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Textual Analysis Overview


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What I learned from doing my three textual analysis.

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Textual Analysis Overview

  1. 1. Textual Analysis Overview.What I have learned from my three textual analysis’s.
  2. 2. Task Analysis 1. (“Make Her Say”)• From my first task analysis, which was, “Make Her Say” by Kid Cudi, featuring Kanye West and Common. I learnt allot about the location and how important it is in the music video and to the feel of the video in general, in this music video the locations are colourful and well illuminated, as the song has a upbeat feel to it. I also learnt that the location needs to be interesting as it is what you look at when not looking at the artist.• The clothes of all the artist’s are simple yet stylish and also resemble the upbeat mood to the music video. It shows that as long as the artist looks good, it doesn’t matter about designer clothes or expensive ones. This is the same as the acting is simple, with not much dancing but the hand movements are stylish.• The editing in the video, for me is amazing and it’s simple and very effective. I learnt from this video that the editing doesn’t have to be too advanced to be effective and look great. The editing is creative and simple and works well with the locations, it also works well with the simple colour correction applied to enhance the colours.• In this video the shots are mixed and rarely the same shot is used twice, this keeps it fresh and allows more opportunity to keep it creative, when one of the artist is rapping though it is a medium close up for the majority of the video.• There is a simple narrative in the video, it is about their relationship’s with women and how they are treated by them, but even though there is a narrative is a mostly a performance music video, that means I have learnt that you can still have a narrative in a performance based video effectively.
  3. 3. Task Analysis 2. (“Day ‘n’ Nite”)• In this music video there is again a narrative base, but also performance too, just like the music video, “Make Her Say”. From this video I learnt that how important the camera angles are when the music video is a narrative one.• In Day ‘n’ Nite I learnt that what clothes the artist wears is crucial to the style to the video. Kid Cudi wears simple clothes and looks a little scruffy, this adds to the feel that Kid Cudi is even more in his own world and he doesn’t really know what is going on around him. The location, also like the first task analysis, is very important to the feel and success of the music video.• Again for me the editing is amazing in this music video, but for different reasons than from “Make Her Say”. In Day ‘n’ Nite the editing is very advanced and visual where cartoon sketches overlay the original footage, to conform the idea that Kid Cudi’s imagination misleads him.• Another part of the editing I really like was the sync of the music to Kid Cudi’s actions, where his actions and movements are determined by the music, one is where the woman is portrayed to have clapped with the clap being synced to the beat of the song.• The camera angles throughout the video are focused on Kid Cudi and his actions, there are also several match on actions to show the viewer what the focus of attention is.
  4. 4. Task Analysis 3. (“Down with the Trumpets”)• In this music video, you can tell that it is made on less of a budget that the other music videos. Despite this it is still a very well worked music video, and like the other two music videos it is a narrative and performance music video.• The lack of a big budget is evident when you look at the editing, and the real lack of effects like the two previous music video’s I analysed. And no disrespect to Rizzle Kicks, the video isn’t expected to have the same effects as the other two. Despite that there are two points in the video, where the video is put into slow motion to enhance the moment and to take all of it in.• The costume of the two artist is similar to the music video, “Make Her Say”, simple yet stylish clothes, not trying to show off, but just wearing the clothes they would normally wear, adding to the authentic feel and making a good impression to the viewers that they are casual and ordinary teenagers, like their fans.• In this video the camera shots are synchronised to the change in line of the song, no shot is used twice in the music video, which is seen in every one of the music videos.• The location of the music video changes, keeping the video fresh and interesting to the viewer, this is also seen in both of the videos.