to the situation in the movie but there were twists of events and additional thoughts, views, perspective and perception of our own that we have included. Bullying has always been common in school, on TV movies and social media so we have decided to use bullying as one of our main situation in our video to ensure that students nowadays witness this seriously. Bullying consists of few types, and the one is implemented in our video clip is physical bullying. Bullying the weak has never been a nice thing to do and bullies are usually not conscious about the feelings of their victims. Victims are often seen as physically, emotionally and mentally unstable, threatened or under constant fear of being bullied. By implementing bullying as one of the main points in our video, we hope to bring awareness to the public and society that people who used to be bullies can also turn over a new leaf and change for the better. A brief explanation of our concept is showing that the main character who used to be a bully and convicted rules breaking crime has changed his attitude after a certain event which has occurred. Many outsiders such as classmates, schoolmates and lecturers still think that the main character is still a bully and a bad student. However, the main character has changed his attitude and tried to get rid of his bully image. He has turned over a new leaf and is penitent and secretly hoping that everyone would just spare him a chance to see his change in character and forget of his previous wrongdoings. It is not easy to change, but when someone does that does not always mean that person will be fully accepted over again. Many who have tried changing for the better do not get a second chance to prove that they are different. In some major scenarios, these people might end up taking their
  11. 11. own life because their change is not accepted by the society. In our video, the main character does not take his own life but is drowned in despair, disappointment and regret when his change in personality is unaccepted by his lecturer. Perception is a mental impression, basically the ability to become aware through senses. In this case, we treat “perception” as perspective or how feelings affect our thoughts. It is an expression of different thoughts made by different individuals depending of their schema on a certain item, person or situation. This is also known as having different perspectives. In our video, the main character has changed from a bully to a hardworking student, this shows a drastic change in personality and habit. There is a difference in both attitude and not everyone will believe or accept his change in personality. There are individuals who may think that all of this is just an act or play, some might think that he has genuinely changed and is currently working very hard in studies. The main theme of our video is to portray and show that no matter bad a student might be in the past, there is always a chance for a person to change for the better. They have a choice to change their attitude but that does not mean or suggest that third parties will accept their change. Third party people will have their own perception on this person either believing that they have changed genuinely or will never be able to change their old habits, personalities and attitudes. The main psychology concepts we have chosen is confirmation bias, social interaction, instrumental aggression, extrinsic motivation and social perception. All of these concepts will be illustrated in the video. Storyboard Design Before proceeding to film the video, we have prepared a rough sketch of all the scenes to have a rough idea on how we have to film the scene. It shows the environment, situation and timing of that scene. Our video is taken mainly showing the positioning of each character in the video. The storyboard has helped us have a clearer imagery vision of how the video should be filmed. It also displays the angle where we should film the video from in order to capture the situation, expression of the character and film in a more realistic way.
  12. 12. Script We have written a complete script to know a clear conversation between each character. The script includes dialogue, actions, environments, locations and expressions. The script not only allows us to identify the expression of each character at that moment of time easily, it also allows us to film the video at ease because we are sure of the things we are acting out. The casting list (characters) are assigned to each member as so: Main Character: Yon Li Yon Li’s Friends: Melvyn & others Classmates: Michelle, Chloe & others Lecturer: Jyh Lin Doctor: Hafiz Main Character’s Mother: Michelle We have included other people as additional characters in order for the video to seem more realistic and natural. The script is written as so: Bolded words: Location Bracket: Expression Character Lines: Dialogue Red: Narration Others: Situation / Action
  13. 13. CLASSROOM Class situation is noisy. Lecturer (Jyh Lin) is walking towards the class. The lecturer enters the noisy classroom. Lecturer slams his books and papers onto the table and class becomes silent. Lecturer: Now, I am going to distribute the exam paper. Lecturer distributes the exam paper to every student until the last paper which belongs to Yon Li. The exam papers are from the lowest marks to the highest marks. The class, especially his friends, cheers for him as he stands up from his seat. Suddenly, the lecturer rips his exam paper in half right in front of him. Yon Li is in shock and the whole class falls silent. His friends support him by shouting and asking the lecturer rudely on why he ripped the exampapers. Lecturer (fierce): You cheated in the exam! Yon Li (shows anger): I did not! Lecturer: How can a person like you get such good grades! -FLASHBACK- BACKLANE/STAIRCASE Yon Li has never been a model student. He has always been known to bully others. Yon Li and his friends surrounded the boy wanting to hit and beat the boy. The boy is scared and is curled up in the middle. The lecturer walks past and sees the scene. The lecturer points at them. Lecturer: Stop that! Yon Li and his friends runs away from the scene and out of the campus. They run pass Chloe who is walking nearby. Chloe looks towards them and the direction they run from. CORRIDOR /WALKWAY There was once when he forced and threatened a boy to steal the exam papers for him. Yon Li and his friends were surrounding a boy.
