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What's your corporate dream


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Published in: Technology, Spiritual
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What's your corporate dream

  1. 1. what’s your corporate dream?
  2. 2. Organisations – by their people - dispose an enormous unused potential
  3. 3. This unused potential represents a priceless value
  4. 4. The key to employ that potential is the willingness and the ability to see what’s not there yet
  5. 5. Opportunities are literally nested ‘inside’
  6. 6. Opportunities are there, but waiting at the moment they will be discovered and used
  7. 7. We have a little problem, though. We have never learned this We kept each other fixed in a world of facts….. From generation to generation
  8. 8. How do we learn to discover? How do we break through what we – in this moment – still confirm as the norm, as normal!?
  9. 9. That demands a different look Different than the way we look nowadays
  10. 10. This asks for opportunities to learn to look with other eyes towards our current picture of reality
  11. 11. This asks for a unique way to discover unused potential
  12. 12. This asks for the use of a phenomenon that goes together with the unicity of people: the ability to dream
  13. 13. The dream as a powerfull pallet of opportunities
  14. 14. The dream as a source of energy to start the movement from within
  15. 15. To bring people in motion starting from dreams
  16. 16. To convert dreams into actions
  17. 17. To transform potential into the use of it
  18. 18. what’s your corporate dream? Can we COPE7? Yes we can!