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Heart to heart connection session 6


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Published in: Technology, Spiritual
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Heart to heart connection session 6

  1. 1. SESSION 6-BEING A DREAMRELEASERMaking a Heart to Heart Connection WithYour Kid
  2. 2. Being a Dream Releaser Summary of Prior Sessions The Uniqueness of Everyone What’s a Dream? Portrait of a Dream Releaser HelpingYour Kids to Dream Putting Legs to the Dream Dream Killers Releasing the Dream Releasers
  3. 3. Summary of Prior Sessions Mission Statement- Developed a parentingmission statement with the following keys: Love/Relationship First Freedom Moving from external control to self-c0ntrol Moving from total dependence to independence Choices
  4. 4. Summary of Prior Sessions Strategy Development Shifting from the Disrespect Factory to the HonorFactory
  5. 5. Summary of Prior Sessions Strategy Development Create a space where your kid is loved & accepted Love Languages Speak to their identity & life purpose Use your strengths & call out your kid’s strengths Coaching Skills Listen Ask Act Support
  6. 6. The Uniqueness of EveryoneMindSpiritBody•PhysicalCharacteristics•Life Experiences•Personality•IntelligenceQuotient•Emotional Quotient•Love Language•Strengths/Talents•Dreams•Passions
  7. 7. What’s a Dream? Dreams are seeds of possibility planted inyour spirit calling you to pursue a unique pathto the realization of your purpose.-JohnMaxwell, PutYour Dream to theTest A dream is a picture of the future you want tolive in. Dreams are carriers of hope & are not boundby time or circumstances.
  8. 8. Dreams Are Powerful!
  9. 9. Portrait of a DreamReleaser?A Dream Releaser issomeone who seesthe uniquemasterpiece you werecreated to be andcalls it out & inspiresyou to become thatmasterpiece,regardless of yourcurrent state.
  10. 10. Examples of DreamReleasers Regis McKenna AOL Apple Compaq Intel MicrosoftMahatma Gandi• Martin Luther King• Nelson Mandela• John Lennon
  11. 11. Portrait of a DreamReleaser The Eyes of a Dream Releaser Beliefs & Perspectives The Mouth of a Dream Releaser Emotions &Words The Heart of a Dream Releaser Creating a culture of love & honor
  12. 12. Beliefs Are PowerfulBeliefPerceptionThoughtEmotion WordsActionsBehaviorHabit CharacteristicAttributeIdentityOur beliefswill formwho we become…our identity.Eyes Mouth Heart
  13. 13. The Eyes of a DreamReleaser Looking for the Masterpiece or the Mud? Do I restore value or mentally devalue people? What’s the mental framework you put people in? Do I hold in my mind’s eye the picture of a person’strue worth or do I mentally subtract value based on myjudgment about their relative muddiness? On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rateyourself? I always look for the good, the beauty in others. I refrain from judging other’s & take time to see thingsfrom their perspective. What do you see when you look at your kids?
  14. 14. Beliefs Are PowerfulBeliefPerceptionThoughtEmotion WordsActionsBehaviorHabit CharacteristicAttributeIdentityOur beliefswill formwho we become…our identity.Eyes Mouth Heart
  15. 15. The Mouth of a DreamReleaser Death and life are in the power of the tongue. On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rateyourself? I am known as an encourager. I am expressive with words of love andappreciation for others.
  16. 16. Imagine your kid……has a sign hanging around their neck that reads,“Please help me to feel valuable today.”Now speak!
  17. 17.  Three levels of Affirmation Affirm something your kid did. Believe something your kid could do. This speaks to their destiny/life purpose. Call out what could be Validate who they are This speaks to their identity Call out who they areThe Mouth of a DreamReleaser
  18. 18. Beliefs Are PowerfulBeliefPerceptionThoughtEmotion WordsActionsBehaviorHabit CharacteristicAttributeIdentityOur beliefswill formwho we become…our identity.Eyes Mouth Heart
  19. 19. The Heart of a DreamReleaser Perfect love casts out fear! When people feel unconditionally loved, it creates thespace for people to dream, to uncover hidden potential. It produces an atmosphere in which dreams can bereleased. On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate yourself? Your ability to build an atmosphere of love. I enjoy seeing people succeed. I do not use them to fulfill mygoals. Love Languages Use yours, but speak your kid’s Love Language. Coaching Influence versus Control
  20. 20. Helping Your Kids to Dream Start a Dream List Things to Be Things to Do Things to Have 100 Dreams Exercise-Nothing is impossible! RecordYour Dreams Dream Board Dream Journal Computer Dream Poster Dream Box
  21. 21. Putting Legs to the Dream Where to begin? Turn your dream into a goal. Explore the goal Develop options-what could you do? Chose your best option Own it Act on it
  22. 22. Where to Begin? Which dream do you feel motivated to dosomething about now? What dream makes you feel alive when youthink about it? Which dream would be easy to act on rightnow? Which dream are you the most afraid of?
