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  • -> Pentru a ofericredibilitatecelorceurmeazahaidetisastudiempentru o clipacatevastatistici in ceeaceprivestecompaniaFortinet-> Pelangafaptul ca de la infiintarealorsipanaastazi au cunoscut o crestereconstantaceisigaseste media undeva la 63-64% anual, in plinacriza au reusit o crestere de aproape 30%-> Acestfaptdovedestedouaaspecte: 1. interesul in continua crestere al pieteipentruprodusele de securitate; 2. capacitateaechipamentelorFortinet de a executa
  • -> Plecand de la functionalitatiuzualeechipamentelor de securitatesimainouechipamentelor de tip NG Firewall, Fortinet a dezvoltatconceptul de UTM adugandfunctionalitati de securitatecomplementareinsacriticepentrusecurizareauneiretele cat sifunctionalitati de rutare/comunicatie in reteaAs firewalls have evolved, additional technologies have been added to the core firewall technology to provide additional functionality and protect against new threats.FortiGate multi-threat platforms have been at the forefront of this evolutionary process. We have led the market with our ability to anticipate changes to the threat landscape by adding new functionality and technologies into our UTM platform. For example, FortiGate platforms have had the ability to identify applications independent of port or protocol since FortiOS 3.0, well ahead of other vendors. There has been a lot of noise in the market around ‘next generation’ firewalls. NGFWs are a subset of UTM, as they provide a limited feature set compared with the FortiGate UTM platform. This slide highlights the difference between the limited feature-set of NGFWs and the FortiGate UTM platform.
  • -> Mai multenivele consecutive de securitate-> Fiecareasigura un alt tip de filtrarefolosindtehnicidiferitesisemnaturispecializatefiecaruifiltruComplete content protection enables you to keep up with the changing threatscape without having to purchase more technology. More than simply identifying applications and allowing or denying the traffic. It is application control coupled with content-based policy enforcement. The criminals are using sophisticated techniques to evade traditional countermeasures. By relying on a single platform with multiple technologies, you get the benefit of layers of security without the performance penalty. You also get the benefit of our global threat research team’s expertise, which means less reliance on your IT staff’s ability to configure the technology to anticipate new threats. Fortinet continuously updates our inspection engines to ensure that our customers are fully protected against the latest threats automatically.
  • -> Construireauneiplatforme hardware dedicate reprezintamareleavantaj al solutiilorFortinet-> ASIC-uri dedicate, performantemultmaibunedecat in cazulunorplatforme hardware generale de tip server
  • ->Aceste ASIC-uri in functie de dimensiunileechipamentului pot fie savinagata integrate, fie sa fie disponibile sub forma unor module aditionalece pot fiachizitionate ulterior in functie de nevoi-> CP – generatia 8-> Este important saremarcamfaptul ca prinajutorulacestor ASIC-uri o mare parte din traficramane la nivelulporturilor, degravandastfelprocesorul central siobtinandu-se performanteremarcabile
  • -> Portofoliu complex si in acelasitimpcomplet
  • NetSafe - 11nov2011

    1. 1. A Consolidated Approach to SecurityStefan OanceaProduct ManagerNetsafe SolutionsNovember 16, 2011Fortinet Confidential
    2. 2. November 16, 2011Fortinet Confidential
    3. 3. Fortinet Corporate Overview Fortinet Revenue ($MM) • Founded in 2000 • Global presence with 30+ offices worldwide & 1,300+ employees $252 – 5,000+ channel partners $212 – 100,000+ customers – Majority of the Fortune Global 100 $155 $123 • IPO Nov 2009 $80 • NASDAQ: FTNT $39 $13 • 2010 revenue of $325 Million – 29% YoY growth 2003 2005 2007 • World class management team 20093 Fortinet Confidential
    4. 4. We Pioneered a New Approach Traditional Network Security Solutions The Fortinet Solution• Stand-alone, non-integrated security • Real-time, integrated security intelligence• Mix of off the shelf systems and applications • ASIC-accelerated performance• Higher total cost of ownership • Lower total cost of ownership• Difficult to deploy / manage / use • Easy to deploy / manage / use 4 Fortinet Confidential
    5. 5. Evolution of Firewall Security Complete Protection WAN Antispam Optimization Evolution of Firewall Security Endpoint Antivirus/ Data Loss Protection/ Antispyware Prevention NAC Web VPN Filtering App Firewall IPS Control Wireless SSL LAN Inspection IPv6, Vulnerability VoIP Dynamic Mgmt Routing5 Fortinet Confidential
