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EDC Packaging

  1. 1. ecodesign is concerned withreducing environmental andsocial impacts through betterdesign 80% of environmental impacts can be locked-in at the design stage
  2. 2. ecodesign requires life cycle thinking most designers are concerned with these stages take make buy/use waste recycle re--manufacture re-use
  3. 3. "Sonicare Elite 7000 produced at 11 locations and in five time zones, comprised of 38 components, parts supplied by Japan, France, China and Malaysia, materials and production in Austria, Sweden, assembly in Philippines and United States, when fully assembled and packaged in Seattle the components have travelled a full 27,880 kilometres, two thirds of the Earths circumference.source: SPIEGEL Magazine
  4. 4. resources98% of products arethrown away within6 months source: Edwin Datschefski & United Nationa Unive source: Chris Jordan and CKS recycling
  5. 5. pollutionhttp://current.com/green/90571271_plastic-sea-the-worlds-trash-dump.htmhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XxNqzAHGXvshttp://www.independent.co.uk/environment/the-worlds-rubbish-dump-a-garbage-tip-that-stretches-from-hawaii-to-japan-778016.html source: Edward Burtynsky and environment agency UK
  6. 6. over 1 billion people do not have access to clean drinking watersource: UNDP
  7. 7. 80% of all disease in developing countries is caused by consumption of contaminated watersource: WHO
  8. 8. between 100 and 1000 species become extinct each year, because their habitats are changing or being destroyed.source: UK Government
  9. 9. Image www.castlereagh.gov.uk cost Landfill tax in the UK has risen from £7.00 per tonne in 1996 to £48.00 in 2010 Source: UK Trade Info
  10. 10. ecodesign is a strategic designmanagement process that isconcerned with minimising thefull life cycle environmental &social impacts of products,packaging and services
  11. 11. ecodesign thinking considers thematerials, processes & practicesof a company. It can identify layersof waste but also layers of value
  12. 12. effective ecodesign thinking isopen, process & system-oriented,multidisciplinary and cross-functional, involving people aswell as stuff . It requires trust
  13. 13. ecodesign requires us to re-shape the way we think
  14. 14. We (Ecodesign Centre) aim to proactivelyinspire and lead all stakeholders to enable effective ecodesign in industry.This is done by facilitating the open sharing of knowledge and experience with fresh thinking and integrity.
  15. 15. Ecodesign CentreAim to build capacity and capabilities in industry, design community,public sector organisations and education so that effective ecodesign canhappen. Ø  established in 2006 Ø  team of 5, based in Cardiff Ø  designated a centre of expertise in 2008 by the Welsh Assembly Government ecodesign = good design = good practice
  16. 16. enable ecodesign
  17. 17. designers interactbetween industry, usersand other actors industry design consumers
  18. 18. designers can influencehow people consume,use, behave … industry design consumers
  19. 19. design for…. full life cycles life cycles, nutrient cycles, material selection, cradle to cradleimage source: mc donagh / braungart
  20. 20. design for…. eco-packagingnatural, returnable, reusable, multifunction, biodegradable
  21. 21. design for…. low impact materials recycled, recyclable, bio materials, compatibility, compostable, renewable, sustainableimage source: inhabitat, Worn Again, Moscardino, Remarkable, Sony
  22. 22. design for…. fair & just production health and safety, employees rights, unions, forced labour, child labour, discrimination,image source: martin charter / CFSD
  23. 23. design for…. product systems returnable, remanufacture, re-use, closed-loop, end-of-life, product-service-systemimage source: RSA
  24. 24. design for…. durability longevity, durability, desireimage source: dualit, kitchenaid
  25. 25. 1. 2. 3. 4.rethink assess design communicateinvestigate the assess the select ecodesign develop a clearinternal and environmental strategies that will brand andexternal drivers for impacts of the allow designers to marketing strategypackaging, packaging and tackle the main to reflect andproduct or service product. environmental communicate the(re)design. impacts. environmental map the life cycle improvements.these drivers could so you understand explore theinclude legislation, where these compromises and consider how thecustomers, new impacts occur. trade-offs. involve packaging willtechnology, identify where others from impact upon thecompetition. materials and marketing, sales, brand. energy is used and production, where waste is purchasing. produced.