  23. 23. Turn Your Dream Into aGoal A dream is unlimited, a goal clearly defineswhat you want to achieve by a certain time ordate. Successive goals may be needed. SMART format Specific-clearly state where you’re going Measureable-measure progress Attainable-within your capabilities Relevant-it’s a priority Time specific-it has a target completion date.
  24. 24. Explore the Goal What’s the background leading up to this goal? Where do you see this going? What will that looklike? What’s going on inside you when you considerthis? What are the most important factors/people inthe situation? What’s most important for you? How would your life be different?
  25. 25. Develop Options Push beyond initial & obvious ideas to uncovernew & outside the box options What could you do to move yourself toward yourgoal? If you imagined yourself in someone else’s shoes,what options might they come up with? Shoot for at least 5 different options What obstacles might keep you from reachingyour goal? How could you remove them?
  26. 26. Choose an Option Which option will you pursue to movetowards your goal? Which options do you want to pursue? Which option moves you the most effectivelytoward your goal? What are the advantages & disadvantages of eachoption? Which is the best for you?
  27. 27. Own It! How ready are you to commit energy, time &resources to pursue this dream? If no one else joins or supports you, will youstill pursue it? How important is this dream to you? How responsible do you feel to bring thisdream to pass? Is this really your dream or is it someoneelse’s expectation of you?
  28. 28. Act On It! Turn the option you’ve chosen into concretesteps. Turn it into an action statement. What exactly will you do? By when? Is that a realistic timetable? What will you commit to doing? No could, should or might Are there any other obstacles we need to addressbefore you move forward?
  29. 29. Dream Killers & OvercomingThem Disappointment Disillusionment Discouragement Unbelief The Cost
  30. 30. Dream Killers Recognize their current reality &circumstances. Shattered Dreams ”I had a dream my life would beSo much different from this hell Im livingSo different now from what it seemedNow life has killed the dream I dreamed.”I Dreamed a Dream, Les Miserables
  31. 31. Dream Killers Disappointment-Missed Expectations-We focus onhow things should have been & get knocked off course. Overcoming Disappointment Re-AppointYour kid Call out their unique identity Call out their unique life purpose that no one else canfulfill Victorious Mindset Hope-Believing that good things are coming. “If this doesn’t work out, something better is coming!”
  32. 32. Dream Killers Disillusionment-We lose sight of our dreambecause of the challenges that confront us. Overcoming Disillusionment Restore hope by illuminating. Bring light &perspective. Share your failures & successes that came throughperseverance. Victorious Mindset Passionately confront the problem. Do not runaway from it!
  33. 33. Dream Killers Discouragement-The loss of courage to pursuethe dream when we don’t see solutions toproblems. Overcoming Discouragement Encourage-give or lend your courage to another. How can you encourage yourself? Victorious Mindset Everything that happens is preparing me to becomethe person I was created to be. I am being prepared for great things in the day ahead.
  34. 34. Dream Killers Unbelief-A lack or absence of faith. If the dream seems to big or difficult our excusesabound & underachievement begins. Overcoming unbelief Give them your authentic belief in them Who they are-their identity In their strengths & abilities Victorious Mindset My past does not have to determine my future. We do not go forward by looking backward.
  35. 35. Dream Killers Abraham Lincoln 1833 Failed in business 1835 Sweet heart dies 1836 Nervous breakdown 1838 Defeated for Illinois House Speaker 1843 Defeated nomination for Congress 1846 Elected to Congress 1848 Lost re-nomination 1849 Rejected as Land Officer 1854 Defeated for U.S. Senate 1856 Defeated for nomination as U.S.Vice President 1858 Defeated again for U.S. Senate 1860 Elected U.S. President Victorious Mindset What do you believe about yourself, are you powerful orpowerless? Are you a victor or a victim?
  36. 36. Releasing the DreamReleasers How do we raise our kids to be who theyare and live out their life purpose incommunity? Creating a Culture of Honor built on Love to create a Safe Place where all can bevulnerable, known and accepted. Sharing Power by offering Choices so that we learnto be Self-Controlled individuals. Each of our kids are unique & have a divine lifepurpose wired into them.
  37. 37. Releasing the DreamReleasersThe world is crying out for DreamReleasers.Will you develop the eyes to see what others can not?Will you develop the heart to love unconditionally?Will you speak words of life?Will you be a Dream Releaser?
  38. 38. Feedback! How would you rate relevance of what youhave learned? (1 not relevant, 5 very relevant) Do you feel you have gained any tools thatcan help you parent (1 none, 5 a few) Do you have any input on the timing of theclass? (1 too long in between, 5 timing wasgreat) One light bulb moment? What would you change?