2010 nat nor. showcase (sust design and innovation)


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2010 nat nor. showcase (sust design and innovation)

  1. 1. 2010 SUSTAINABLE DESIGN AND INNOVATION AWARD Brought to you by the Sustainable Business Network: Promoting new and new exciting sustainable product and service design from the best of NZs creative talent.
  2. 2. Agrecovery Rural Recycling Programme Agrecovery provides recycling services to farmers allowing them to dispose of silage wrap and plastic containers which are shredded onsite and made into underground cable cover.
  3. 3. Agrizest® Agrizest® is a Certified Organic crop management technology. This patented product strengthens the plant defense system, supports plants growth and enhances the repair of damaged cells for greater growth.
  4. 4. Chalkydigits South Island Robin badge chalkydigits designed this beautiful robin broach, out of materials that were heading to landfill. The broach raises awareness of native species in decline. Proceeds raised support the transfer of Robins into a sanctuary.
  5. 5. 2 C Solar Light Cap The 2C Light Company develop wearable solar powered technology. The cap is a wearable solar powered cap with internal re- chargeable batteries .
  6. 6. Carbon Partnership Ltd A climate change solutions consultancy that has developed a voluntary carbon market instrument to support the protection of non-Kyoto indigenous forests on private land and The Koru Standard: A domestic voluntary carbon market instrument for New Zealand.
  7. 7. Eco Cover Mulch Mat Made from waste paper removed from the waste stream these mulch mats provide a cost effective substitute for plastic used in agricultural and horticultural land.
  8. 8. Enviropaints Enviropaints collect, sort and process waste paint to create a “new” paint product at their factory in Otaki. In ten years Enviropaints have collected over 1 million litres of waste paint.
  9. 9. ethical footwear: moki aotearoa moki make use of recycled NZ timber for heels and clogs, use local labour, and source all materials from within NZ with the aim to keep our footwear industry alive.
  10. 10. Greenroofs Ltd Greenroofs make living roofs for better amenity, less storm water run off, and improved air quality. Projects include the NZI Centre in Auckland and the Remarkables Primary School in Queenstown.
  11. 11. Hobsonville Point Information Centre, Catalina Café and Community Space This building is designed to roll-out energy efficiency solutions across the Hobsonville Point development, and to inspire and educate the building sector and residents to adopt sustainable practices.
  12. 12. Jasmax: Integrated Sustainability Design (ISD) Jasmax use the ISD process throughout projects to integrate sustainable development for long term transformative change in client organisations as well as the built environment.
  13. 13. Kamo Design Hemptech’s Design Studio uses local artists and weavers to design fabrics made from hemp and linen fibres. The Kamo range is designed in New Zealand and woven in Europe.
  14. 14. LCA is concerned with the impacts of products and services from cradle to grave. LCANZ raises awareness, and promotes networking and knowledge sharing between businesses and community. Life Cycle Association New Zealand Image care of Locus Research
  15. 15. Millbrook Edible Garden This community based not for profit was started with the vision that the garden will bring the community together, connect people to the land and rekindle an interest in growing food.
  16. 16. Return to Sender Greg Holdsworth makes environmentally considered caskets. The purpose of the business is to make a significant positive difference to the impact of funerals.
  17. 17. Rockstock Rich Mineral paper Rockstock is a brand of paper made using ground up stone and construction industry waste. The powdered waste is then infused with non-toxic resin to create Rockstock.
  18. 18. SoapNuts Soapnuts are a fruit that grows on trees. When dried SoapNuts can be used as a 100% natural detergent to wash clothes and dishes, or in liquid form as a general household cleaner or body wash.
  19. 19. Supplejack Supplejack’s service design process uses research and design techniques to bring stakeholders and researchers together to share ideas and find innovations.
  20. 20. Alexandra Stream Enhancement Project The Oteha Valley project is a North Shore City Council and Morphum Environmental Ltd partnership that includes improved water quality, bio-engineering for wetland restoration and a cycle way.
  21. 21. Timbercrete Timbercrete is a unique building material composed primarily of untreated sawdust recovered as a waste product from local Rotorua sawmills.
  22. 22. Tumeke Cycle Space Tumeke provide tools, knowledge and training to teach people how to fix their own bikes. Encouraging skill sharing and promoting cycling as an affordable, social form of transport.
  23. 23. Variotherm Heating & Cooling System Warmtec designs and installs integrated energy efficient water based heating/cooling systems.
  24. 24. For more details contact us at the Sustainable Business Network or visit www.sustainableawards.org.nz Please support these incredible people and organisations! These awards couldn't happen without our generous judging panel and sponsors....