  14. 14. Yon Li shoves the boy to the side. Yon Li: I want you to steal the exam papers for me. Yon Li slings his armover the boy’s neck and points towards an office Yon Li: They’re in there. Get them for us. The boy nervously shakes his head in fear. You Li: When I tell you to do something, you better do it! Or else (crushes fist) The boy nods in fear. The boy had no choice but to follow his orders because he was afraid. The boy has always been a victim to Yon Li and his friends OFFICE It was not long after when Yon Li was caught forcing the boy to steal the exam papers for him. The lecturer is talking to the boy in the office room while the boy is explaining himself. Yon Li walks towards the office room and enters. When Yon Li enters, the boy stops talking and immediately looks down with his head. After Yon Li enters, the lecturer asks the boy to leave the room. Lecturer (angrily): What do you have to explain for yourself. Yon Li shrugs and shows that he does not care by standing there with an expressionless face. Jyh Lin slams the table and starts scolding Yon Li with Yon Li arguing back. He then tells Yon Li to leave and get out. HOME Yon Li enters his house where his mother is seated in the living room. She glares at him and they start to argue. She points to the clock showing how late it is (3A.M.). Yon Li always returns home late. His mother is upset at his heart breaking actions and attitude. They always argue with each other all the time.
  15. 15. CORRIDOR Yon Li and his friends and taunting the boy again when he receives a call. He answers the call and then his expression turns dark. He drops the things in his hand. WINDOW/ OFFICE Doctor: Hafiz, your mother is diagnosed with pancreas cancer, she is very ill at the moment and might not have much time left. I am sorry. -BLACKSCREEN- LIBRARY Yon Li is studying in a library searching for information. He is searching and referring to books. Chloe is nearby searching for books too and she notices him. Yon Li is studying and he asks for help in his studies from a student nearby. He also studies with her sometimes. Chloe is working on her project nearby and this does not go unnoticed Yon Li has turned over a new leaf after hearing the news about his mother. His mother words would always continuously ring in his ears. Mother’s words: All I want is for you to talk good care of yourself and be hardworking. It’s never too late to change BACKTO PRESENTCLASSROOM SCENE Lecturer: We are going to see director now. Yon Li follows unwillingly. Lecturer: Ever since the last time you were caught cheating, your impression has been destroyed. A person like you would never change. Who you were in the past still shows who you are today. If you were a bad student, you’ll be one forever.
  16. 16. Melvyn: Yon Li would have never cheated in this exam. He worked hard because of his mother’s wish and we all saw the change in him. It’s so unfair for him. He didn’t even get a chance to show that he has changed. Chloe overhears this and turns over to Melvyn. Chloe: I might not be close to Yon Li, but I do agree that he has changed. I was there when you guys were bullying the boy, you guys ran past me. I used to think that you all were bad students and were bullies. But I did see him studying hard recently. He could have gotten good grades. Main character: I did not cheat. I was once a bad student but ever since my mother was sick, I have changed to become more hardworking. All she wanted was for me to change and I did it! But you still think that I am the bad student from the past. Why can’t I have a chance to change and be accepted?
  17. 17. Application & Design This will be a further explanation of each concepts that we have chosen and can be applied into our video clip. Scene 1 - Confirmation bias The lecturer does not believe Yong Li has good grades for his examination. He thinks that he cheated in the exam. Concept definition: This concept refers to people favour to seek out information that confirms their existing opinions and overlook or ignore information that disprove their beliefs. Explanation: Confirmation bias often occurs when people remove out potentially useful facts and opinions that don’t coexist with their biased belief. It affects perceptions and decision making in all aspects of our lives and can cause us to make limited choices. Seeking out people and communication with different opinions than our own can enable us to overcome confirmation bias and make better decision. Most of the biased individual information of a certain person, event or situation is perceived to be made due to personal experience, opinions and perceptions.
