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8 Amazing Drupal launches: Stories from top Drupal developers & agencies


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See how top teams are launching Drupal sites without spending hours on sysadmin work. Thousands of developers and teams have actually figured this out. Read their stories here.

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8 Amazing Drupal launches: Stories from top Drupal developers & agencies

  2. LAUNCHING WEBSITES IS DECEPTIVELY COMPLEX Let’s be honest, building and launching websites is hard and the status quo for the right tools isn’t nearly good enough. What if launching Drupal sites could be less labor, and more love? That’s why we built Pantheon. Our customers say Pantheon completes Drupal. It’s the fastest, most efficient way to build, launch, and manage Drupal sites. Not only do sites built and launched on Pantheon finish on time—but they’re also beating the clock. In this SlideShare, we share 8 launch success stories and outline some key challenges and solutions from a developer’s perspective. — Zack Rosen, CEO and Co-Founder of Pantheon
  3. How do you design build a mission-critical website in 2 months, start to finish? 8 AMAZING DRUPAL LAUNCHES 3
  4. 1. Here’s how Open Me did it Ilya Pozin hated shopping for greeting cards. So he did what any self-respecting entrepreneur would do. He founded a greeting card company for people who never shop for cards, partnering with Threadless to source the designs. The result was Open Me, a web application that makes it easy to find and send the perfect digital and physical card. Not only did Ciplex, the agile development agency Ilya co-founded, build the core product in less than 2 months—but they also turned down $10,000 in free hosting credits from Amazon, opting to launch on Pantheon instead. It was out of the box and ready to go, built for the environment they would be launching with. Pantheon’s dev-test-live environment made the transition to live a no-brainer. In the end, they barely used their own team for system administration and other setup. 8 AMAZING DRUPAL LAUNCHES 4
  5. How do you migrate 2,000+ sites, all hosted and supported by one institution? 8 AMAZING DRUPAL LAUNCHES 5
  6. 2. Arizona State University partnered with Pantheon to make it happen ASU had a big, old .edu problem in the form of 2,000+ sites in an unscalable system, with security issues and IT needs they couldn’t support. Something had to be done to meet the evolving needs of the university. After choosing to pursue a Drupal hosting solution, they decided to transition to Pantheon One. One platform takes the hassle out of building, launching, and running thousands of websites. With Pantheon, they could keep their sites patched and secure, integrate SSL and SSO out of the box, without relying on third-party modules, and provide cost-effective scalability. The university expects to free up the equivalent of 3 full-time employees. ASU put Pantheon to the test when their housing site came under more traffic than their environment could handle. That site was switched over to Pantheon in about 15 minutes. Pantheon’s dev-test-live workflow enabled the system to meet temporary traffic spikes. 8 AMAZING DRUPAL LAUNCHES 6
  7. How do you launch 17 websites on a single distribution— without using Multisite? 8 AMAZING DRUPAL LAUNCHES 7
  8. 3. 2. The Forum of Regional Associations of Grantmakers did it with Pantheon With 17 websites all sharing the same platform, the Forum of Regional Associations of Grantmakers needed to transition away from a custom CMS to something more open and flexible. They chose Drupal. They also needed a solution like Drupal Multisite to manage it all. But their development agency, ThinkShout, advised against it in favor of leveraging Pantheon One. Pantheon’s managed distribution tools enabled ThinkShout to save more than 100 hours of development time and launch 17 websites on a single distribution. Pantheon is the only solution that allows a network of nonprofits to roll out a shared Drupal distribution. 8 AMAZING DRUPAL LAUNCHES 8
  9. How do you migrate 1,000,000 nodes from Drupal 5 to Drupal 7 with zero hiccups? 8 AMAZING DRUPAL LAUNCHES 9
  10. 4. Ask Zicasso and we bet they’ll say Pantheon With one million nodes, five years of data, and hundreds of daily transactions and business processes running every day, the decision to rebuild and migrate luxury travel website Zicasso to Drupal 7 was not made lightly. CEO Brian Tan knew that one misstep would hurt not only his own business, but also the reputations of the dozens of top travel agents who rely on Zicasso for high-end leads. To migrate this without a hitch, they needed an A-team of developers, designers, and content strategists. They chose Hook 42 plus Pantheon Enterprise. By rethinking workflows, utilizing the Multidev environment, and allowing Pantheon to handle systems admin overhead, the hiccup count was kept to zero and the team met the launch target. Boom! 8 AMAZING DRUPAL LAUNCHES 10
