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Environmental Impact

  1. The Environmental Impact & Recycling Solutions Mobile Devices:
  2. “Every year, 130 million mobile devices are discarded; while only 20% of them are reused or properly recycled.” Source:
  3. 1 Billion cellphones The Number of Cellphones Produced Each Year Time Frame in Which Consumers Upgrade Their Phones % 8The Amount of Annual Growth of Growth of E-Waste in the US (According to the EPA) 18 months % 12.5 The Amount of E-Waste that is Currently Reused or Recycled
  4. A large portion of “e-waste” isn’t waste at all, and is actually reusable or recyclable.
  5. What is the impact on the environment?
  6. Due to the relatively new issue of e-waste disposal, many countries do not yet have protocols on the topic. Consequently, when these electronics and mobile devices are improperly disposed, their toxic chemicals like Chlorine, Lead, Mercury and Bromine leak into the environment. Whether dumped or burned, the disposal process releases hydrocarbons into the air of nearby communities and leaches toxins into the soil and ground water - the water we drink!
  7. These chemicals, therefore, seep into grasses, herbs, trees, vegetables and other crops - hazardous to animals and humans. Many side effects of these toxins include coughing, vomiting, inflammation of lungs, difficulty breathing or shortness of breath, thyroid problems and even fatalities. It’s Your Environment & Your Health that’s at Stake….
  8. "This is a global issue, and it seems to be getting worse with every day that passes by." source:
  9. What are the benefits of recycling your mobile phone?
  10. "Since nearly all parts of cellphones can be recycled, cellphone recycling has the ability to reduce the exploitation of natural resources to make new cell phones." source:
  11. 1Saves Energy: Recycling 100 Million smartphones can also save 2 KW of energy. That’s the same as powering 25,000 homes for a full year! The refurbishing process consumes less energy than manufacturing brand new cellphones from new materials.
  12. 2Preserves Rare Earth Metals Nearly ALL parts of cellphones can be recycled and reused to make new cellphones while reducing electronic waste and preserving rare earth metal. • 100% of cellphones contain high amounts of precious meatls like gold, silver and copper • For every 1 Million cellphones that are recycled, close to 40,000 lbs in precious metals can be recovered • $60 Million in Gold, Silver and Copper could be saved from being dumped improperly every year in the U.S.
  13. Secondhand or refurbished cellphones are less expensive than brand new phones providing: • Economical alternatives to those with low incomes • Access to emerging markets who otherwise have none • Business opportunities for carriers & retailers to resell, rent or lease used phones • Leverage for end users to buyback or trade-in their cellphones 3Opportunities to Consumers
  14. How can YOU make a difference?
  15. There are many ways you can promote ethical e-waste disposal: If you can’t reuse the device, the best option is to send it to an e-waste recycler to handle it correctly. Recycle Someone else could benefit greatly from your old device, if it is still in working order. Consider selling it or donating it. Reuse Another option is to refurbish the product. You could take the components from your item and reuse them for something else. Refurbish
  16. Read More about HYLA Mobile’s Trade-in Program and Where You Fit In at Recycle Sell Trade-in