  18. 18. Scene description: The lecturer was handing out exam papers in class. He called the students one by one from the lowest mark to the highest mark. Yon Li was called last by the lecturer which strongly suggests that he has obtained the highest mark from his class. However, shockingly, his exampaper was torn instead. His lecturer scolded and accused him for cheating in exam because of his high grade in the exam. He does not believe that Yon Li is able to achieve such good results without cheating. The lecturer has asked him to meet him at the director office. On the lecturer’s way out of the classroom, he has inner thoughts saying that since he first met Yon Li, he has been a bully and cheater. He has come to believed that he is one to violate school rules and is a bad student. Once a student is a bad student, there is no going back or changing Application: When the teacher found out that Yon Li’s has gotten good grades for his examination, he does not believe that Yon Li has managed to get such unbelievably remarkable good grades. He accused Yon Li for cheating in this exam so he tore away his exam paper in front of the class to clearly state that Yon Li has cheated even if there were no evidence or facts that said that Yon Li cheated. He told off Yon Li and scolded him regardless of all the explanations Yon Li was trying to explain In actual fact, Yon Li did work hard and studied for his exam but all of this has gone unnoticed by his lecturer. His lecturer does not believe that he has changed his attitude because he has labelled Yon Li as a student who bullies others, violates school rules, cheats in exam and is a student who does not bother about his examresults. Up until today, his perception of Yon Li still remains as a bad student. He thinks that Yon Li will never change his student because for him, bad students will never change and will remain the same forever. Therefore, since he has known Yon Li as a troublemaker in the past who has tried cheating in exam before, so he is still the same person in the past as of today.
  19. 19. Scene 2- First impression When Yon Li’s lecturer first saw Yon Li and his gang bullying a nerd at the staircase. Concept definition: First impression is the event when one person first encounters another person and forms a mental image of that person. Explanation: It takes only a few seconds for people to form a first impression of other people. First impression of people will first judge on people’s different traits like, race, looks, gender, posture and voice. The first impressions that an individual give to other people will greatly determine how they are treated and viewed in their daily lives. Scene description: Yon Li and his friends are always known to bully people. When they saw a nerd walking up the stairs, the gang rushes over to bully him because he seems like an easy target who is not able to protect himself. The nerd was helpless and overwhelmed by the bullies. He could only hurl up in the middle trying to protect himself but he was not able to fight back because he was afraid of Yon Li and his friends. Yon Li and his friends started to hit, bully, taunt and laugh at him. There was a lecturer walking down the stairs at that time and noticed the ongoing situation. He ran down and shouted at them to stop their bully act. He was in shock and was very angry as he noticed how these student treated other students. The gang quickly fled down the stairs as they noticed the lecturer’s presence. They did not want to get into trouble for hurting the nerd for their bullying act. The lecturer worriedly asked if the nerd was okay. He managed to get a glimpse of Yon Li’s face and tried
  20. 20. to remember his face. Since then, a bad first impression of Yon Li has been made. He has labelled Yon Li as a bully and considered him as a bad student who violates school rules. Application: When Yon Li and his gang of brothers were bullying the nerd, the lecturer noticed this situation and tried to stop what Yon Li and his friends were doing. Yon Li and his gang hurried down to escape the lecturer but the lecturer managed to get a glimpse of Yon Li’s face. When the lecturer first saw Yon Li bullying the nerd, his first impression of Yon Li was that he is a bully and treats other students in a bad manner. This causes himto believe that Yon Li also violates school rules and is not a model student. He also thinks that Yon Li does not care about his education and homework due to his first impression of Yon Li. He has labelled Yon Li as a bad student who bullies others, violates school rules and does not care about his studies after his first impression of Yon Li was formed. Yon Li’s first impression towards his lecturer was very negative which causes him to continuously label and believe that Yon Li is and forever will be a bad student.
