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Offutt candicemjb


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Offutt candicemjb

  1. 1. May 19,2011ING Entertainment presents Mary J.Blige Greatest Hits Concert Madison Square Garden
  2. 2. M J B Greatest Hits Concertsponsored by Pepsi and Power 105.1 FM .
  3. 3. -sixA native of Yonkers in New York City, (6) GMary J. Blige caught the attention of ram myrecord promoters in 1992 and became awa one of the top hip-hop and soul ds rds, corperformers by the end of the decade, u m reknown to her fans as "Queen Mary. platin ulti-Her first record,Whats the 411? (1992) en (7) m was a commercial and critical success. -sevHer next records were equally well-received, -MMy Life (1994),Share My World (1997), sin anyThe Tour (1998)and Mary (1999). gle #1In 2001, she released No More Drama, s albThe Breakthrough(2005), um saStronger with each Tear(2009). ndShe has worked with other recordingartists Busta Rhymes, Lil Kim,DMX, Lauryn Hill and Elton John.
  4. 4. Madison Square GardenAddress:4 Pennsylvania PlazaNew York, NY 10001 Seating Capacity:19,500
  5. 5. Merchandise
  6. 6. MJB’s Rider
  7. 7. Schedule for day of Concert May 19,2011 Crew Mary J Blige Meeting with stage crew and Madison 6:30 am Square Garden staff. 7:30 am Meeting with hospitality staff Breakfast and Pick up reviewing MJB’s at hotel rider. Set up of stage, Power 105.1 Radio 8:00 am dressing room, crew Interview and Concert sound check Promotion Mary J.Blige’s sound 10:00 am check Mary J Blige walk Escort Mary J. Blige through of dressing 11:00 am through her room and rider check walkthrough list 12:00 pm Crew breaks for lunch
  8. 8. Mary J. Blige’s goes1:00 pm Meeting with Security back to hotel for vocal training session. Contact press for last Pick up at hotel for2:00 pm minute exclusive on brief interview at MTV concert details Finalizing preparation3:30 pm of stage and sound Leave MTV for venue5:00 pm All out dress rehearsal All out dress rehearsal Doors open and Selling7:30 pm of Merchandise. Security and Ushers8:00 pm direct concert-goers to seats9:00 pm Show begins Performance11:30 pm Show ends Selling of Merchandise Transported back to11:40 pm and Clean up hotel
  9. 9. Risk Consequences Avoidance Mitigation Acceptance Have back up Ask for patience Technical Loss of sound or equipment and Multiple sound and have the hostdifficulties lights the best checks entertain crowd equipment. Artist is Tarnished reputation Have artist late or of company and there hours Possible lawsuit postpone concertdoesn’t show management. before time Large amounts Eliminate Injury or Death Rowdy Fans of security and problems as soon postpone concert Lawsuits police presents as they arrive Reserve a small Low ticket Sale tickets Sell tickets at Loss of profit theater in the sales prior to show different prices Garden
  10. 10. Expenses Expenses Total Venue $250,000 Hotel Rooms $19,500 Food and Amenities $7,300 Transportation $3,800 Equipment Rentals $62,050 Honoring Rider Pepsi Sponsored Security and Staff $65,000 Artist Salary $450,000Radio promotion and marketing Power 105.1 sponsored Insurance 250,000 $1,107,650
  11. 11. Revenue Tickets Price Total May 19,2Sold Out Tickets 011 $250.00-$65.00 $2,500,000 Sales Items ranging from Merchandising $10.00-$35.00 $350,000DVD Sales and Cd $10.00-$15.00 $37,000 Sales $2,887,000
  12. 12. Gross Revenue $2,887,000 Sales Expenses $1,107,650 Net Profit $1,779,350
  13. 13. What I have learned?I have promoted parties and small artistshowcase in the past. This has definitely beena learning experience. I knew there was a lotinvolved I never knew anything about dealingwith unions.There are so many little detailsthat are very important.I also felt doing therisk analysis was very helpful.
  14. 14. Candice Offutt Live Event ProjectProfessor Ginger Smith