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  1. 1. ГУО «Гимназия №2 г. Минска»ГУО «Гимназия №2 г. Минска»Преподаватель: Гришанова Е.Л.Преподаватель: Гришанова Е.Л.
  2. 2. ЦЕЛЬ:ЦЕЛЬ:Расширить знания учащихся оРасширить знания учащихся обиографии и творчествебиографии и творчествеВ.Шекспира.В.Шекспира.
  3. 3. ShakeSpeare’SShakeSpeare’Screative workcreative work
  4. 4. Shakespeare wrote 37 plays, 154Shakespeare wrote 37 plays, 154sonnets and 2 poems.sonnets and 2 poems.
  5. 5. To be, or not to be: that is theTo be, or not to be: that is thequestion…question…
  6. 6. ShakeSpeare’SShakeSpeare’Slifelife
  7. 7. williaMShakeSpeare(1564 - 1616)
  10. 10. ShakeSpeareS BirthplaceShakeSpeareS BirthplaceThe house before and after renovationThe house before and after renovation
  11. 11. YYoung Williamoung WilliamShakespeareShakespearewith his father, Johnwith his father, JohnShakespeare, and hisShakespeare, and hismother, Mary Ardenmother, Mary ArdenSHAKESPEARE’S CHILDHOODSHAKESPEARE’S CHILDHOOD
  12. 12. John Shakespeare was a glove-John Shakespeare was a glove-maker, and his children (Willam andmaker, and his children (Willam andhis brother Gilbert) helped their fatherhis brother Gilbert) helped their fatherin his workshop.in his workshop.
  13. 13. Young William attended the King EdwardsYoung William attended the King EdwardsGrammar School in Stratford.Grammar School in Stratford.After leaving school at around 14 it is likely thatAfter leaving school at around 14 it is likely thatShakespeare went to learn his fathers trade inShakespeare went to learn his fathers trade inhis fathers shop.his fathers shop.
  14. 14. When he was 18, Shakespeare marriedWhen he was 18, Shakespeare marriedAnne Hathaway, who was a few yearsAnne Hathaway, who was a few yearsolder than himself.older than himself.
  15. 15. One of Williams earliest poetic works isOne of Williams earliest poetic works isa sonnet (number 145) written to Anne.a sonnet (number 145) written to Anne.Those lips that Loves own hand did make,Breathed forth the sound that said I hate,To me that languished for her sake:But when she saw my woeful state,Straight in her heart did mercy come,Chiding that tongue that ever sweetWas used in giving gentle doom;And taught it thus anew to greet;I hate she altered with an end,That followed it as gentle day,Doth follow night, who like a fiendFrom heaven to hell is flown away.I hate, from hate away she threw,And saved my life, saying not you
  16. 16. Annes original home was a farmhouse,Annes original home was a farmhouse,now known as Anne Hathawaysnow known as Anne HathawaysCottage.Cottage.
  17. 17. Anne and William had their first child,Anne and William had their first child,Susanna, in 1583.Susanna, in 1583.Susanna was followed by twins, Judith andSusanna was followed by twins, Judith andHamnet, 2 years later.Hamnet, 2 years later.
  18. 18. The age of Shakespeare was a greatThe age of Shakespeare was a greattime in English history. The reign oftime in English history. The reign ofElizabeth (1558 - 1603) made EnglandElizabeth (1558 - 1603) made Englandthe leading naval and commercialthe leading naval and commercialpower of the Western world.power of the Western world.
  19. 19. There was general economichardship in Warwickshire atthat time, which seriouslyaffected Shakespeares fathersbusiness and the Shakespearefamily. William needed to findother employment. His earlysonnet to Anne shows hisinterest in writing, but therewas no such work locally.Fate brought William intocontact with a travellingtheatre company, and hejoined them, as an actor.
  20. 20. Travelling companies of actors would perform atmarket fairs, or at great country houses. Eachcompany was under the patronage of some wealthynobleman. The picture shows the Guild Hall whichwas also used for such performances.
  21. 21. The travelling company of actors tookShakespeare to London (in 1587). This is Londonas Shakespeare would have known it.A view of London Bridge
  22. 22. Little is known of Shakespeares early years in London. Hefirst worked for the Queens Company as a poet to rewritethe plays they were performing. Romeo and Juliet, RichardII, Julius Caesar, Henry V, Hamlet , Othello, King Lear andother great works were created at that period of time.
  23. 23. By 1592, when he was aged 27, Shakespeare hadBy 1592, when he was aged 27, Shakespeare hadestablished himself as both an actor and writer.established himself as both an actor and writer.
  24. 24. This picture shows theEarl of Southampton, avery rich younggentleman, to whomShakespeare dedicatedtwo of his earliestworks, and who was anearly patron ofShakespeare.The Earl ofThe Earl ofSouthamptonSouthampton
  25. 25. James Burbage (left) established his own company inLondon - the Chamberlains Men. This company includedShakespeare as one of its managers and players. JamesBurbages son, Richard Burbage (standing), played all thegreat roles created by Shakespeare (Hamlet, Othello, etc).The Burbage family.The Burbage family.
  26. 26. Shakespeares time in London was one of intensepersonal emotions, reflected in the content of hisSonnets. Some of these are attributed to anunidentified figure known as the Dark Lady.The Dark LaDyThe Dark LaDy
  27. 27. In 1598 The Chamberlains Men decided toIn 1598 The Chamberlains Men decided tofinance the construction of a new theatre,finance the construction of a new theatre,The Globe.The Globe.
  29. 29. The Globe theatre has recently been rebuilt,very near to the site of the original, andclosely resembling the original.
  30. 30. Shakespeare always maintained the intention ofreturning to Stratford someday. This picture showsShakespeare travelling back to Stratford, by horse, andstaying overnight in Oxford.
  31. 31. In 1610 Shakespeare returned to StratfordIn 1610 Shakespeare returned to Stratfordpermanently to manage his investments andpermanently to manage his investments andproperties.properties.
  32. 32. Shakespeares daughter Susanna married a Stratforddoctor John Hall. This picture shows Shakespeare withSusannas daughter Elizabeth, at New Place inStratford.
  33. 33. This family portrait shows (back row) Shakespeare, DrThis family portrait shows (back row) Shakespeare, DrJohn Hall, Judith (Shakespeares daughter), (centre row)John Hall, Judith (Shakespeares daughter), (centre row)Anne Hathaway, Susanna, Thomas (a friend of Judith),Anne Hathaway, Susanna, Thomas (a friend of Judith),(front) Elizabeth (Susannas daughter).(front) Elizabeth (Susannas daughter).
  34. 34. Shakespeare died in Stratford on 23 April1616, and now lies in Holy Trinity ChurchStratford.
  35. 35. ANSWER THE QUESTIONS:ANSWER THE QUESTIONS:1. When and where was W.Shakespeare born?(on April 23, 1564 in Stratford-upon-Avon)2. When did he die?(in 1616)3. Who and what was his father?(John Shakespeare,John Shakespeare, a glove-maker)4. Who was his wife?(Anne Hathaway)5. How many sonnets and plays did he write?(154 sonnets and 37 plays)