  21. 21. Scene 3- Instrumental aggression Yon Li and his gang surrounded a nerd and taunted him. Concept Definition: Instrumental aggression is a harmful behaviour that engaged without provocation or injuries to obtain a certain goal. Explanation: Instrumental aggression is a non-injurious behaviour that usually associated with forcing people or taunting people to do stuff. Sometimes can be seen where bullies try to intimidate kids with their aggression so that the kids will be scare and listen to them. This kind of aggression is harmless to people. It does not cause any physical harm or injuries to people. Scene Description: While the Nerd is walking along the campus corridor, Yon Li and his gang of friends saw him and rushed towards him. They surrounded the nerd and started to taunt him. Yon Li as the group leader started to grab the nerd around his shoulders and started to talk rudely and threatened him. Yon Li started to frighten the nerd so that the nerd will help him steal the test paper. The nerd was scared because he has always been a victim of bully
  22. 22. from Yon Li and his friends. He is afraid of their threatens and he agrees to do so even if it might put him in a tight situation later on. Application: This concept can be seen when Yon Li and his gang of brothers surrounded the nerd while he was walking along a corridor. The boy has done nothing to Yon Li but Yon Li has been bullying and picking on him all this while. Yon Li used his aggressive tone to taunt the nerd, so that he will be frightened of him and give in to Yon Li’s request. Yon Li’s method of forcing someone into doing something they reject, despise or go against is by force and bullying. This aggressive situation forces and threatens the victim (the nerd) to giving in to his request of stealing the exam papers even if the nerd knows that it is a wrongdoing. However, since this is an action which violates the school rules, Yon Li does not want to bear the burden of getting caught, so he forces the nerd to do this job instead by aggressively threatening and taunting the nerd. He knows that the nerd is afraid of him and he will be able to get the exam papers (his actual goal) to be able to cheat in the exam. In this scene, the bullies did not hit or injure the nerd, they just taunted and threatened the nerd verbally to achieve their goal which is for the nerd to be scared and willing help Yon Li steal the exam papers.
  23. 23. Scene 4 – Extrinsic Motivation Yon Li heard the bad news of his mother’s sickness. He has turned over a new leaf and Concept Definition: Extrinsic motivation drives people to do things for tangible rewards or pressures, rather than for the fun of it. Explanation: When an individual is forced to do something that individual really hates but at the end of it, the individual is reward with something after completing the task or when the task is being done. This is known as extrinsic motivation. These are the things, actions or events that a person really hates doing but that person just have to complete it because the person knows that they will get something in return after completing that matter. For example, you are lazy to study and your mum keep on nagging and persuading you to study hard. She promises you that you if you get good grades in your study, she will give reward you with a new laptop. In this situation, we see that you are someone who hates studying but for the sake of the reward your mother is offering, you are motivated to study and work hard. Scene Description: While Yon Li was busy bullying the nerd at campus, he gets a called from the doctor and who has informed him that his mother had a pancreas cancer. He was
  24. 24. shocked from this upsetting news. Although he has always argued with his mother, he hopes and wants his mother to recover and get better. He feels bad for arguing with his mother all the time. His mother advices and begs him to change his current attitude. She encourages him to do so because all she wants is a change in him, for him to become a better person. He listens to his mother’s words because the doctor said that she might not live any time longer. He wakes up and regrets violating school rules and being a bully. Since that day, he has started to change his lifestyle to be more hardworking by studying hard in school. He works hard so that his mother can see the change in him and will be proud of his new attitude. Application: In this scene we can see that Yon Li is motivated to do something that he never done before. Under the situation where he knows that his mother has caught on a serious illness and might not have much longer to live, he wakes up from all his misbehaving attitudes. He listens to her advice and words telling him to change his attitude. He regrets arguing with her all the time and decides to make it up to her. Her pleads does not fall under deaf ears because he follows her orders and encouragement. Her words has become encouragement and motivation for him. Therefore, even if he has always hated studying, he has started to start studying because of his mother’s words. Over time, he is seemto have changed and has become a better person. He has started to focus on his study and stop picking on or bullying others. Under his mother’s motivation, he was driven to make a change in his attitude and has finally managed to turn over a new leaf. This new behaviour and actions of his obviously does not go unnoticed by his classmates who and close friends who have known him as a bully and misbehaved student.