  26. 26. image source: UBUNTU
  27. 27. image source: Carbon Trust
  28. 28. Clever Little Bag by PUMAhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vwRulz8hPKI
  29. 29. image source: Puma
  30. 30. results?reduce water, energy & diesel by more than 60% p/a.8,500 tonnes less paper consumed20 million megajoules of electricity saved1 million litres less fuel oil used1 million litres of water savedby replacing traditional shopping bags they will save almost 275 tonsof plastic.
  31. 31. packaging examples: good or bad?ecocradle from seed husks and mushroom roots,http://www.ecovativedesign.com/100% Bio-Plastic Water Bottles Trickle Into Marketplacehttp://www.environmentalleader.com/2010/03/08/bio-plastic-water-bottles-trickle-into- marketplace/Colgates Wisp: Two Steps Backwardhttp://www.greenbiz.com/blog/2010/11/09/colgates-wisp-two-steps-backwardUnilever packaginghttp://www.greenwisebusiness.co.uk/news/asda-trials-reusable-packaging-for-fabric- conditioner-1100.aspx!!
  32. 32. ecodesign packaging tools, database and study•  PIQUET http://www.sustainablepack.org/research/subpage.aspx?PageID=10&id=30•  EDIT http://envirowise.wrap.org.uk/uk/Our-Services/Tools/EDIT-The-Eco-Design-Indicator- Tool.html•  New searchable database for greener packaging, with a list of suppliers also http://www.greenerpackage.com/•  WRAP study http://www.wrap.org.uk/retail/tools_for_change/international_packaging_study/index.html
  33. 33. market•  Pike Research claims that the global market for sustainable packaging is growing fast, much faster than the overall packaging industry. The report indicates that the market may double in size from $88 million in 2009 to $170 billion in 2014.•  according to Global Industry Analysts (GIA), the market seems unaffected by the economic crisis and is likely to reach $142.42 billion by 2015.http://www.packagingdigest.com/
  34. 34. in the UK, growth in ethical ethical consumerism is now worth £32.3 billion a yearCo-operative Bank Ethical ConsumerismReport November 2007.
  35. 35. http://www.belu.org/
  36. 36. http://www.innocentdrinks.co.uk/our_drinks/smoothies/smoothie_of_the_month/12/index.cfm
  37. 37. image source: Innocent Drinks
  38. 38. Packaging Reusable Wine Bottles http://www.swordsselect.com.au/
  39. 39. image source: Apple
  40. 40. http://www.philips.com/about/sustainability/index.page
  41. 41. ecodesign packaging claims•  Cereplast goes further by being pioneers in the development of plastics made from algae. Algae is a particularly interesting raw material since it is “capable of doubling its biomass in as little as two hours,” writes Bioplastics Magazine in its April, 2009 publication. …….. In the future, any petroleum-based product could potentially be replaced with algae.http://cereplast.com/blog
  42. 42. ecodesign packaging claims•  We have the strong conviction that bioplastics are an alternative solution to prevent an environmental crisis while respecting the worldwide population. Both goals are not mutually exclusive, and if managed with both goals in mind can be mutually beneficial. Feeding people in the long-term can only be done if we are mindful of the environment, and adopt sustainable farming and breeding methods. We can feed the world and protect the planet while producing bioplastics. Step by step, we continue down the road to a sustainable world.http://cereplast.com/blog
  43. 43. for referenceThe Future of Sustainable Packaging to 2020: Convenience VS theEnvironment (due: Dec2010)http://www.pira-international.com/Sustainable Packaging Coalition guidelineshttp://www.sustainablepackaging.org/Sustainable Packaging Alliance reports, guidelineshttp://www.sustainablepack.org/default.aspxBritish Plastic Federation have a Trends in Plastics Packaging event in Decemberhttp://www.bpf.co.uk/
  44. 44. Orangebox
  45. 45. designed  &  made  in  Wales.     zero  waste  
  46. 46. permission of Oangebox Dr Frank O’Connor Director - Ecodesign Centre frank@edcw.org twitter: frank_oconnor www.edcw.org
  47. 47. thank you & good luck source: Greg (flickr.com)