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Subject matter

  1. 1. Beanie Man ft Future Fambo – Rum and Red BullAnthony Moses Davis (born August 22, 1973) better known by his stage name Beanie Man,is a Grammy award winning Jamaican reggae artist. He is the self-proclaimed "King of theDancehall".FUTURE TROUBLES a.k.a. FUTURE FAMBO asserts one of Jamaica’s perennially loved, andmost talented deejays; renowned for his witty, gritty, and versatile deliveries, on thehardest Dancehall riddims. His durability is unquestionable, particularly in a genre of musicthat has seen the rise and fall of many (Hardcore Dancehall).[Chorus: Beenie Man]Im drinking rum and RedbullHennessy let me heart fullDem wah me get awfulLike dem on di dancehall get crawfulThe song is about a man going to a club whilst drinking rum and red bull. Whilst he is in theclub he feels like he can get any girl and can do anything. The use of alcohol is glamorised inthis song they express how much fun they are having whilst drinking it also emphasising thefact that if they don’t drink they are not cool.Rum and red bull, although it is emphasised as a must have drink, is actually a reallydangerous combination to have. Being a stimulating energy drink red bull speeds up yourheart rate whilst alcohol slows it down therefore confusing your body resulting in majorrisks to your body if taken in high amounts.In our video we thought we would show two main characters getting ready to go out whilstdrinking rum and red bull and smoking weed. They start to feel uneasy and drift into a
  2. 2. different mind zone. We want to show the world in a drunk/high person’s point of view. Wewant the world to have an ‘’Alice in wonderland’’ effect by having everything out of theordinary.The main camera angles we want to use are lots of close ups of objects such as roll ups,bottles of alcohol and the characters eyes. Long shots of the surrounding and lots ofdifferent angles of point of view shots. We are mainly looking forward to being creative withthe camera works by using unusual shots such as graphic matches, spinning shots, trackingwhilst panning and reverse shots.The mise- en- scene will show the characters status, state of mind and differentiatebetween reality and the dream world. We are planning to use some animation to empathisethe fact that it is not reality. We are also going to be speeding up shots in the edit suite,slowing shots down, enlarging certain images and creating a wide range of locations byusing the green screen.These ideas are not finalised. We are still in the process of adding ideas and removing somethat we think will not work efficiently.