  25. 25. Scene 5 – Social Perception The students in class are talking about Yon Li’s situation Concept Definition: Social Perception is the process by which we form impressions of other people and make inferences about them. Explanation: The study of how people form impressions of and make inferences about other people. We learn about others' feelings and emotions by picking up on information we gather from their physical appearance, and verbal and nonverbal communication. For example, on the first day of a new class, when a lecturer walks into the classroom, I may perceive the lecturer to be short, poorly dressed, and socially awkward, he might have initially remind me of previous teacher I didn’t like. But later on, once I have gathered more information, I may re-evaluate the lecturer as humorous, intelligent, and an excellent teacher because my perception of the lecture has changed over time depending on my exposure, thoughts and views of the lecturer
  26. 26. Scene Description - After Yon Li was called out by the lecturer, his friends started to talk to each other. They were not satisfied with the lecturer’s attitude towards Yon Li. Since the lecturer accused Yon Li out of the blue with no evidence pointing towards Yon Li, they started to complain about the lecturer being biased because as his close friends, they have seen the obvious change in Yon Li. They believe that the old Yon Li has disappeared and is replaced with a hardworking and diligent one. They know that his mother has been the key factor of his change, so they believe in him. One of classmate overheard their conversation about the situation in class just now. She also joined in their conversation. She too stood up for him. She does not know him well but not only did she see the obvious change in attitude of him but she also spotted him studying at times. She was not close to him, but did not have ill feelings towards him which causes her stand to be neutral compared to the lecturer and his friends. Application: For this scene, we know that each of the character have their own personal views on the situation which causes them to have a social perception in this matter. Each and every character has their own feelings, perspective and opinion towards Yon Li. All their perception is told in this scene which. All his friends supports and believes in Yon Li. They truth him for not cheating in exam even if he did try to cheat before. This is because they knew the reason behind the drastic change in Yon Li which is due to his mother’s illness. They have noticed his attitude change which is why they believe that the lecturer is accusing Yon Li out of nowhere. Other that his friends, a classmate also voices out her opinion on Yon Li. She is only a classmate, not his friend, so her position is the most neutral among the other characters because she does not need to be biased towards anyone. Her opinion of Yon Li started off with him being a bully and bad student because of the bad impressions of his spreading around campus. However, she also notices the change he has had throughout the past weeks. She knows that he has turned over a new leaf and his attitude could have changed because she has seen him studying hard. She believes that it is possible for him to achieve good grades due to his new hardworking attitude that she has witness countless times.
  27. 27. REFERENCES 1. Sanderson, C. A. (2010) Social Psychology.New Jersey: John Willy & Son. 2. Bell. B. (n.d.). Confirmation Bias. Retrieved on December 5, 2015, from 3. Myers. D. (2010) Exploring Social Psychology. (4th ed, p. 482). McGraw Hill. 4. Cherry, K. (2011, August 1). What Is A Confirmation Bias. Retrieved on December 5, 2015 from Confirmation-Bias.htm 5. Miller D. T. (2006) An Invitation To Social Psychology : Expressing and censoring the self. Belmont CA. : Thompson/Wadsworth 6. Cherry, K. (2015, June 10). What Is The Different Between Extrinsic and Intrinsic. Retrieve on December 5, 2015 from intrinsic-motivation.htm 7. Vitaro, F., Brendgen, M., & Barker, E. D. (2006). Subtypes of aggressive behaviors: A developmental perspective. International Journal of Behavioral Development, 30, 12–19. 8. Bushman, B. J., & Anderson, C. A. (2001). Is it time to pull the plug on the hostile versus instrumental aggression dichotomy? Psychological Review, 108, 273–279. 9. Reich, B. and Adcock, C. (1976). Values, Attitudes and Behavioural Change (London: Methuen)
  28. 28. Appendix Scene 1 Yon Li and his friends are bullying a boy by the staircase. They are taunting, punching and laughing at him. A lecturer oversees the situation and arrives to stop Yon Li and his friends. Even if Yon Li and his friends fled the scene, he managed to catch a glimpse of Yon Li’s face.
  29. 29. Scene 2 Yon Li stands up knowing that his name would be called next. He expects to score the highest in his class in this exam. The lecture tears off Yon Li paper and accuses him for cheating in the exam.
  30. 30. Scene 3 Yon Li and his friends taunt the nerd. The nerd gives in and agrees to steal the exam papers for Yon Li due to his threats. Scene 4 The nerd is caught and has told the lecturer the whole situation. Yon Li is called by the lecturer and enters his office.
  31. 31. Yon Li denies forcing and threatening the nerd to steal the exam paper. He answers back arrogantly to his lecturer. Yon Li and his lecture argues with each other. Scene 5 Yon Li arives home late at night. His mother was waiting for his return.
  32. 32. His mother is always upset with his behaviour and attitude. They always argue with one another. Scene 6 Yon Li received a call from the doctor. The doctor sounded stern and explained that his mother had a terminal illness.
  33. 33. Yon Li is devastated and shocked from the news. Scene 7 Yon Li has turned over a new leaf and started working hard. His mother’s advice and words ring in his head from time to time.
  34. 34. Scene 8 His lecturer makes Yon Li go to the diector office with him. On their way out, the lecturer talks about his opinion about Yon Li.
  35. 35. Scene 9 After Yon Li leaves, his friends talks about the unfair treatment towards Yon Li. They show their support and believes in Yon Li. Chloe who is their classmate also explains that she believes that Yon Li has changed.
  36. 36. She explained that she has seen them bully others. But exclaims that she has also seen him change. She was there when she saw his hardworking side. She believes that he has changed.