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Microsoft 10 nov 2010


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Microsoft 10 nov 2010

  1. 1. Security Technologies Sebastian Vîjeu Technology Evangelist Microsoft România
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  3. 3. Integrated Security Platform : Active Directory, User Account Control (UAC), Direct Access, Network Access Protection (NAP) Information Protection AD Rights Management Services (RMS), Platform : EFS, Bitlocker Identity and Access Management Forefront Identity Manager 2010, Threat Management Gateway(TMG), Unified Access Gateway (UAG) Secure Messaging Forefront Protection 2010 for Exchange Server Secure Endpoint Forefront Client Security Forefront Endpoint Protection, Platform : Direct Access, NAP Secure Collaboration Forefront Protection 2010 for Sharepoint/OCS Server
  4. 4. • Simple interface − Keep user interactions minimal and high-level − Provide necessary interactions • Admin-managed options − Control user configurability − Enforce central policy
  5. 5. • Uses existing Configuration Manager 2007 infrastructure − No new servers − Integrated console − Supports SP2/R2 and later • Simple install process − Installs on root site, deploys to hierarchy − Discover Configuration Manager roles and attach FEP roles and context (or allow separate installs) − Automatically creates additional components (FEP distribution packages, DCM baselines) CentralSite PrimarySite PrimarySite PrimarySite FEP
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  11. 11. Try the solutions at trial Speak with a Microsoft representative about your needs Deploy solutions that empower your business needs
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