  11. Get all 35 pages of the best practices and advice from top Drupal developers and agencies just like you. DOWNLOAD EBOOK 8 AMAZING DRUPAL LAUNCHES 11
  12. How do you seamlessly deliver 100,000,000 pageviews on launch day? 8 AMAZING DRUPAL LAUNCHES 12
  13. 5. Here’s how The New Republic did it by scaling on launch day Is launch day too soon to scale to 100 million pageviews? The New Republic couldn’t wait until the big day to find out. They needed their new website to scale from day one. The development timeline was already tight. How did they pull off a flawless launch? Alley Interactive, the site developer behind TNR’s relaunch, delivered with three in-house developers and the support of Pantheon. Together they overcame 3 common large-scale Drupal website challenges: 1. A non-negotiable launch date with a tight development timeline. 2. Thousands of logged-in subscribers using Drupal to comment. 3. Tons of press—in fact, the site got 100 million pageviews in the first 24 hours. 8 AMAZING DRUPAL LAUNCHES 13
  14. How do you manage 20+ branded sites with a true-cloud infrastructure? 8 AMAZING DRUPAL LAUNCHES 14
  15. 6. Scranton Gillette Communications scaled without any downtime “Yeah, we can help you scale. But we’ll need to take all of your sites offline while our engineers unmount your file system, reboot your server, and then relaunch your sites. So... how much RAM do you think you’ll need?” That’s how it goes with typical ‘cloud’ hosting, built on clustered server architecture from the 90s. They serve up RAM like it’s power in the olden days, back when every business had to build its own power station. Need more power? Get ready to spec and install a new boiler. Scranton Gillette Communications needed a web-scale infrastructure that worked like a utility company. Want more power? Just turn on the lights, and it’s there when you need it. By moving to Pantheon, SGC eliminated downtime for 20 websites and saved 5+ hours a week on sysadmin work. 8 AMAZING DRUPAL LAUNCHES 15
  16. How do you free a client from AWS, IT infrastructure support, and oldfashioned-hosting-based headaches with one 10-hour migration? 8 AMAZING DRUPAL LAUNCHES 16
  17. 7. B.R.I.D.G.E. meets Pantheon DOOR3 went to their client and said, “There’s this new thing called Pantheon. It’s a web development and hosting platform. It has a lot of features you guys would benefit from, like truncating your session tables. It will take care of your Drupal core updates for you, too. And if you guys need to scale up because you have a major marketing event, they can scale you in software- without any downtime. It’s a win-win.” A little database cleanup, 10 hours of migration and the client is no longer tied to AWS, no longer has old-fashioned-hosting-based headaches, and is no longer paying DOOR3 for IT infrastructure support. 8 AMAZING DRUPAL LAUNCHES 17
  18. Can you launch hundreds of sites with zero Drupal know-how? 8 AMAZING DRUPAL LAUNCHES 18
  19. 8. The Center for Digital Archeology says, “yes we can.” What if your people have limited technical expertise and Internet access—but a burning desire to manage their own content? Can you make it so easy that anyone can fill out a form, hit a button, and get a site out of the box? The Center for Digital Archaeology decided to do just that. They’re launching not one, but hundreds of out-of-the-box sites—with help from Pantheon One and a custom distribution. Coming in 2014, you can fill out a simple web form and try out Mukurtu CMS on Pantheon One in a few clicks. Pantheon makes it possible to spin up sites in moments. It’s that simple. 8 AMAZING DRUPAL LAUNCHES 19
  20. Design build a mission-critical website in 2 months, start to finish? Seamlessly delivered 100,000,000 page views on launch day. Transition 2,000+ sites, all hosted and supported by one institution. Manage 20+ branded sites with a true-cloud infrastructure. Launch 17 websites on a single distribution— without using Multisite. Free a client from AWS, IT infrastructure support, and old-fashioned-hostingbased headaches with one 10-hour migration ... THAT’S HOW! Get all 35 pages of the best practices and advice from top Design an open-source Migrate 1,000,000 nodes agencies just like you. Drupal developers and from Drupal 5 to Drupal 7 with zero hiccups. DOWNLOAD EBOOK platform to reach a worldwide user base.