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Connect To Recycling


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Connect to Recycling supports implementation of electronic recycling in Illinois.

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Connect To Recycling

  1. 1. Connect To Recycling: Bringing Transparency to the Marketplace for Electronics Collectors and Recyclers Destination Sustainability: Greening Illinois Together Conference June 7, 2011 Eve Pytel Metropolitan Mayors Caucus
  2. 2. OutlineOutline Project Background About the Site Tool Kit Brief Tour
  3. 3. Background: Connect to RecyclingBackground: Connect to Recycling Seed money to establish the Clearinghouse has been provided by the United States Environmental Protection Agenc through the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative. Matching funds have been provided by Chicago Community Trust, Vintage Tech Recyclers, Creative Recycling and MPC.
  4. 4. Electronic Products Recycling & ReuseElectronic Products Recycling & Reuse Act Unintended ConsequencesAct Unintended Consequences Market Issues ◦ Buyer/User Disconnect ◦ Super Contracts Exceed Manufacturer Goals ◦ Manufacturers may select recyclers hq’d in other states based on prior experience. Market Outcomes ◦ Contracts are so big that even OEM backed recyclers are hard pressed to serve Super Contracts ◦ Loss of work for Illinois Recyclers ◦ Local gov’t frustrated by lack of ability to dictate who does their business despite being the face of recycling and waste.
  5. 5. Market DisconnectMarket Disconnect Super Contracts managed by counties will need 1.5m lbs to 5m lbs. Manufacturer responsibility and Super Contract needs are not fungible ◦ 75 have goals under 100,000 lbs; ◦ 60 have goals over 50,000 lbs; ◦ Half of the targeted companies have goals under 22,000 lbs.
  6. 6. Local Government and RecyclersLocal Government and Recyclers have Complimentary Goalshave Complimentary Goals LG wants to provide electronic recycling to residents LG wants to give work to local businesses Recyclers want to provide the service Recyclers want to work in their local communities
  7. 7. Solution: Achieve TransparencySolution: Achieve Transparency and Fungibility in Market Placeand Fungibility in Market Place Clearinghouse Website ◦ Local govt/Solid Waste Agency market their collection opportunities ◦ Recyclers register to use the website ◦ Once approved by local gov’t information populates other websites to market collection opportunity ◦ Create brand for electronic recycling
  8. 8. Collection InformationCollection Information  Location, time and date  Location description text  Type of collection (1xmonth, 2xweek, or one time only)  Estimated lbs and provide historical data  Contact information  Collection fee as per pound cost  Recycler requirements/preferences (estewards, Iso, etc)
  9. 9. RecyclersRecyclers Recyclers will describe themselves in standardized industry terms like ISO 9000, ISO 14001, NAID, E-Stewards, R2 MBE/WBE, and will need to complete forms to show that they are compliant with IL Legislation. Recyclers can market info about themselves to manufacturers as well as their proximity to a collection site to facilitate local recyclers serving their local governments. Characterize their refurbishing to make sure that manufacturers understand the benefit of working with them in relation to the IL legislation.
  10. 10. Recycler Application ProcessRecycler Application Process Vetting process will include proof of registration with ILEPA and application packet that recyclers will need to submit with copies of proof of ISOs, etc. Application fee of $75 with forms and certification. Fees to cover application review, verify registration with ILEPA, as well as, environmental stewardship, and ISO certifications.
  11. 11. Tour the Draft SiteTour the Draft Site
  12. 12. Tool Box – Brand ElectronicTool Box – Brand Electronic RecyclingRecycling Logo and tag line achieved through consensus Tool Kit, Flyer, Drop in Article Support/Resources for all stake holders
  13. 13. Logos – also available in blueLogos – also available in blue
  14. 14. FlyerFlyer
  15. 15. CustomizableCustomizable One Page FlyerOne Page Flyer
  16. 16. Sample Drop In Articles:Sample Drop In Articles: Out with the old, in with the newOut with the old, in with the new Every few months when a new gizmo hits the market, we run to the stores to get the newest handheld devices, phones, computers and TVs. But what happens to those obsolete computers, TVs, phones and hand held devices? Unfortunately 90% is being thrown out with the garbage, where it may have devastating environmental impact. Thankfully, electronic recycling options are expanding and that is good for Illinois’s economy. Electronic recycling is incredibly important because electronics are made of extremely valuable resources such as precious metals, plastics and glass. At the same time certain electronics such as monitors and circuit boards contain toxic substances such as lead, mercury, and chromium. Lead, mercury and chromium threaten our soil and ultimately undermine water quality. Through electronic recycling programs, nearly 60% can be reused and the other 40% can be recycled. Please visit X to learn more.
  17. 17. Customizable Articles:Customizable Articles: ElectronicElectronic Recycling: It’s Easy to Be Green!Recycling: It’s Easy to Be Green! Electronic Recycling: It’s Easy to Be Green! For many of us, when new electronic gizmos hit the market, we run to buy the latest handheld device, gaming system, computer or television. But what happens to our old ones? Unfortunately, 90% of out-dated electronics are thrown out with the garbage, where they can have a devastating impact on the environment. The good news is that some electronics contain valuable resources such as precious metals, plastics and glass, which can be re-used. The bad news is some electronics, including monitors and circuit boards, contain lead, mercury and hexavalent chromium which are toxic and threaten our soil and water quality. Electronic recycling programs carefully separate the good from the bad and bundle them for destruction or re-use. The Village of ________________(insert here) is pleased to announce its new electronic recycling program. Now, it is easy for residents to be green! Event Information: Date Address Location Special information regarding entrance Residents are welcome to drop off any of these items: Thank you for doing your part to dispose of old electronics properly. Please visit ___________(insert here) to learn more or call ______________(insert here) with questions.
  18. 18. Next StepsNext Steps Wrap up site work Continue IRA Task Force Concerted effort to raise awareness prior to ban.
  19. 19. Thank YouThank You ◦ Senator Garret ◦ Marta Keane, Mike Mitchell, Pete Adrian, Walter Willis, Melville Nickerson, and Joe Schacter ◦ Chris Newman and Sharon Lowry Martin ◦ Vintage Tech, Creative Recycling, and MPC. ◦ Electronic Recycling Task Force