    6. 6. Complete Content Protection• Application control + identity-based policy enforcement – Allow but don’t trust any application – Examine all application content – Continuously enforce policies6 Fortinet Confidential
    7. 7. Disruptive Technology Platform FortiASIC FortiOS • ASICs accelerate FortiOS security and • Custom built operating system network functions • Architected for security and networking • Enables faster performance against demands competitors • Leverages custom hardware platform • Multiple ASICs (CP, NP and SP) targeting • Mature OS - at version 4.0 today key functions • Mature design across CP, NP and SP7 Fortinet Confidential
    8. 8. Performance AdvantageOTHER VENDORS High Performance Multiple Processing EnginesSlow PerformanceSingle Processing Engine Multi-Core Multi-Core CPU CPU Offload Offload Processor Processor8 Fortinet Confidential
    9. 9. FortiASIC Specialized Processors • FortiASIC Network Processor (NP) Series » Firewall Acceleration » VPN Acceleration • FortiASIC Content Processor (CP) Series » Pattern-Match Acceleration » Encryption / Decryption (e.g. IPSec, SSL-TLS) • FortiASIC Security Processor (SP) Series » Additional IPS Acceleration » Flow Based Antivirus » Unicast , Multicast Acceleration9 Fortinet Confidential
    10. 10. FortiGate Platform • Integrated security appliance − Block network & content threats • Accelerated performance − 10 GbE ports − Up to 120 Gbps single appliance − Up to 480 Gbps modular chassis • Platforms for every market segment − Carrier to SOHO − No per-user licensing10 Fortinet Confidential
    11. 11. FortiGate Consolidated Security PlatformReal-Time Protection FortiGuard™ UpdatesFully Integrated AV IPS Web Filter Antispam App Ctrl VMSecurity & Firewall VPN DLP WAN Opt Traffic ShapingNetworkingTechnologies WLAN VoIP SSL Insp HA Load BalancingHardened Platform Specialized OSHigh Performance Purpose-Built HardwareSupport and Services FortiCare™ FortiGuard Labs • Purpose-built to deliver overlapping, complementary security • Provides both flexibility & defense-in-depth capabilities11 Fortinet Confidential
    12. 12. Market Leadership Across the Board Worldwide UTM Market Share Magic Quadrant for Unified UTM Market Competitive Q2 2011 (1) Threat Management 2010 (2) Landscape, 2009(3) Market Rank Company Share (%) 1 17.0 High 2 Check Point 13.2 Ability 3 Juniper 8.9 to Deliver 4 SonicWALL 7.5 5 Cisco 6.9 6 WatchGuard 5.0 Low 7 McAfee 4.0 Low Market Penetration High 8 Crossbeam 2.9 9 Other 34.6 Contender Market Leader Total 100.0 Niche Participant Specialist ChallengerNotes(1) IDC Worldwide Security Appliances Tracker, September 2011 (market share based on factory revenue)(2)(3) Fortinet Confidential Gartner, Inc., “Magic Quadrant for Unified Threat Management”, October 2010 Frost & Sullivan, “World Unified Threat Management, Products Market 2009”, 2010 12
    13. 13. Fortinet Product Portfolio Unified Threat Centralized Application Management Management Security FortiGate FortiManager FortiMail Network Security Centralized Device Messaging Security Platform Management FortiAP FortiAnalyzer FortiWeb Network Security Centralized Logging Web & XML and Reporting Application Firewall Platform Security Host Data Services Security Security FortiClient FortiGuard Endpoint Security FortiDB Real time Database Security Security Services FortiScan Asset Vulnerability Management13 Fortinet Confidential
    14. 14. A Proven Partner• Proven Industry Leadership − Since 2000, Fortinet has received more than 100 product & company awards. ▪ IDC: Overall leader in UTM factory revenue for all of 2010 ▪ Gartner: Leader in Unified Threat Management Magic Quadrant ▪ Frost & Sullivan: 2010 "Fortinet is the established and undisputed leader" of worldwide UTM market ▪ SC Magazine: 2009 Readers Trust Award for "Best Integrated Security Solution”• Certified security − Seven ICSA certifications (Firewall, AV, IPS, IPSec VPN, SSL VPN, Anti-Spam, WAF) − Government Certifications (FIPS-2, Common Criteria EAL4+, JITC IPv6, SCAP) − ISO 9001 certification14 Fortinet Confidential
    15. 15. Customers Worldwide 7 of the top 10 Fortune companies in Americas 8 of the top 10 Fortune companies in EMEA 9 of the top 10 Fortune companies in APAC 10 of the top 10 Fortune Telecommunications companies 9 of the top 10 Fortune Retail & Commercial Banks 7 of top 10 Fortune Aerospace & Defense15 Fortinet Confidential
    16. 16. Summary• Consolidated Security » Complete content protection• Unmatched performance » Purpose-built hardware and software• Lower TCO » Less complexity, faster deployment, easier management• Real-time security » 24/7 global updates deliver security expertise Fortinet Confidential
    17. 17. Thank YouFortinet Confidential