Week 3 brand id


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Week 3 brand id

  1. 1. • You are the CEO• Deliverable: • Paper OR • Non-narrated Presentation (Ebook)
  2. 2. • Resources: Listed on Assignment Sheet• Five Elements that MUST BE PRESENT:1. Brand Name2. Logo3. Tagline4. Corporate Culture5. Mission Statement or Mantra
  3. 3. • Why did you select this name?What is the back story?• Discuss its strengths and anyconcerns you have with the name.• Is the name protectable asoutlined on USPTO.gov?• What category does it fall into?(Based on “Pursuing Strong Brands”article posted on FSO)
  4. 4. • How are the “laws” of shapesupported?• Why do you believe this is aneffective logo?• Which type of logo would be bestsuited based on the categoriespresented?• Define why your logo reflects yourunique brand.
  5. 5. • Provide the following: • An example of an actual logo from your main competitor. Describe in detail its main attributes and brand essence based on the logo elements. • An example of an actual logo from another company that you feel is effective in conveying the spirit of the logo you want. Describe in detail its main attributes and brand essence based on the logo elements.
  6. 6. • Provide the following: • Your logo by showing a sketch, mock- up or an actual logo with details in the areas of style, color, shape and overall design.• Helpful sites: •www.logodesignlove.com • www.identitydesigned.com • www.underconsideration.com/brandn ew/ •www.identityworks.com • www.brandrepublic.com
  7. 7. •Wordmarks• Letterform• Emblem
  8. 8. • Pictorial• Abstract/Symbolic
  9. 9. • Create a tagline consistent withyour brand identity.• Show the tagline with the logo youcreated…NO QUOTES.
  10. 10. •Answer • Why is this an effective tagline? • Does this tagline speak to your customers/clients? How? • What type of tagline does this represent? • Does the tagline reinforce the brand message? • Does it distinguish your company from your main competitor? How? • Does it command action? • Is it short, unique, easy to say and positive?
  11. 11. • What will be yourprimary companyobjectives or corporatevision?• Describe yourcompany’s main values& beliefs
  12. 12. • Answer • How will you carry out these objectives? • How do you define your corporate vision?• Provide at least TWOexamples of HOW you willdevelop a strong culture.
  13. 13. • How and where will this missionstatement/mantra be communicated?•Is it directed to employees, customers or both?•Does your mission statement/mantraincorporate direction, focus, policy, meaning,challenge, and passion?•Is it concise, unique, and memorable?•Does it tell your company story in less than 30seconds?•How is it different or unique from your maincompetitor? Include their missionstatement/mantra.